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  1. Thats our B2B cruise on the Empress on 12th April cancelled - ☹️ sad but others are worse off fight this virus
  2. I was told by a crew member onboard it was Brest France
  3. Dry Dock is cancelled because I believe it was due to take place in a French port (Banned by Trump)
  4. Thank you I think we'd given up going anyway 😒 due to fly from Dublin to Miami I'm guessing the President will ad UK & Ireland to the list
  5. We're due to do a B2B in April first part will fall within the 30 days the other won't 🙄
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2020/mar/12/three-more-travel-insurers-withdraw-coronavirus-cover-aviva-post-office-insureandgo
  7. Just wondering should RC follow Princess and suspend all cruises ? by the way ive 2 in April
  8. Same thing last week I cancelled one booking because they refused to upgrade me - so i rebooked got a better cabin better OBC and will use the FCC for our cruise in December I told them it was farcical
  9. We did this last week only we upgraded when re-booking and will then used the FCC for our cruise in December
  10. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-10/royal-caribbean-may-be-cut-to-junk-by-s-p-on-virus-travel-impact
  11. No grief at all - what they did was held the new cabin ( booking number ) and said they’d ring me back as cancellations were backing up in the system and sure enough within 2hrs they rang me. So i believe I’ll get a £300fcc in a week or so - so I actually paid slightly more for a better cabin and larger onboard credit
  12. Given the situation Italy is in what is your favourite Italian port and why ? Mine is NAPLES - i love sailing into the bay of Naples looking at Mount Vesuvius on a gorgeous sunny morning
  13. I got some as a FCC which when it comes through i'll apply it to a Dec cruise the rest was used on the new booking
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