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  1. I Second that request!😀
  2. Oh yes would love to know who the new Captain is! Sailing soon! Thank you!
  3. Oh my gosh!!! Thank you So very much!!! How very kind of you to go out of your way to ask!!! Hoping the rest of your travels are fun and safe!😀
  4. Thank you for all the great info! I do have a question about the beds though, I've been reading on other threads that most all of the beds are the new Princess luxury line now, however you mentioned that yours was not. I have an upcoming cruise in a couple of weeks and I am concerned now that is still the old bed. Booked a balcony. The old ones were brutal on my back! Any clarification on this would be fantastic!! Thank you!
  5. Any one have the latter's for the 5 day Cabo? Thanks!
  6. Im on the same cruise as you are, I booked the Enclave online and then the next time I looked a few days later it says so sold out, 😮
  7. Thank you so much for the info!!! Exactly what I was needing! First day going to wait for the rush to be over and maybe head to the Soundbar on Medano beach....Next morning leave the ship early for a 830 whale watch tour. Hopefully the big push will be over by then. thank you again!😀
  8. Hi Everyone, searched the boards and cannot find the answer. Will be on the Royal in a few weeks for the 5 day Overnight Cabo cruise. Arriving at 11am on a Monday and Depart at 1 pm Tuesday. Does anyone know the last tenders times back to ship on Monday night ? and more importantly what time in the morning on Tuesday the Tenders will start running back to the marina? Trying to plan shore excursions with an outside company. thank you!😀
  9. Thank you. I booked the Enclave and used my credit card because my TA OBC does not show in my personalizer. Hoping to switch payment to OBC once on board.
  10. Very cool! Which sailing?
  11. Ahhh yes I did mean Cabo!! 😀 hahaha. Sorry! And thank you for the info! It looks to be really nice and a good thing to do....just want to make sure it isn't a tourist gimmick.
  12. Hi ! I just found this tour through Viator and it has no reviews.. Has anyone done this? It says you get to visit a Sea Turtle rescue facility and then participate in a beach release. Thank you!😀
  13. No it's not showing up...Thank you for the screen shot
  14. Does your on board credit from a TA show up in your personalizer to use for shore excursions? Or will I need to call Princess? Thank you advance!😀
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