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  1. I do.. but I'm from Florida and always cold
  2. We are booked on that cruise to..talk to you on roll call
  3. December 5, 2020 on the Marti Gars too..I really hope it goes..
  4. I book a DV cabin , love deck 3 mid ship. It is important to note that I bring much less clothes than on other lines since laundry is free on Viking if you do it yourself. They even provide laundry detergent.
  5. I know..I know.. as I have been on Viking Ocean and River where day 1 is arrival and day 2 is tour of city and then leave.. YES! it is exactly as peregrina651 said..
  6. Us too.. our first cruise was our honeymoon on the Tropicale..I found the info and Carnival gave us credit for that cruise 20 years later..
  7. try the NH hotels in Barcelona..great place to stay..we were in the one on Numancia.. also include a trip to view the magic fountain and the visit to the Olympic rings and stadium.
  8. Imho. The service, food, entertainment will be the same. I expect that in the world cafe, that you will be served and it will not be buffet style ...but I think everything I know and love about Viking will be the same.. Having said that, there may be changes to the self service laundry.
  9. I love the Breakaway..wonderful entertainment, Sid Norman's was incredible.. My kids loved it..so much for them to do..
  10. My checked bags toured a great deal of Europe and saw much more than I did..I keep meaning to put a camera on my luggage so I can share in the adventure.
  11. I went to Cozco/Machu Picchu many many many years ago...the flight from LIMA was very long and the plane turned sideways to go between mountains then leveled out and landed in Cozco. Very thrilling! We had coca tea at our hotel to help us adjust to the altitude.
  12. We dropped of luggage in Auckland a few weeks ago. We were the first ones! it was about 9 am because we had a free walking tour at the same time. Viking came into the terminal the day before so we had time to scope out the location. Auckland is beautiful but under a lot of construction on the water front.
  13. mine too..😁 Thanks for starting this thread Peregrina.
  14. We went from Stockholm to Bergen My opinion only - in St Petersburg we took a TJ Tour. More sites then Viking at 1/2 the price and yes they get the visa..no problems .. In Stavanger - we did Norled to pulpit rock then the included tour..wonderful choice. In Berlin - we did Viking Historical Berlin- next time I will do a private tour. Viking Included tours in Stockholm , Tallinn, Gdansk, Copenhagen, Alborg, Eidjford, Bergen
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