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  1. I should amend my post - I didn't try that dessert! After the tagine, I gave up on the Daniel Boulud items. We'll be back on the Summit in December, so I'll give it a try then - thanks for the recommendation!
  2. We done two cruises on X with our son, both in suites - we LOVE it! Luminae is fantastic and the staff there and in the Retreat will treat your children like gold. There is definitely no going back for us.
  3. If you are essentially getting free unlimited internet, I would jump on it!
  4. I can't speak to Luminae on the Equinox, but we sailed on the Summit in December 2018 and then the same week in December 2019. I thought the food in Luminae was far better in 2019 than 2018. I remembered the food being quite mediocre in 2018, but it was the opposite in 2019. I literally couldn't believe how good it was for cruise food. The only things we did not like were the Daniel Boulud items that were offered every night at the bottom of the menu (it was a chicken tagine that didn't taste like a chicken tagine). Everything else was spectacular.
  5. I can't speak to reduced hours as we've only sailed X during Christmas weeks when they are running full force in Fun Factory. We were just on the Summit over Christmas week 2019 and they did have a "sleep over" after hours option which ran from 10:00 pm - 1:00 am. If memory serves, it was $8 an hour for those hours. I think the kids could stay even later, but the per hour price went up again after 1:00 am. My son is older than your children, but he really enjoyed going to Fun Factory. They always had a lot of activities going on and would even bring them to Oceanview for things like cookie decorating and the Solarium for water games.
  6. We've sailed on the Summit twice and will sail on it at least one more time in December of this year. We like the size of the ship and my son enjoys their kids club and basketball court. We like sailing out of PR and that looks like it is up in the air after 2020. We currently have a river cruise booked through Adventures by Disney (it's an Amawaterways ship and crew with Disney-added activities). After these two cruises, not sure where we will go next. We have zero interest in Edge or Apex.
  7. If you book connecting cabins, you can put a guest under 21 as the lead guest in one of the rooms. We did this on Summit in 2018 - my DH and I were booked in a RS and I booked the connecting concierge stateroom for my son (who was 11 at the time). They would only let us do this because the rooms connected. In our case, our son got most of the suite benefits (Luminae and Retreat), because he was under 12 years old, but there was a lot of confusion about that when we boarded and ship-side had to confirm with shoreside that this was actually the policy. I really don't know about Edge, but on the Summit, he only got the suite perks because he was in a connecting room and he was under 12-years old. I'm not sure if they offer this on all sailings, but when we sailed over Christmas week in 2019, shoreside concierge sent us an offer to add suite perks to any friends or family sailing in a non-suite stateroom. The offer said this: "I am delighted to let you know that we now offer a new Suite Privilege Package if you are traveling with any family that is not in a Suite! This package would allow your family to also enjoy the Suite experience. The charge for this package would be $59 per person per day and would include; complimentary access to Luminae for breakfast / lunch / dinner, complimentary access to the Retreat Lounge and Retreat Sundeck, priority Suite embarkation, priority Suite disembarkation and priority seating in the theater on Evening Chic nights. Kindly note, there are only a limited number of these passes per sailing." Maybe call Celebrity and see if you can add this if you book the verandah for your son? Or, could you simply book another Sky Suite so there aren't any issues with the amenities?
  8. We did not have any snacks in our fridge and only had non-alcoholic items, though, we do not drink alcohol (and I told shoreside concierge about this prior to boarding), so I'm not sure if our fridge only being stocked with non-alcoholic items is the norm or not. Hopefully someone else who purchase the package on a recent cruise can comment about the alcoholic options (if there are any) on the package
  9. We sailed on the Dec. 21 Summit cruise and I had upgraded our Premium beverage perks prior to sailing. For us, there was an "upgrade" option in our cruise planner and it was $9 per person, per day to upgrade ($126 total). I used OBC to pay for the upgrade. We received $50 each in casino chips (total $100). We never got the bottles of wine but I had told our butler we don't drink alcohol, so she may have just decided not to bring them which was fine for us. Our fridge was fully stocked with evian, two types of sparkling water, cokes, sprite and ginger ale. Basically it cost $26 (we would have purchased at least $100 in casino chips anyway) to stock and refresh our fridge and it meant we did not buy a beverage package for our son, so it was really a very cost effective upgrade for us. We also loved simply pulling drinks from our fridge instead of standing in any lines and always having to pull out sea pass cards. We would definitely do this again on any upcoming cruises should it continue to be offered.
  10. Summit is also charging $70 for Tuscan next week and more for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  11. CELEBRITY MOVE UP TRACKER Ship: Summit Length of Cruise: 7 nights Cruise Sail Date: December 21, 2019 Date email offer received: November 21, 2019 Captain’s Club Tier: Classic Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: Celebrity Direct Current Cabin: Celebrity Suite Bid? Yes/No: No If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: Penthouse and Royal Suite Bid Offer: $2500 pp for PH, $1000 pp for Royal Suite Notification Date: 12/19/19 Accepted / Rejected: Rejected These were the max offers for these staterooms. I suppose either the staterooms were never available (or never became available) to begin with or guests in a higher Captain's Club tier won the bid. It suppose it had nothing to do with the bid as I put in the highest bids possible and couldn't have offered any more!
  12. Thank you all! We already have all 4 perks with the Celebrity suite plus I got quite a bit of OBC and a fantastic price on the stateroom as we booked this onboard last year prior to the Summit revolution. In fact, the price was so good, if we win the Move Up (I put in the max, so keeping fingers crossed) the RS would end up being cheaper than what we spent for it last year during the same week. I’m not holding my breathe, but we’ll see! I’m sure we will love our stateroom no matter what as it does look beautiful in the videos.
  13. Good point on the free drinks in those areas! I'm particularly interested in that mini-fridge at this point. It would just be easier to have that filled and refreshed each day. I have set a reminder to purchase Drinks and More 2 days prior to the cruise if my bids don't go through. I'm sorry to hear you didn't like the Celebrity Suite. We stayed in a Royal last year and I found it rather dark, but I did like the perks that went with the suite (free laundry, mini-fridge, unlimited dining). I went with the Celebrity Suite this year knowing it would cost less to simply pay for those perks out of pocket, but, after looking at videos, I kind of now with we had the walk-in shower and balcony of the RS. Oh well. Perhaps we will love the Celebrity Suite and I'll continue to end up saving some money on future cruises! I know!!!! I saw it in a video and it's SPECTACULAR! It's one of the reasons I put in the bid. I'm not terribly optimistic we will get it. It's probably for the best as I probably would never book it outright and my family would probably be disappointed if I tried to "downgrade" them to RS or Celebrity Suite on a future cruise!
  14. In fall 2018, I booked a December 2020 Summit cruise with a refundable deposit. We then sailed on the Summit in December 2019. I re-shopped the 2020 cruise onboard and got a better deal so I booked it onboard and, when I got home, called Celebrity and cancelled the original reservation and got that first deposit back. I don't know the answer on Celebrity air. Personally, I wouldn't purchase the air along with a stateroom you think you are going to cancel if you re-book the cruise onboard. I would probably just wait until you settle on which reservation (the one you have now or a re-shopped onboard one) you are going to keep before purchasing air.
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