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  1. If you book the flight with the cruise line have a plan B and C for flight delays and cancellations you should be fine. Are there at least 2 other flights you could take to get where you need to go, what is the next port? By booking with the airline there is a better chance there will be more people on your flight and they could delay leaving to gice you extra time to get to the ship.
  2. I would think you would need to if you had a different cabin. It is important to know where to meet and where to go. I really do wish they would provide a video showing the process of what people are expected to do if they actually have to get in to a lifeboat.
  3. Wow 50 day cruise we are doing a 28 day and will have to see how that goes.
  4. On Celebrity we were able to get a cabin upgrade to a minisuite which was really nice when there was a price drop.
  5. correct made to order I usually take longer cruises after about 7-8 days I kind of switch over to an omelet sometimes with meat other days just veggies.
  6. For me the Allure has 2 odd things 1) No omelets in Windjammer 2) No soft serve in Windjammer Both can be had in the tiny Wipeout Cafe located near the Flowriders
  7. I had PE on a United Dreamliner (Denver to London) and all it was just more legroom, standard legroom was not bad but a wider seat and more padding would have been welcome. Always best to check the airline and seat guru web site to check your particular planes options.
  8. Well the funny part is if you look many cabin categories are pretty well booked and you can tell which side of the ship is preferred port side has more cabins sold.
  9. There is a dropdown box for the date of your cruise it goes until September. I once booked about 1 month out. I know last minute cruising used to be big in Florida I think the new security rules and the internet have crimped those bargain fares.
  10. First time we have ever had 2 cruises booked at the same time one is just over a year to go the other is 777 Days Until Departure Can't even start a Roll call 🙂
  11. Funny my biggest problem with Trivia is the person not able to read the question due to poor English skills or not being able to understand them due to accent. We usually just compete between the two of us to see who can get the most questions. Sometimes we don't arrive early enough to join a team and just answer the questions between us.
  12. Quick question with the 4 device plan do you have one password for all 4 devices or 4 passwords?
  13. As always YMMV bring it and try but make sure you don't have to hold it.
  14. You will have all kinds of opinions on where to eat, long story short you can probably get into the dining room when you want by talking to them on the first night. My wife does not like long slow dinners so the MDR is not her favorite, I like to be able to sample 5-10 items then go back and have more of what I liked. My only problem is the MDR has built in portion control! Even though you can get seconds it usually takes a long time and if you ask for 2 entrees they bring out both plates at the same time and there is never enough space. So give it a try stop by on your way to the dining room to see how it looks. Desserts are better so if you want stop by there later on for dessert. No one but you can decide if you like it or not, from cruise to cruise things will change.
  15. I would assume after final payment they have the lowest possible category cabin set aside for a gty passenger. That gives them the option of selling more expensive cabins. They might still offer gty cabins or open a few cheaper ones to see if people have an interest. Usually after final payment cabins become available as any that were reserved but not sold by an agency are turned back in. My current cruise is over 2 years away and some categories are virtually sold out. The 200.00 refundable deposit probably has some affect on the number of cabins booked.
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