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  1. I will never take a maiden voyage again on any cruise line. Many of these end up being "shake down" cruises, and the crew is often overwhelmed with the new procedures, passenger reports of problems, etc. I'll let others help them work out the kinks, and then take a later cruise when things are running smoother.
  2. I believe Dave means to ask to have a room on the west side of the building, as those facing east are right along the train and Trolley tracks.
  3. Orange County (John Wayne) airport is served by most large carriers. Have you looked into flying there instead of LAX? It is much closer to Disneyland. If you are staying at a Disneyland area hotel, there is a shuttle bus that goes from LAX directly there. https://dre.coachusa.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiA_f3uBRAmEiwAzPuaM3_cfNVQNXzGW3U4--7HXs7G-M74EZc4jgJyLZg4LW8Eo5YXB4HVoBoCh3AQAvD_BwE To get from Anaheim to the cruise port, I would recommend comparing pricing on SuperShuttle vs. Uber. Surge pricing may apply on Uber, depending on the day and time of your travel though.
  4. Watch for Fort Point, the Civil War era brick fort under the south end of the Golden Gate bridge. In addition to Alcatraz, you should have a good view to port of Angel Island, the "Ellis Island" of the west coast used for Asian immigrants. A very sad but interesting place to visit and a nice hiking trail as well. If you are up on deck before coming into The Bay, and are coming from the west (not from the north or south) you may get a glimpse of the Farallon Islands, 30 miles west of the Golden Gate. Huge great white shark habitat, and location of a very interesting research station.
  5. What are you doing for your day in San Diego? If you are renting a car, I would just put your luggage in the trunk (get a sedan). You can also often check your luggage at any local hotel...act like you will be checking in later, give the bell hop a tip, and you are all set.
  6. Scroll down and you will find a lot of threads about this. What is your price range? When are you traveling? Prices and availability vary widely, especially in the Embarcadero and Marina districts (close to the cruise port). Are you looking for someplace with parking included? Few of the hotels in this area have that.
  7. Just a caution...on most river cruises the ships line up (raft up) to 6 ships abreast at the dock. You must climb up and down stairs to reach the shore, and if you on the outside of 5 other ships, you may have to do that over 5 ships to get on/off at the port. In addition, there may be stairs on the shore to get to street level. Can your wife do those stairs? Using a Rollator around the ship will not be problematic as long as you have a cabin on a deck that has elevator access. Some river ships have only stair access to the top and bottom-most decks.
  8. The Firefly is narrower than the wheelchair itself, and, as above, is shorter in wheelbase and length on the chair than many scooters. I know a lot of people who have them, although none that have taken one on a cruise.
  9. Never a problem for us, since my mother sat in her wheelchair in the dining room and elsewhere. Totally non-ambulatory, and transfers were only with a lift. This is probably more an issue for ambulatory people who also use a scooter.
  10. Note that the OP said they don't do Uber/Lyft. Neither do I.
  11. If you want something cheaper, check out the Old Town Inn. Right next to the Trolley (light rail) system, which you can use to get to the Embarcadero, Little Italy, and Gaslamp Quarter. It is also a transit center, so you can get a bus from there to the Zoo/Balboa Park, or take a cab. https://www.oldtown-inn.com/
  12. It's been a while for me; I was on the Trollfjord in 2015, but the washing machines required a token that you buy at the reception desk, and as I remember, it was 4 NOK. Dryer is free. Get someone to help you with the directions though; very confusing as only printed in Norwegian, and not as simple as a laundramat at home.
  13. The toilet bowl is smaller than most home toilets. Suggest you contact the Special Needs dept. as above and get one of theirs that actually fits.
  14. I used to travel with my parents; my mother had MS and I went as her caregiver. We were, with difficulty, able to get fully wheelchair accessible cabins on RCCL, Celebrity, HAL, and Princess. Not on Crystal, sadly (which was their favorite cruise line). On HAL we often had a large accessible cabin in which they would set up (and have room for) a roll-away bed for me. Princess, Celebrity, RCCL, and newer HAL ships usually have a sofa bed or bunk bed for the 3rd person, so someone would need to take the upper bunk. We usually booked cruises about a year in advance.
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