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  1. I thought it was not just cabin but that whole section of the ship as in this whole section of cabins goes to the same place look at this
  2. I would have to guess and people turned their phone on and then put it airplane mode. You need to do as other poster stated and turn on airplane mode then turn the phone off.
  3. Many times cruise ships have an exception to requiring a visa to visit since it is usually less than one day.
  4. Just try it at home and see how it works. One tip before you shut your phone off put it in airplane mode so when it comes back on it does not try to connect to the phone service if anyone is trying to call you then you will connect and get charged for the call or day depending on your carrier
  5. TAs in general tend to have very few children so they might have a lot of attention or some things may be cut. we did our first and last spring TA in 2019, was cold and we did not sit outside much. Well behaved kids are always welcome in my experience, if you have done TAs with the kids before I would say go for it, I don't really feel that the same cruise experience happens twice or even once. What I mean is that you can read reviews of the same cruise and they will be all over the place, great food, bland food, cold food, great cruise director terrible , it is all very subjective. Likewise too I have cruised the same line and had different experiences. Having done 5 TAs I would say in general good crowd, few children, better weather in fall and southern route. Slow getting off the boat in the US if it is your first US port.
  6. Do the dogs answer on facebook? 🙂
  7. Wifi calling does not use much bandwidth but does require a connection that has low latency. In other words not much data is being used but the order and timing of the voice is critical. If it drops a little you get the call broken up. VOIP calling is a real test of how fast and congested the internet speed capacity and Quality of Service is. A good provider will give priority to a phone call over a standard download like email. Streaming TV requires a good connection but can also do some buffering to make up for a little blip in the download.
  8. I We are on the Rhapsody TA in the fall that ends in Tampa join our cruise if you can find a cabin.
  9. if you put in the link it would help
  10. We like going into regular stores off the beaten path to see what the locals buy have found some really nice bags of all different sizes.
  11. in general there is power on the counter one of 110 and one 220 on pretty much any ship some have USB by the bed but it will depend on the cabin. If you specify the cabin or look at cabin pics you will probably be able to see what is available. Pretty much be assured not enough, most people bring a multi USB port charger and an extension cord of some type as long as it is 2 prong you will not have an issue with the surge protector rule.
  12. all the more reason to have credit cards and accounts at more than one bank just in case things get shut down on travel. make sure you have something like a Visa and Mastercard from different sources like Chase or Bank of America Amex, Discover. You never know when an account will be frozen, in the old days I had cards that were turned off due to travel even when we notified them of the overseas travel.
  13. You just need to make friends with some of the staff and they will take care of you 🙂
  14. Only problem I have with the Windjammer vs MDR is portion control. With the MDR the size of my entree is what comes on the plate. Windjammer I can get 2 pieces of fish and another entree of jambalaya and some nice spare ribs, along with 2-3 side and a healthy salad 🙂
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