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  1. I know there’s a charge for room service besides certain items for breakfast but is it ok to grab a plate of food from Windjammer to take back to room? We’ve taken cookies but that’s about all, always wanted to eat dinner on the balcony .
  2. Look at your set sail pass, gives you a time when you should check in. We usually arrive at the terminal around 10:30 and depending on the crowds, can take anywhere from half hour or longer but there’s been few times we’ve “sailed “ right through. If you get there early, you might spend lots of time standing in line before you can even get through security. Spook wife is right, suite guests and Pinnacles board first, then down the line depending on how many RCL cruises you have been on. Have fun!
  3. Think it depends on where you are sailing. Doing a 5 night Caribbean next month, was able to upgrade from inside cabin to deluxe balcony for $80, called today to inquire about jr. suite and cruise is sold out.
  4. Booked an inside cabin few weeks ago on Independence for March, convinced myself that since this would be my first solo cruise, an inside cabin would force me to spend time outside. Got offer to Royal Up, strong offer was $400 per person so I called wondering if I would be charged $800 . Called and spoke to George (my new best friend), he said I could upgrade to deluxe balcony for $80. I made him double and triple check, pinky promise and yes....went from inside to deluxe balcony for 80 bucks. Hate to bring this up but wondering if people are canceling because of fears of Corona virus, very unusual to see so many available rooms during spring break season.
  5. Well since I’m purchasing the internet package I’ve decided to post a live thread about my first solo adventure so stay tuned , won’t happen until late March but I promise it’ll be honest, humorous and full of pictures. I’m beyond thrilled with all of your positive comments and encouragement and can’t wait ....45 days!
  6. Great idea about the solo lunch, how do I find info? I’ve checked roll calls and there’s no one even signed up so I guess I can start a thread
  7. Thanks everyone for your support and for the laughs. I don't plan on getting off the ship, only stop is Cozumel and we've been there enough times but if I get bored I'll just walk around the port area. My daughter did remind me that March is spring break but I'm not going to worry about it, plenty of space on Indy for everyone. I will definitely post about my experience when I get back with plenty of pictures!
  8. I’m thinking of mostly Windjammer, not MDR. Have you done specialty restaurants on your own, question is do you book onboard or just walk in?
  9. Believe me, I’ve read all of John&LaLa’s threads and many more. I even had a friend ask if I wanted her to come along for company...hell no. Kruzerci, I’m excited about working out as when it’s us two, we always talk ourselves out of it but I’ve got all day. Can you tell I’m just a bit excited?
  10. Yep , there’s a difference between solo and singles cruises and I’m actually trying really hard to contain my excitement. You are so right about the status, thanks for reminding me I’ll get double points.
  11. I hope you get this resolved! There’s one jeweler in St. Maarten that I trust because of referrals from friends but all I will buy is David Yurman jewelry , don’t have to pay duty.
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