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  1. Royal Caribbean adamant Japan sailings on the 5th & 15th April are going ahead - despite yes Twitter posts and RCCL website stating the only cruises going ahead are out off Singapore & China Absolutely shocking customer service the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing !!!
  2. Still NO update with RC after a number of emails. Now on the phone.
  3. according to my account its not cancelled and RC still taking bookings
  4. The latest RC cancellations are as clear as mud for cruisers booked on Japanese cruises in April 2021. Singapore and China are mentioned as exceptions to the suspensions but not Japan.
  5. So according to the RC website - all cancelled except China & Singapore sailings - so logs on Japan sailings still being sold and of course ours still there - you couldn’t make it up
  6. Dilemma Japan Tokyo cruise in April 2021 ( 1 of only 2 cruises ) - unlikely to go ahead so we’d like to lift and shift ( due to a great rate on a suite ) unfortunately NO Japan cruises 2022. I’ve emailed RCCL twice saying we’re willing to move to any other 10 day cruise anywhere on the same 4wk period 2022 and so far its been like talking to a robot. “Note that, if there is no Japan sailings for 2022 you may select a similar itinerary that at least counts with the original departure and arrival port. You may also wish to make a regular change of ship and s
  7. Just an email from C&A my sailing is cancelled on the explorer in Dec
  8. Everyone will know you’ve been on a Royal Caribbean cruise - thank you CDC
  9. Great panel, I’m sure they’ll delivery for their employers 😉
  10. What i didn’t know was that you are only allowed ashore in the ports if you’re part of an MSC tour 🤔 https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/1325285/cruise-msc-cruises-family-removed-breaking-coronavirus-rules-mediterranean-latest
  11. Given by the looks of it all passengers will be tested before boarding - if RC introduced a new money spinner of an expedited Covid19 test to let you board quicker Would you pay for it ?
  12. Great news - if all goes well I’ll be looking at booking some cruises with MSC
  13. Interesting thread hopefully RC will be around in 2022 😉
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