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  1. The Canadians and Europeans acted independently in grounding the aircraft. In the Canadian case it was once they they had access to the satellite tracking data on the Ethiopia flight and it showed the same pattern as the earlier crash they concluded there was a systematic problem. The FAA only made their decision once the aircraft was grounded in the rest of the world. The Canadian authorities have suggested they are looking at requiring training in a MAX simulator for MAX pilots. The AA pilots union has also come out saying training on a MAX simulator should be required. In contrast the FAA is saying that is not needed. If the FAA stands alone in lifting its ban it will have zero credibility.
  2. With most of these loyalty programs you should be able to a open-jaw flight. The same when booking a flight that your paying for with money. You should also be able to do a stop-over. In the search engine your using that would be the option labelled multi-segment or multi-stop. United points will pull flights from United and all other star partners including Air Canada and TAP Air Portugal and the various divisions of Lufthansa. Some of the high fees are true taxes and others are due to airlines having various surcharges. TAP Air Portugal and Swiss have a reputation for having low or non-existent surcharges. If you are close to the Canada US boarder you want to also look at searching out of your nearest Canadian airport. The US have multiple taxes, US Agriculture Tax, 911 tax etc. These are not charged in Canada. As an example the long-term parking lot in Vancouver has a lot of vehicles with Seattle plates. From Toronto, Air Canada, TAP and Air Transat, all fly non-stop to Lisbon.
  3. You may very well discover the person you call does not know and they have to resource to tell them. There is what the rules say and then there is the reality your deal with some very complex computer systems that have been modified over decades. On a couple of airlines I fly the policy is status when you fly, however the computer systems do not check status other than when a loyalty number is attached to the reservation.
  4. It is usually cheaper to fly from the US to Seattle than Vancouver. A lot of people do this. I am not certain there is a big savings once you factor in you have to pay for a long bus or train ride. Air Canada and United are partners. You will see both both each other codes on each others flights. Air Canada is the dominant airline in Canada. WestJet and Delta are partner. Same deal. American and Alaska are partners. Again same deal. WestJet is the only Canadian airline that flies into Austin from Western Canada. However it is from their Calgary hub. It is actually not a bad airport to make a connection. All the major US airlines would connect through their respective hubs in the midwest or Pacific Northwest.
  5. It is very hard to tell. I don't think the airlines knows when the aircraft will return to service and what conditions will be put in place. You flight may very well be substituted by a different aircraft type or cancelled. If they do cancel the flight, then free of charge they will move you to another flight. If you don't like the routing the chose just tell them what your preferences are and they will move to something more appropriate at no cost. Some of the questions marks on the return to service is will the FAA, Transport Canada and the European Authorities act together or will each certify the aircraft on its own timeline. You may very well see the case where American can begin flying the aircraft but has to keep it off routes that go into Canadian airspace. It is also unclear what training requirements will be required. It may take time to retrain pilots etc. There are lots of things that no one knows just now. What we do know is the airlines have been flexible and good at accommodating passangers onto other flights.
  6. Just so you are aware, when you try to check in on line there are a variety things that happen behind the scenes. Generally information about all the passengers is transmitted to the country you are traveling to ahead of time. If there is something missing you may discover you can't print a boarding pass and it has to be done at the airport with a checkin agent. Sometimes you can check in on line sometimes you can not. This happens to all of us from time to time. It is generally not something to get worried about. As other have said, the airline will want to do an id check of your passport. That could happen at the check in counter or at the gate.
  7. You don't need a Plan B. Air Canada has said it plans to continue to operate Air Transat as a separate business unit with its own aircraft and routes. Even if it did merge it into Air Canada, you have a flight you have already purchased. Air Canada will honor the flight. That is what has happen in every other merger. Any time Air Canada has decided to shutdown a route, they have re-booked everyone onto other flights at no cost. Where people have problems is when the airline goes bankrupt and disappears. That is not happening in this case.
  8. Looks like some new passenger rights for those flying to/from Canada or on Canadian airlines. Highlights: - Better compensation for delays and being bump. - Airlines must guarantee seats for kids are close to parents. (with $25,000 fine for not doing so). - Better baggage insurance coverage. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/passenger-bill-of-rights-details-1.5147589
  9. This link contains the fleet information..... https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/fly/onboard/fleet.html Toronto and Montreal to Barcelona is operated with the Rouge Version of the Boeing 767-300 ER (towards the bottom of the page). This version of the aircraft has 51 rows and is used mostly on tourist destinations. The front cabin only has Premium Economy (basically the type of seat you see on domestic aircraft in the US sold as First Class). The economy seats are also a bit tighter. The version of the 767-300 ER with 39 is the mainline version (towards the top of the link). The reason it has few rows is the front cabin has International Business class, where the seats open up into beds. These seats take up more room. This version of the aircraft is used mostly on business destinations. Yes, the Boeing MAX grounding is causing them to move flights around more than normal. Enjoy the transfer through Toronto. It is far more convenient than trying to connect from an international flight at a hub in the US.
  10. Just a note that the AMEX Platinum Cards has different benefits based on country of issue. The Canadian version does not have Uber, but has complimentary access into all Priority Pass lounges.
  11. TAP is not a budget airlines. It is a full service legacy airline that has been in business since that was founded back in 1946. It is part of Star Alliance however it is not part of the price ordination that several of the other Star Alliance airlines are part of. United, Lufthansa (including there subsidiaries Swiss, Austrian, etc.) and Air Canada operate as a joint venture across the Atlantic where they share profits on all the combined flights and are able to "price-fix" across their flights. TAP is not part of that deal.
  12. The OP said she is working with a TA. The vast majority of legacy airlines interline with most legacy airlines. Here TA should be able to do this booking onto one ticket.
  13. For the sake of argument, lets assume the probability of one failing is 5%. The probability of both failing is therefore 5% x 5% or 0.25%.
  14. Portugal is a interesting country with lots of local food options. Not certain why you would bring food from the ship when there are lots of local options easily available.
  15. That would be expected. The EU grounded the Max a few days before Canada and the US. Virtually all airlines, if a flight is cancelled they will rebook on their aircraft or someone else at no charge to meet their commitment to the passenger.
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