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  1. again cruise critic has proven to provide and figure out the answers. why were you only allowed one appetizer, one entrée and one dessert of your choice. This is word for word from the LATITUDES REWARDS LOYALTY PROGRAM Benefit entitles each guest to one appetizer, one entrée and one dessert of your choice. Entrée items up to $25 are covered. For items over this amount, an upcharge will be added to your onboard account. Entrée item Côte De Boeuf Pour Deux in Le Bistro, is a shared dish and will be treated as two entrées. No restaurant substitutions, Names vary by ship. Restaurants not available on all ships. So either you were using this perk when this occurred or the wait staff thought you were and you didnt correct them.
  2. ithacagal you mentioned this happened on the NCL sun I have heard this ship has some different things going on compared to all the other ships could this had been the reason. Did you have the SDP or did you have a voucher or did you pay.
  3. My gut and my guess is they are told to do this to discourage people from ordering alot of food. I am going on the escape in a few weeks and I have 6 nights of dining reserved already and if this is a issue i will let you all know when i come back. I will be eating all the nights with party of 5 so we can do some serious damage ordering.
  4. to the original poster. Go on the cruise go to every dinner and order anything you want. If they give you a hard time ask for the Manager of each place and see what they say. Bottom line enjoy yourself and do not worry, most of the wait staff just want to make your night a good time and not bother you at all.
  5. Ocean Blue 1 night no idea Teppanyaki 1 night (it was all that was available that night, and at 5:00!) nice time standard order of hibachi Le Bistro 1 night unlimited app desserts one entree Moderno 2 nights just eat too much food Cagney’s 1 night unlimted app desserts one entree Cirque Dreams 1 night no idea hope this helps
  6. worst case they will do what they just did to the people on the upcoming cruise on the getway. Shorten the cruise and cancel ports 7 days prior to the cruise. Not great customer service.
  7. I would save every bill you get because of this change and when you get back submit to travel insurance and NCL. This is terrible of them to do this so late. Also I see they took the cruise off the website totally.
  8. It will be sold as a 7 day package. I can see it now just $199 a week for a chair.
  9. i was on a cruise in 2016 first sea day captain told us at meet and greet that 75% of the ship had the UBP. First two days the bars were packed , by the third day they were quiet for the rest of the cruise point being its tough for the average person to drink 7 straight days in a row responsible enough not to get hammered and sick but to make it worth it.
  10. if you are worried about OBC, you can either purchase a next cruise certificate or last night go into casino and withdraw remaining balance of your obc at a slot machine and cash it in.
  11. if you are that hungry go to main dining then the buffet then back to the second dining room then you can go to the late night place and hit the casino spread after that.
  12. Talk to NCL today and they said they book thru a TA so the TA has to call to cancel. thx . NCL looked up reservation with names.
  13. I am pretty sure its no glass in the hot tubs at least it was on my first five cruises. An like someone said its selectively enforced.
  14. Found out last night a very close friends mother passed away, i saw her on sunday and learned she was cruising on the Escape March 10 out of NY. When I spoke to my friend today I told him I would help with cancelling the cruise and calling the Travel Insurance co. Anyone have any advice on what I need and what to expect from both the insurance co and NCL.
  15. "There is almost always a food cart in the parking area, and just across from the terminal and down a bit there is a restaurant. Just mentioning, because of how often you said food was not available to buy. " so if you were in this persons shoes you would leave the terminal and go get a hot dog from a hot dog cart. Think about this before you give stupid advice. Imagine coming back and A. they dont let you back in or B. you get back in to find out they came looking for you and now its too late and now they can say its your fault for walking away.
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