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  1. wow, thank you for all the intuitive reading, I really appreciate it! As one of those who says 'I'll wait a couple of years' before I get the vaccine, not even knowing which one will be the one that's good for most and for me, and understanding it might be the end of my world travel I am continually entertained by conversations talking about 'listening to the experts'. Who are the experts? Who designated them better experts over others? How many contradictory statements/writings/rulings should be made before they are no longer considered an expert? What we were
  2. We are booked on the Flora, Galapagos 3.0 since we were originally on the Xpedition June 2019, cancelled due to government issues, moved to July 2020, Covid now July 2021, praying!!! I remember reading some articles about doing the Galapagos from a hotel at one location and much of the issue was the tremendous loss of time traveling to and from each island. We are lucky as we've just been transferring the $$$ we paid for Xpedition forward from year to year but for this trip of a lifetime I think doing it the right way is so important. We did Africa a couple years ago thru AM
  3. I had a client/friend booked on Windspirit Feb 2021 and when I got notification of cancelation the rep told me no benefits will be transferred, when they rebook it'll be as a new booking. 😰 Feel so bad, this client has had 4 cruises canceled on them!
  4. ok, trying to get some updated info. We're going in Sept and, of course, the day in Santorini has 4 ships! I am leading a group of, maybe, 20 adults. We're in port from 7-7 so if we get off early the boats to OIA won't be running, correct? So, we can 1) get off early and plan on doing the cable cars up or 2) wait a bit and then the boats to Oia will be running? Also was planning to get a private group tour to do the beaches and wine tasting...last time I was there we did it ourselves with the donkeys (was hysterical!) and public bus to Oia but with a group of thi
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