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  1. That doesn’t help! We have already canceled five cruises. I guess the two booked for 2021 are not as safe as I thought they would be. 😩
  2. Sorry wrong thread. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. My wife and I have had this conversation a number of times. You can not keep your distance from other passengers on a plane no matter how hard you try. There is so much more available space on a ship. That’s why are next three cruises are drivable ports. We wouldn’t fly until June 2021 for a cruise from Copenhagen.
  4. This goes back a few years. What time is the Midnight Buffet. 🤔
  5. We have a B2B booked. If NCL cancels one leg for capacity requirements, we would not be happy. We would cancel the other leg. Would we get FCC for the leg we chose to cancel, I would be surprised if they would. The war of words would begin.
  6. On deck, with my wife, sailing away from port with a glass of wine. After 30 cruises that NEVER gets old.
  7. Just my opinion, but we just had to go thought the ordeal of canceling a Transatlantic cruise. My local travel agent walked me through the process and we received our 125% FCC and a full refund from British Airlines. My point here, is maybe it’s time to find a local guy who will work for you, and not the cruise line. We are originally from the St. Louis area, I know there should be plenty to choose from.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I must say Antarctica on the Star does sound very interesting. We also understand how you feel about the Dawn. We did a TA on the Pearl, and expecting the same experience on the Dawn. We were disappointed.
  9. Just curious, what ships and itineraries has gotten your attention? We are always looking for new and different after 40 cruises.
  10. Thank you for the positive post! We should be on a TA cruise right now, but instead of crying about it, I followed NCL’s FCC instructions. We received 125% credit without any drama and booked another cruise with an additional 25% off and we still have FCC’s remaining. The newly booked cruise created a 14 day B2B. As Jimmy Buffett says. If life gives you Limes make Margaritas!
  11. Thank you for the info. We can only hope they do the same for us. 🤞🏻
  12. We had a 15 day TA sailing April 18 canceled, and we didn’t get our points. Damn shame too, that would have bumped us up to platinum. 😢
  13. What an excellent idea! Just when you think you know all the ins and outs of cruising.
  14. We were on the Breakaway the first week of March. The manager of the Cruise Next office said he expected the 2022 schedule to be released in six months. Who knows if he had any inside information or it was just a wild guess.
  15. Thank you for your input, sounds like a non issue. 😁
  16. It has been at least 15 years since our last Princess Cruise. I have heard a rumor that Princess is no longer making up beds with a top sheet. Has anyone experienced this? We have been sailing with Celebrity the past few years and thought about giving Princess another try, but are having second thoughts if this is true.
  17. I had my eye on the 1-5 sailing and looked this morning to check prices, and it was gone! My first thought was they were concerned they couldn’t fill two 12 day cruises in the same month. Maybe splitting those 24 days up into smaller sailings makes more sense to the bean counters.
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