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  1. The ABC islands is a lovely cruise. Hopefully you will be able to do one in the future. Trust me, if I hadn't placed a NRD on our December Summit cruise, I would be cancelling too.
  2. Oh, ok. That makes sense. So this really applies to the people left on Zaandam and Coral Princess and maybe Rotterdam (I'm not sure if any guests are still on that ship?). It's so awful. I feel so badly for anyone - passengers and guests - who got caught up in all of this and are grateful to those who continue to care for them and help them off.
  3. Then why does it say "must use" and "may not be used" in the CDC's directive? I mean, I'm assuming this will be lifted once all of this passes (I think there are only a few Carnival ships left out at sea, but I don't think any of them are docking in the US?). So, this is just temporary for the Coral? I can't wait for everything to go back to normal, if that's even possible at this point!! 🙂
  4. Why doesn't everyone in your group simply go up and get a piece of cake. Problem solved.
  5. Under the new regulations, the cruise line is responsible for privately transporting people the moment they disembark from the ship either through private vehicle for local residents or private buses/shuttles to charter planes for those that must fly home. Once guests land, the cruise lines are still responsible for private transportation directly to their homes (on US soil, of course, they can't regulate this once a flight lands overseas). If you go over to the Princess threads, you can see how this is playing out on the disembarkation of Coral Princess passengers who docked on the same day these new regulations were released. The onus and expense here is on the cruise lines, not the passengers. Pure speculation on my part, but based on the plan that was constructed to disembark the Zaandam and Rotterdam which placed a large part of the expense in HAL's hands and the new CDC guidelines which are impacting the disembarkation of the Coral Princess (and placing all transportation costs in Princess's hands), it seems the US government and local port area governing bodies are putting the cruise lines in a position to think long and hard before putting their vessels out to sea with guests on them anytime soon. I can't imagine how much it is costing them to get their guests home at this point.
  6. The CDC is using the word "must". It is being enforced at this very moment for those disembarking from the Coral Princess. This isn't a recommendation. Cruise line companies must get travelers directly to their homes via chartered or private transportation. Commercial flights and public transportation may not be used. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/cruise-ship/what-cdc-is-doing.html
  7. The cruise line must arrange this transportation for their guests now based on new CDC restrictions put in place on April 4. From the CDC: Cruise line companies must get travelers directly to their homes via chartered or private transportation. As others have noted, once they leave the US, guests are no longer under these restrictions and it will be up to the destination governments (Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, etc.) to determine how these guests ultimately get to their homes. So, in essence, Princess has to arrange all of this transportion now - port to airport, chartered flights, etc. That is why it is taking so long to get guests off the ship. The restrictions were just put in place on April 4, the day Coral Princess docked.
  8. I'm very torn. We have a Dec. 2020 Summit cruise booked. It's our third and it's become a little of a tradition now to do this cruise in December. We've really enjoyed it as we've enjoyed all of the other cruises we've done on other lines (DCL, Lindblad, Paul Gauguin, NCL, etc.). However, I've also been intently reading some of the threads on the Princess and HAL forums and, oh my gosh, from people having their cruises cut short half way across the world, getting stuck on cruise ships, getting sick on the ships or in transit afterward, not knowing if countries will allow you to dock and being in limbo at sea while people are getting sick and dying. . . !! Things will have to be really, really different by then otherwise, I just don't think it would be a very good idea to go on this cruise. On the other hand, with the travel advisories and now the Coast Guard directives in place, we may not be making the choice for ourselves. I always knew travel had some inherent risks and that medical facilities onboard do not compare to those on land where I live (US), but right now, it seems the risk is way too high to get on a ship.
  9. The risk is, every single person who works to assist the guests off the ship - port employees, customs officers, bus drivers, pilots/flight attendants, health care workers, etc. - will be exposed to the virus and then run the risk of spreading it more. A large percentage of people carrying the virus are asymptomatic, so checking for fever tells nothing. No matter how you disembark these guests, they will put the people helping to disembark them at risk.
  10. Yes, of course. They should be helped by their own state and counties.
  11. I think everyone wants the crew and guests off safely, however, there are some "backyards" that simply can't handle this right now. Certainly NYC is one of those places. FL may be one, too. It's unfortunate that it has come to a point where resources are being rationed and if you give to some, you must take from others. All of these governors know their citizens must come first. It appears a low percentage of guests on these ships are US citizens. I haven't read through this entire thread, but I would love to hear what the countries of the majority of these guests are doing to help their citizenry. Not sure how DeSantis was left holding the bag here.
  12. That's a great tip, thank you! I would probably cancel very close to PIF so that would give me until mid-September 2021 to use a certificate if these rules will be in effect for my sailing. Thank you!
  13. Good to know - thank you so much! I will poke around the X site and take a look at 2021 cruises just in case.
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