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  1. Well I actually believe the answer is 4 but to be correct it could be a low of 4 to a high of 28 since no one knows how many different Monkeys the Elephants saw since they were not necessarily there at the same time. so low of 3 Monkeys and a high of 27 plus the rabbit.
  2. Is that a Wookie on a unicycle in the background?
  3. You give him a ticket for jay walking, no you do it your jurisdiction.
  4. Funny I have an email from royal with no qualifiers? Thank you for your e-mail. We apologize for the delay in our response and appreciate your patience. If you have booked your air through our Air2Sea program and your booking cancels, your air fare will be automatically refunded. If you have any questions regarding your air, please contact our Air2Sea department directly at 1 (844) 278-9745. Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions or concerns. Wayne, we hope you and your loved ones are healthy and doing well. We look forward to welcoming you onboard the Rhapsody of the Seas in November. Thank you for choosing Royal Caribbean. Sincerely,
  5. Funny here is the caterpillar story i found? Fabre's tale of the Pine Processionary march becomes excruciating as he talks about how they march in stifling heat, how they collapse and get back up again, how they break into independent, huddling groups to survive cold nights, only to join together again in the morning and continue their doomed march. Nothing in the caterpillar's arsenal of tricks, no behavior they understood, could help them. But Fabre began to notice something interesting. The Pine Processionary doesn't have a "queen bee" — the leader of the group is whichever caterpillar is up front. Every time the caterpillars temporarily collapsed in exhaustion, or broke into groups to hide from the cold, or just tumbled out of line, new, disoriented leaders would take up a slightly different course. Most of those courses led right back to the loop again. Then one group of caterpillars turned inward, across the dirt of the pot and up into the palm leaves. As they couldn't eat palm leaves, they came down again, but at least it was something different. The next few digressions wandered the dirt. One bewildered leader actually started down the outside of the pot, towards home, but stopped within nine inches of the ground, despite the fact that Fabre had spread pine needles on it to lure the caterpillars down. The procession made a u-turn, went back up the side of the pot, and back into the loop. That aborted trip proved to be the turning point. With the scent trail laid down, other caterpillars in their little groups,started following it over the side of the pot, and venturing farther each time. Slowly, different caterpillars extended the trail to the ground, and the needles. Once one was down, other groups followed. Eight days after they first made the loop, after marching about half a mile in a small circle, the caterpillars got something to eat, and somewhere to rest. What does this tell us? First, it tells us that botanists are a cruel people. Secondly, it tells us that you can achieve things by screwing up that you could never manage by deliberate effort. Sometimes mistakes are the only way to move in the right direction.
  6. It makes more sense if you are going to take the 125% to go ahead and pay it in full to get a greater refund! Also they are doing 125% for onboard items so order a drink package or wifi then get 125% of that too.
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