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  1. I’m exhausted just trying to keep up with your shenanigans! Looking forward to bar hop recap since we will be doing that in a couple of months.
  2. Looking forward to your review as Oasis was our first RCL cruise and been loyal ever since. Speaking of Cats, just saw a commercial for a Cats movie, I’ll be having nightmares tonight.
  3. Was on a cruise last week, guy we were sitting next to by the pool who had a drink package was ordering one at least every 15 minutes and handing them out to his buddies and bragging about it. I observed the staff, just kept bringing him the drinks. Older guy, big, loud and intimidating type and I think the young staff just didn’t want to get involved, just my opinion.
  4. Interesting, just read the letter we received for missing Coco Cay and it stated that we will receive one day credit based on what we paid for our cruise which can be applied towards a future cruise. Unexpected surprise, thanks RCL!
  5. Woman next to me at pool said it was a conspiracy theory because Nassau needs the passengers spending $ at port, that’s why we didn’t go to Coco Cay. I just got up and walked away.
  6. Really looking forward to Coco Cay, just off Majesty and we didn’t make it there either due to high winds. Ended up in Nassau around 2:00, stayed overnight until 4:30 the next day. Heard there was a long line at Guest Services with people demanding compensation. Captain made several announcements, his last one was very stern, he sounded pissed. Hard to believe that people are so ridiculous to think they can get in line and ***** and complain at the crew when it’s about safety.
  7. Nice thing about a drink package is that you can try out new drinks and if you don’t like it, no reason to feel compelled to finish it due to the cost. I for one enjoy a couple of Blue Moons by the pool but don’t finish it quickly enough before it gets warm. One or two frozen cocktails as well, pre dinner cocktail and couple glasses of wine with dinner and I’m ahead of the game. I’ve never gotten drunk because I drink a ton of bottled water, oh and gotta have 1-2 specialty coffees per day. For us it’s worth it.
  8. Thanks Bob, MTD is closed for booking since cruise leaves week from Sunday, no specialty restaurants on Majesty so I was told to wait until we board to reserve MTD.
  9. We have 5:30 reservations for an upcoming cruise but if there are some days we don’t make it at that time, I understand we would just wait in line. Would we be better off with My Time Dining? Would we get in quicker? I know we wouldn’t have the same table or waiters.
  10. Just took a screenshot of cucumber martini, will be recreating it at home! Great memories.
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