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  1. Please forgive me if this has been asked before, but does anyone know if it's possible to pay for specialty dining, like the Chef's Table with onboard credit prior to the cruise? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you, but I was specifically inquiring about airlines.
  3. Great, thank you. Yes, we managed to get a booking.
  4. This will be our first balcony cabin, and we're going in May. We expect to have to bundle up when on the balcony, but I would expect July and August to be fine for you. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. Nice. We're booked for a boat excursion, and then afterwards we're taking a local bus to see the 3 Swords in the Stone.
  6. I got an email from P&O stating that would honor any bookings people were able to make, even if their cruise is more than 14 days away.
  7. Has anyone here tried the Norway Tester Menu dinner in Epicurean? What did you think?
  8. But don't just as many people go online to book every time they open up bookings? And why stagger it out? Wouldn't that give an advantage to some over others?
  9. I received the same e-mail. Are they saying that normally they wouldn't let us pre-book dining more than 14 days prior to sailing, but there was a glitch in the system, and some were able to pre-book (including myself)? If so, that's quite a break.
  10. Strangely, it's showing on "My Orders", though I never got an email. Also, it shows the order date as Jan. 8, 2024. So strange.
  11. Doubt it. They don't even address it on their social media.
  12. Ya, I'm 26 days out. I got it in my cart, then when I go to my cart, it's empty.
  13. I take it back. Even though the site acknowledged my payment went through (after I provided them with a code from my credit card's bank), they later emailed me that the order failed. I checked my credit card online, and I have two pending charges for the one order. I'm so frustrated now. Their website says to try later. LATER? You mean after all the time slots have been filled up? Ggggrrrr
  14. It finally went through, though I haven't received an email confirmation yet. Guess the site is very active.
  15. Today booking for dining opened up for our upcoming cruise. Although, the My P&O site was slow, I did book my choices and they're in my cart. However, I can not get to the page to process my payment. Does anyone know if the site is down right now?
  16. Are you saying Cunard offers military OBC for U.S. veterans, or to British veterans?
  17. Just curious....as only active military have an I.D., how do veterans prove their status to airlines?
  18. Both my husband and I are veterans, so we each qualify. Which is great, because it doubles are onboard credit.
  19. I don't believe the Caribbean is a sister ship to the Ruby. I think Emerald and Crown are her sister ships.
  20. Not only are the fares different, but so are the deposit amounts. Princess is currently advertising a cruise in 2025 in the Mediterranean with $100 deposit, yet a mock booking requests an $800 deposit for 2. When I called to inquire why this was so, I was told multiple times that the $100 deposit is only if you don't get the cabin location upgrade (even tough there's no such disclaimer stating that online). I tried another mock booking where I chose to have Princess choose my cabin location, and it still requested an $800 deposit, so there goes that answer out the window.
  21. True, however NCL wrote the book on anytime dining. While I liked the Jade and her crew, I can't say the same about NCL itself. They reversed the order of our itinerary, and didn't tell us until we were checked in and onboard. They also dropped a port, and changed the hours we were in each port. I much more prefer Princess.
  22. I wish the cruise lines would give more control to their passengers by allowing us to make cancellations online rather than having to call a call center. Having said that, the Zaandam is a nice ship, though smaller than the Grand. I sailed her last year from Montreal to Boston and loved her. My only complaint is that the food portions were tiny and the afternoon tea was a joke.
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