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  1. I’ve worked with the same CTP for over 5 years and he mysteriously disappeared in September. I was able to track him down via Instagram and found out he is with Regent. Celebrity lost a really good agent. There appears to be a big shakeup at Celebrity. I was not impressed with my former CTP’s replacement. Only time will tell.
  2. My husband needed a CPAP machine and Celebrity was wonderful. Google Celebrity cruise line special needs form. We did this for every cruise on Celebrity. They provided an approved extension cord, the cabin steward taped it down when necessary and they even supplied distilled water for the CPAP.
  3. Reflection and Solstice are my favorite ships. That been said we are booked on Apex in June because of itinerary. We usually book Concierge but downgraded on Apex to get a Sunset Veranda suit so we had a traditional veranda. Time will tell but I’m leaning toward a traditional veranda.
  4. There will be 3 adults sailing under one booking number. I have the app but the other 2 don’t have smart phones. Can I check in for all three and fill out the Health Questionnaire for each of us? I used to do it all on the website for all of us but not sure I will be able to on the app. Any suggestions? Sometime technology presents a problem.
  5. A while ago someone posted the email address for Celebrity CEO Lisa Lutoff-perlo. Unfortunately I can’t find it. Is it possible to repost. Thanks
  6. I too received a notification from Celebrity that there was an error and my purchase is cancelled and my payment will be refunded. I understand that errors can be made but in this environment where cruise lines are trying to get people back in board, they could have been a little more tactful. I am going to write to them especially since I called and questioned the price and Celebrity confirmed the price and their cruise planner actually made the reservation for me.
  7. Would love to hear your comments on the Sunset Veranda. We are booked in one for next a June. Always enjoyed the SV but never been on Edge or Apex.
  8. I’ve spoken to several people at Celebrity and they stated it is correct. I grabbed them at $29.99 pp (not per day). I had the Celebrity representative book it for me. I suspect between now and the June 7, 2022 sailing it will be cancelled and corrected but it’s worth a shot.
  9. I have been looking at the packages available on our June Apex sailing and am looking at the Premier Pass Package. One of the items listed is an “Inside Access Tour”. I can’t seem to find any information on what this tour includes. I presume this is not available on current sailings due to Covid restrictions. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Be careful what you wish for. This is seeding power to the CDC, which I remind you is headed up by political appointees. Might be well and good for now but what about the future regardless of what party is in power.
  11. We usually sail in Concierge Class and avail ourselves of the lunch in the dining room on embark day. This time we went down to the Sunset Veranda because we don’t care for the new infinite verandas. Are there any other places we can have lunch other than the Oceanview Cafe’ on day one of our cruise.
  12. Now the the APEX is sailing can anyone report if there are tables on the SV verandas? Pictures of the Infinite Verandas show an accent table rather than a small round dining table. One of our favorite things is to have breakfast on the sunset veranda and it would be a bit challenging on a small accent table. Thanks and happy sailing!
  13. I know it would just be an educated guess, but do you think Celebrity will be sailing at full capacity in June 2022 for European cruises? We are booked on Ireland/Iceland in June 2022 and it hard to tell from their website.
  14. Can anyone advise about the closet/storage space on the Celebrity Edge, concierge class? It’s almost impossible to determine from the website. We will be 3 going to a cooler climate and am concerned about closet space for jackets, sweaters, boots etc.
  15. Firstly, from a former New Yorker, thanks for your life saving work. Many good suggestions above. If you do nothing, you will receive a FCC in the amount on 125% of the cruise fare. Since you booked your flights with Choice Air (flights by Celebrity) they will be automatically cancelled and Celebrity will refund the amount of air fare and port taxes to your credit card. My Celebrity travel planner said it would take about 45 days for the refund to be issued and you should see the Future Cruise Credit in about the same amount of time. Once things settle down a bit you can request a refund for the future cruise credit. Granted, no one knows the financial stability of Celebrity but they should survive a while longer. Good luck, stay safe and thanks again.
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