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  1. NCL Peace of Mind - This is by far the best policy of any of the cruise lines I have checked. We have sailed NCL many times in the past, and will be loyal to them for future booking because of their being proactive and generous with the length of time to use the credit, as well as the window of previously booked cruises that the policy will apply to. Kudos to NCL! This is an incredibly difficult time for the cruise industry, and they are to be commended for this.
  2. Has anyone been to either of these beaches (Dickenson Bay Beach or Runaway Beach) and if so can you share your thoughts? Is one preferable to another, and if so for what reason(s)? Thanks!
  3. Has anyone taken the NCL Hop On Hop Off Sea Taxi? If so, any thoughts?
  4. Thanks to both of you!
  5. Has anyone been to Bay Gardens Beach Resort for the day? What was your experience? Thanks!
  6. Has anyone gone to the Hilton Barbados for the day? What was your experience there? Thanks!
  7. Would love some feedback on this Resort for a Day..
  8. I booked through an NCL Personal Cruise Consultant, who was able to get someone from Worldpoints Benefits (credit card) rep on a conference call so it was all pretty seamless. However since you are sailing so soon, you might have trouble getting an upgrade. If you cannot get an upgrade, and do not want to get cash, make sure that your points don't expire before you can use them and if you are close to expiration, make sure to use the NCL card to book cruise and for all onboard charges, and then just take cash for the points that will expire soon. You can call MC to find out when your first points will expire.
  9. I booked a cruise recently, and was told by both the MC agent on the line and also Personal Cruise Consultant, that as long as cruise is canceled before final payment, points used for upgrade would go back to account. I am not sure if this applies once final payment has been made, which based on your cruise date, is the case.
  10. If you do not give the app permission to your location, what functionality or features, if any, will you lose?
  11. I don't know if this will help you, but here is a post with a picture of the the soda machine, and the options that you will have at that machine. It is an older post, but I don't think the choices have changed. https://www.*****.com/2015/07/20/coca-cola-freestyle-machines-royal-caribbean
  12. Thanks. I was trying to see if any of the beverages had stevia instead of artificial sweeteners (as in the beverages I mentioned), but I suppose that is doubtful, since stevia is generally a bit more expensive
  13. Does anyone know if Fuse Meyer Lemon Black Tea (a Coke product) or Coke LIfe is available on these machines (Anthem of the Seas)? https://www.coca-colaproductfacts.com/en/faq/reduced-no-sugar-substitutes/what-drinks-contain-stevia/
  14. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates
  15. Thank you for the clarification. We have 3 zone tickets, so if I understand this correctly they would be good on the #7 bus between Hamilton and Elbow Beach or Fairmont Southampton or Horseshoe Bay, but not all the way back to the Dockyard. I am aware that you must have exact change for buses and ferries, and that for buses you must have coins. Must you also have coins for the ferries, or can you use $5 bills? Thanks!
  16. Thanks so much for this info. We purchased a booklet of zone 3 tickets in 2014, and have seven remaining, and I could not remember or figure out if we might need more than one ticket per person for a bus or ferry. This is great, as we will only be there two days, and will most likely only use the buses/ferries one day. So if there are two of us and we need round trip ferry rides and round trip bus rides (zone 3) we need 8 tickets, correct? It appears that we have 7, so would either need to purchase another book in Hamilton, or buy a token or have exact coins for one of the trips for one person, correct? And if paying in coins, it appears that the zone 3 bus would be cheaper than the ferries.
  17. Also, is the restaurant at Elbow Beach (Mickey's) covered? Thanks!
  18. I have not sailed out of Cape Liberty or RCCL in years, so have a question regarding carrying your luggage on to the Anthem of the Seas. On Norwegian out of NYC, you are permitted to carry your own luggage on to the ship instead of checking it at the pier. Once on the ship, there is a central spot in a lounge that is where attendants will take your luggage, give you a receipt, so that you can pick it up when your cabin is ready. This way, you do not have to wheel your luggage around the ship until the cabin is available, but do not have to check it and worry about it getting lost. Is something like this available on the Anthem out of Cape Liberty? Are you required to check your luggage at the pier? I do realize that most people check their luggage, and I also realize that not doing so requires you to go through security screenings with the luggage. My question is whether the ship has a location on the ship to drop your luggage and get a ticket for it until your cabin is ready. Thanks in advance for any info on this!
  19. Has anyone done both the Coco Reef and Elbow Beach day passes on different trips to Bermuda? If so, what are your thoughts on each. I do realize that the Coco Reef pass includes lunch and use of the pool. It is imperative that I have shade while visiting, and both offer spots with umbrellas. We have been to Coco Reef several years ago, but never to Elbow Beach. Do the umbrellas at Elbow provide enough cover to keep all/most of you out of the direct sun? Any comparisons would be most helpful. Thanks!
  20. Thanks! I have read so much conflicting info, and some posters have said that they were moved to a different main dining room on certain nights, and others have said that they have requested a different main dining room some nights and were accommodated. The literature I have says the The Grande is formal only, and we were not planning to bring formal wear, so didn't know how that worked. If The Grande is no longer formal only, and there is a formal night in all MDR one night, can we be seated if my husband has a collar shirt and tie, but no jacket? Really trying to pack light, since this is such a short cruise!;)
  21. So... haven't been on RCCL since 2005 and just booked the Anthem for Sept 5 day sailing to Bermuda. Trying to understand the My Time Dining. "Reserved" a time for every night of the cruise. Does this mean when we get on the ship we are assigned to one dining room for the entire cruise for dinner, or can we show up at any of the four main dining rooms at the time reserved and be seated? Also, must reservation be canceled if we would opt at the last minute to eat in Solarium/Windjammer or other included dining venues? Thanks!
  22. Thanks you so much for posting these! We just booked this cruise for Sept, and haven't been on RCCL since 2005, so trying to learn as much as possible in advance about how things are on RCCL and this ship/itinerary. We generally don't cruise on ships this large, so lots to learn!
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