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  1. Trapped in your room with no access to any of the amenities. Yeah sounds like Heaven. We took a five day cruise in December and had poor weather every day of the 5. I couldn't wait to get off that ship. I was bored out of my mind. And that was with being able to still access nearly everything on board.
  2. He actually "got it" the entire time. He's a troll looking for attention.
  3. Hi, I am not a frequent cruiser. My husband and I have taken our 3 kids on 4 cruises in the past 10 years (2 NCL and 2 RCI) so that's the extent of my expertise. They are now all young adults so we are thinking of a cruise for just the two of us. Since Coronavirus reared it's ugly head 2021 seems like a good time to plan for our trip. I was looking at the 10 day Mediterranean that leaves September 22, 2021 (Viking Sea). My birthday happens to be September 22 so I told my husband it was meant to be 😉. So here are my questions: is now a good time to book? Since we have never sailed Viking I'm not sure how prices/perks compare to pre virus. My second question is for anyone who has taken this or similar itinerary or sailed this ship. Is there a lot of space in the sun for sunbathing? This is my favorite thing to do on cruises is lay in the sun and read and sip a drink. Is there time for sunbathing to worry about it? The itinerary looks pretty full and seems like we would be hitting a new ports almost daily. My husband and I are both 50 and are both very active and healthy and love to travel and see new places. I would appreciate any advice on this particular cruise and/or ship!!
  4. I'm not loyal to any cruise line. I've only been on 4 cruises. Two NCL and two RC. I did prefer RC to NCL but both RC ships were newer (bigger and better IMO). When we booked each cruise our choices were 100% based on dates available (when our 3 college kids were able to get away). I looked at NCL, RCI, Carnival, and Princess. Our last cruise was the week before Christmas last year and the weather was awful and I can honestly say finally getting off that ships was the highlight. It was the NCL Pearl. I found the ship drab, small and boring (except for the Summer Palace MDR which was gorgeous). I'm sure the bad weather clouded my experience tho. For future cruises I will not go with the older and smaller again; regardless of cruise line. It's just not worth it to me.I would rather fly to a resort and vacation that way as much as I do love to cruise. My dream is a Viking cruise for just me and my husband!
  5. I've been getting the mailings this entire time. Also from Viking. You just have to laugh.
  6. Where would they get it from? lmao at stupid statements of outrage.
  7. I highly doubt there will be any more cruises until 2021. And not even winter 2021. Maybe spring or summer. There is really no way to social distance on a ship. Even if they only booked at 50% capacity. And can they even break even on 50% capacity? I'm sure there are many many people willing to cruise. Some would get on a cruise tomorrow (not me!), but the cruise lines would be the ones found liable when the inevitable covid cases popped up. They would be right back to ships floating around filled with passengers with no ports willing to take them. It would be bound to happen. Plus with some children developing that inflammatory syndrome, I predict the young parents who believed the virus really only affected seniors are going to take a hard pass a cruising now. I still go to work and my husband still goes to work. We are not sitting at home wringing our hands in fear. But I would not get on a cruise ship any time soon. Until there is a vaccine or even just some very good treatments, I don't see cruises continuing. JMHO.
  8. It's ludicrous to think that Norwegian or any other cruise line without large outbreaks has anything to credit their luck with other than just that...luck.
  9. I was under the impression that was a response to the fiasco of ships dumping virus ridden passengers to go and infect the world and not due to cruising being up and running again soon. My belief is the same as many other people's...2021 if we are lucky and there is a vaccine.
  10. I still have to go to work everyday. I get to set my own schedule so I arrive at 4am and leave at noon. It's my way of trying to avoid people. Just me and one nurse for most of my mornings. My hands are raw from washing them and using sanitizer. After a few weeks of it I have gotten used to it. I come home and nap for a few hours. I like still working because of course I still get paid and sitting at home is not appealing. I am really worried about getting sick tho so my anxiety is very high. My husband runs his own business so he goes to work everyday too. Stopped by walmart curbside to pick up a script and the parking lot was crowded. People coming and going like any other day. It's ridiculous how many do not take stay at home seriously. Pennsylvania is essential workers only and you would never know it.
  11. Agreed. I honestly don't see cruising being a thing again until a vaccine is available.
  12. I can't believe anyone was still cruising at this point. Although I imagine many of us not on cruises are going to get it at some point anyway.
  13. All you have to do is google the hundreds of articles from the medical community that flat out says that wearing a mask is not a good defense to the conronavirus. A regular surgical mask does nothing and the N95 masks are likely impossible to come by and are not a realistic measure for cruising. This whole discussion is so silly. The thought of people sitting around the pool in an N95 mask is ridiculous. Anyone that concerned should cancel. Where is the enjoyment in the cruise wearing a mask and gloves? And if the staff onboard who handle the food, clean the room could be infected. So would you wear the mask in your room? Not eat?
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