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  1. We disembarked the Summit in San Juan on Dec. 29, 2018. We had an 11:28 am flight and were through customs and in a private car at 8:45 am. We only had carry-on luggage and have TSA pre-check. We had so much time on our hands at the airport. As others have said, if there aren't a lot of ships in port and you can expedite your disembarkation process and airport transportation in any way, you should be fine. We are on the same cruise this year and I'm considering booking an earlier flight this time.
  2. I so agree with this. It's so much easier to work with the vendor directly than go through a middle man. We typically fly Delta and JetBlue. We have an upcoming trip to Ecuador and the best flights were offered through Latam, which we have never flown. I booked the flights online for myself, my husband and my son. After purchasing, I noticed they issued tickets with the correct names for me and my husband, but for my son, they listed my name again and even listed my first and middle names twice. It was so incredibly odd and would, of course, be hugely problematic as my son now didn't have a ticket. I contacted the airline and had to send a copy of his passport to them to make the name change which they did as a "courtesy" to me, as they put it, which really ticked me off as it was a glitch on their end. We now have different ticket numbers which is not ideal as I already know I'm going to have difficulty printing his boarding pass as, I assume, they won't let me print a boarding pass for a minor traveling on a separate ticket. I guess I'm thankful it was rectified fairly quickly, but I'm already dreading our trip to the airport that day and I'm anticipating problems.
  3. Not X, but we were once sailing in the Haven on NCL and Donny Osmond and his whole family (wife, children, grandchildren) were also sailing. We saw them in the Haven pool area almost every day, but nowhere else on the ship. At least from what we saw, everyone left them alone to enjoy their vacation. I could be wrong, but I don't think a lot of celebrities sail on large, commercial cruise lines. I think it would be quite hard to control crowds and ensure any privacy.
  4. No reason to panic. Just because they created the offer doesn’t mean a lot of people are taking them up on it. Of all the families I know (we live in the NYC metro area), we are the only one who even consider Celebrity. Everyone else is still booking DCL, RCCL, some NCL and some Carnival. Unless they have really low-key kids who don’t need bells and whistles, they aren’t shopping Celebrity.
  5. Have you considered a cruise line that has a nursery, like DCL?
  6. Will your child go to the kids' club in the evening? If so, I would consider feeding her at oceanview or order room service so she can dine earlier. You could then drop her off when the kids club opens at 7 pm and then eat at the MDR. When we cruised in December with our 11-year old, we always ate around 6/6:30 pm and then brought him to the kids club after dinner.
  7. You are incredibly sweet, thank you. I understand what you meant by "handler" now and I do appreciate your post. 🙂
  8. 1 in 5 American adults experience mental illness in any given year. I guarantee you you have been on cruises with countless people suffering from some type of mental health issue who do not have "handlers". I have family members who have various forms of mental health issues (bipolar, OCD, depression, etc.) who manage them with therapy and medication. They are all functioning, successful members of society who cruise very nicely, thank you.
  9. Here is the special needs page from the DCL website. If you scroll down, you will find the phone number and e-mail address for the special needs team. I would contact them with all of this info plus any requests you have (pureed food, private table, etc.). My son has multiple developmental disabilities and, when he was younger, he would not have eaten if we were seated with other families. We have always requested private tables on DCL, due to his needs, and the private table has always been granted.
  10. Great, thank you. We are happy with the CS and the booking perks we got, but I just wanted to make sure if we moved up to RS we would get the free laundry and unlimited specialty dining that came with the RS - otherwise, it wouldn't be worth moving up for us.
  11. I just wanted to confirm, if you are booked in a CS but make an accepted bid on a RS or PH, you then get the perks that are included with those suites? - free laundry, unlimited specialty dining, etc. We currently have a CS with the 4 perks included and some OBC, but would consider bidding on a RS if the RS perks are included. After reading through this thread, it appears that, yes, we would get the RS perks, but I just wanted to confirm.
  12. We are a family of 3 that just sailed on Celebrity for the first time in December 2018. Our son is 11. I can tell you that, at least amongst my circle of mom friends (both that I see in person and on social media), Celebrity does not cross their minds as a cruise line to even consider. So, while there may have been a marketing push to attract families, I don't know how successful it was or will be. In my mommy circles, DCL, Carnival and RCCL are still top-of-mind for family cruise lines. We travel a lot and were happy to branch out to find something quieter and more sophisticated. My son felt the same way as DCL became sensory overload for him. We were on a Christmas week cruise and I saw less than 100 children on the entire ship. So while I understand many adults do not want to sail with children, I really don't think Celebrity is making that big of a dent in the family market to worry too much about it.
  13. Thank you all so much! I'll take a look to see if any discounts might apply. If I think one would put us at the break even point, I may just do it so we don't have to think about it. Thanks!
  14. We will be on the Celebrity Summit in a CS in December. It will be me, my husband and 11-year old son. My husband and I have the premium beverage package included as perks, but my son has no beverage package as of yet and I'm trying to decide if it's worth adding one. At most, he will have one soda, one hot chocolate and one non-alcoholic frozen drink a day. When we dined in Luminae and the specialty restaurants last year, they never charged us for his water (we would all share bottles) or any sodas he would order, but I don't know if this is typical or if the staff was just being generous? I'm assuming if he sticks with one soda, one hot chocolate and one frozen drink per day, adding the package isn't worth it, but maybe I'm missing something? Thank you for your help!
  15. I understand your dilemma. When my son was younger, we always brought a babysitter or family member along on cruises and some other vacations to help out as my son has some developmental disabilities and, when he was younger, he really couldn't tolerate the kids clubs. They were completely overwhelming to him Bringing someone to help out was the only way my husband and I could get a few hours to ourselves. When my mother-in-law would accompany us, we would typically get two cabins. Sometimes the cabins didn't even connect, but would be across from or next to each other. My son would sleep in grandma's room and we would just text in the morning and open cabin doors to let people back and forth. It really wasn't that much of an inconvenience and my son loved his special time with his grandma. We brought babysitters on three trips and would get them their own inside cabins on the ships or a standard room at a hotel. We would then coordinate what hours they would work and when they would have some time off. I'm just throwing out some ideas on how you might be able to make taking a group of 5 along without completely breaking the bank. Even with separate rooms, our babysitter could tuck my son in to sleep at night, wait for us to return to the cabin and then return to her own cabin. My son is older now and he really loved the Celebrity kids club as it's smaller and much more low-key than DCL, NCL, etc. I wouldn't even attempt RCCL with him so I understand there are many families out there who do not want to sail on "family" cruise lines. We are one of those families. I hope you can find a way to make it work for your family!
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