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  1. MarLieb

    Summit Revolution

    Thank you so much for posting this! It's quite exciting to follow all of the Summit's revolution activities. We first sailed on the Summit this past Christmas and booked again for next Christmas and I can't wait to see all of the changes!
  2. OP, thanks for bringing up this topic. I've learned a lot of valuable lessons by reading through the threads. Although I've traveled quite a bit, I am not well-versed in making calls back to the US from a foreign country and I probably would have done exactly what you did and simply dialed the number as it was listed on the app. I now know I need to educate myself on how to do this. I also had no idea what a port agent was and that I should call them in an emergency. I will now take a photo of the daily before leaving the ship as well. My son has an anxiety disorder and, even when we are on excursions booked through the ship and that the cruise line guarantees they won't leave without us, he gets nervous at times. This just gives me an extra tool to assuage his fears and to let him know I have a good number to contact in case of emergency. Thanks for the info!
  3. I have a large diamond on my engagement ring plus a diamond wedding band. The only time I take them off is when I'm making meatballs. I've worn them on every trip we've ever been on including many Caribbean cruises. I've also worn them on the NYC subway, buses, etc. I've never had an issue. That being said, we also, typically, never walk around port on our own (except St. Maarten on our last cruise) and are always either with an excursion or a private guide. As I get older, I find that my memory is not what it was and, frankly, I'm probably more at risk of forgetting my ring in a safe than being mugged in a port. Plus, my husband is quite big and I don't know if anyone would risk messing with me to begin with while I am walking with him.
  4. MarLieb

    Dog on the Edge!

    There was a service dog on the Summit during our Christmas cruise. We saw him (or her) around the ship and in both Luminae and Michael's Club. I've never really seen a service dog in action before and, wow, this dog was so well trained. Completely inconspicuous and never made a sound. He/she was definitely on-the-job! I can barely get my dog to sit so I was super impressed.
  5. MarLieb

    Kids Cruising Without Parents

    Got it. I misunderstood your post. I thought you stated all they needed was the form and no ID!
  6. MarLieb

    Kids Cruising Without Parents

    Which is exactly what I stated. If you actually read my post it states "everyone traveling on a Disney Cruise requires a passport or OTHER DOCUMENTATION OF CITIZENSHIP" and then links to DCL to show specifically what is required. Nowhere did I state a passport is required.
  7. MarLieb

    Kids Cruising Without Parents

    Everyone traveling on a Disney Cruise requires a passport or other documentation of citizenship. If you don't have the required ID or documents, they won't allow you to board. https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/guest-services/passport-travel-documentation/
  8. MarLieb

    Summit revolution update info

    We were on the Summit for a Christmas cruise and the basketball court was packed with people of all ages. There were pick-up games every afternoon and the activities staff held a, very well-attended, free throw contest one day. My son met and played basketball with people from all over the world on that cruise. When we re-booked for this Christmas, we made sure eliminating the basketball court was not in the plans for the revolutionized ship as that would have been a deal breaker for our family. Certainly on cruises where it's being under utilized, perhaps the activities staff could come up with some more activities, but, please know, there are some cruises where this area is definitely not under utilized.
  9. MarLieb

    Disney or not to Disney?

    Yes, there will be children everywhere and most of the activities are geared toward children and families. There are some adult-only areas, but the majority of spaces will, literally, be swarming with children. No joke - the main pools will be "kid soup". If you don't want to be around a ton of children, I would highly recommend going on another cruise line. We just sailed on Celebrity over Christmas and there may have been 40 - 50 children on the entire cruise and most of them were older (tweens and teens). The price point is significantly lower than DCL as well. If you don't want to be around kids, DCL is not the cruise line I would choose.
  10. MarLieb

    Celebrity or Disney Alaska no kid

    We did NCL to Alaska when my son was 4 1/2. At that age, he found the DCL kids clubs too chaotic, so we didn't want to do DCL for that trip and knew Princess and the other lines would be too sophisticated and dull for him. While NCL is not my favorite line, it worked well for him. The kids club was smaller, so he was able to enjoy it and the price point was far less than DCL. There were some great port excursions that suited him as well.
  11. We just sailed in a Royal Suite on Summit with our 11-year old son. He had a great time! On Christmas day, our butler, Chip, gave him a Celebrity teddy bear as a gift. He was welcomed in Michael's Club, though he didn't go there often because he really enjoyed being in the kids' club when we were on the ship. We also dined in Luminae, Tuscan Grille, Sushi on 5 and Qsine. My son is very used to traveling and eating in nicer restaurants, plus, the service in all of the restaurants was paced nicely, so he never got bored. He also loved going to Cafe Bacio for muffins, cookies and hot chocolate. The gelato shop was also a big hit. Other than the kids club and Santa arriving on Christmas day, no one really went out of their way to make Summit more of a "kids experience". The entertainment also really wasn't geared for children. We have traveled quite frequently on DCL and Celebrity was definitely a very different experience for all of us. Much more laid back and sophisticated and my son had to adjust a little bit as there really wasn't much geared to him. We were lucky that he really enjoyed the kids club and met some friends there and also on the basketball court. The other plus was the pools were virtually empty (unlike DCL!), so he enjoyed swimming a few days. If your kids are happy hanging out with each other, I think they will have a great time. Unfortunately, due to the age differences, I believe the kids will be split up if you put them in the Fun Factory. They did have some family events however that you could all do together (bingo, a "camping" night, etc.).
  12. MarLieb

    Celebrity or Disney Alaska no kid

    We are gold on DCL and just did our first Celebrity cruise on the Summit. Though we enjoyed our Celebrity cruise and plan to do another one (we loved the casino!), for customer service and entertainment, Celebrity doesn't hold a candle to DCL IMHO. That being said, the price point on Celebrity made up for that quite a bit compared to DCL. As others have said, I would definitely take a look at Princess. Alaska is all about the itinerary and they might have exactly what you are looking for.
  13. MarLieb

    Disney Cruise Trip Insurance

    The information you received from DCL is by-the-book in regard to their change and cancellation policies. Changing dates after the PIF date is considered a cancellation and is subject to whatever penalty phase you are in when you cancel. You canceled more than 29 days prior to your cruise so DCL should refund 50 percent of your cruise fare. Did the agent tell you that? You will need to submit a claim to the insurance co. for the rest. If the insurance co. denies your claim, call DCL back as they will apply 75 percent of whatever wasn’t covered toward a future cruise. Trip insurance can never be applied to another trip. You purchased it to cover this trip and are filing a claim against it. Think of it this way - if you have home insurance and your house burns down, you can’t expect your insurance to cover your burned down house plus a new house you might purchase. Also, when you purchased the insurance, you actually purchased it through an insurance company. DCL just facilitated the transaction and it’s non refundable once purchased. So DCL isn’t going to cover the cost of a new policy to cover a new booking. I’ve had to file claims on a few cruises and have had positive experiences, so I hope it goes well for you!
  14. Yes, the cost of the RS went up substantially from 2018 to 2019 (about 40%). We are basically paying the same price for the 2019 CS as we did for the 2018 RS. Unfortunately, due to my son's school schedule, it is the only time we can travel, so vacation prices, in general, are up substantially that week. He used to get the week before Christmas off and we saved a bundle then! After pricing out many land and sea options, however, I have found that cruising is much more cost effective than, say, flying to one of the islands or Mexico and staying for Christmas week in a 4 or 5 star resort. And, to maybe, put things in perspective, we are gold on DCL and are used to spending DCL prices (ack!). A comparable stateroom (1-bedroom) on DCL for a seven-night cruise in 2019 priced out at $31,000 . . . and that doesn't include beverage packages, OBC, gratuities or wifi (double ACK!). So I kind of feel like I'm getting a deal on Celebrity!
  15. Yes, we got the price cut! The cost came down twice since we booked and I've been able to do the adjustment both times. I will keep checking for more!