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  1. I agree with many Folks postings about Enchanted Princes showing on the Piraeus web site. I too have printed the Excel worksheet. THE BIG HOWEVER: Seeing it is almost the middle of May and no Med sailings out of Italy have been canceled. Princess would have to set up a whole new web site literary page for the new Athens sailings. NEXT: With only a month before the July Athens cruises, it in my humble opinion would be a real stretch to get folks to buy in and change air and hotel reservations. not to mention sale of new bookings. On other sailings, Princess booked similar cruises for 2022 for

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  3. Keep track of your Voyage Goodwill amounts by Credit ID # In your Captains Savings Account. After three cancels and rebookings. Some of my Voyage Goodwill onboard credits did not show up in my current booking onboard credits for the cruise. I had to point this out to the Princess Representative They finally reattached. Also, Re cruise insurance: Keep the records of the paid cruise amounts from cruise #1. This will be the basis of cruise payments on insurance if needed on a future. Example: Cruise #1 cost $5,000 You rolled it over to get the 125% FCC bonus. Cruise #2 now costs $
  4. My understanding that when it comes to medical bills, PVP is "secondary" Meaning one has to first file with your insurance company. Also, should you start your trip early or continue on your own after a cruise PVP does not provide coverage. PVP only covers Princess programs. We always use a 3rd party provider which provides "Primary" coverage.
  5. The form is called: Reservation Transfer Request Form. Note: As of 2018, the form states "Bookings may only be transferred within 60 days of booking creation etc. Hope this helps
  6. One can create their own bubble or wear a hazmat suit etc. Once you leave such arrangement the sun is still shinning. So how long do you wait until the sun no longer shines? What if a vaccine only lasts for 3 months? Do you re-bubble until you get another shot? All the Best, Stay Safe.
  7. I believe the Enchanted Princess will sail as scheduled. New ship with all of the latest "world saving" controls. All the best to cruisers. I hope to be on it for the TA.
  8. Anyone else having problems logging in the Princess web site. Seems to be running goofy since Saturday. I called the Folks a Princess and they seem to be clueless as to a problem. Tried to get a booking confirmation from them with no results. I asked a Rep. to just send me a test email to make sure that their email to me is working. The Rep. advised me that she does not have the authority to send a "test" email. I will call again tomorrow.
  9. Booking opened late Friday October 9, 2020 for Enchanted Princess. Web site shows "no pricing". I called Princess Saturday October 10th and was able to book the transatlantic. Princess was having problems with their web site. I am still waiting for the confirmation email. Was able to log in to my account and view booking in the My Account section. Yes, many were indeed told that the booking would be available by October 13th. Also, the Princess Rep. Tara (best Rep ever)was able to secure ez-ir for us.
  10. Just speculating, No bookings until October 2nd or October 13th for the Enchanted Princess. Seems Princess is waiting for the CDC to provide continued sailing guidance after September 30th. Now, if the CDC says you can only start sailing with 33% capacity. Princess would have had to some how cancel some folks who already had booked the pre deployment cruises. So redeploy the Enchanted and everyone starts over. Princess is only out the max $200 OBC per guest. ❔
  11. Princess Insurance is secondary coverage. Need to file first with your regular insurance. Also, should you travel early to your cruise etc. Any problems at a hotel, accidents pre-cruise are not covered. Princess insurance only covers those items purchased directly from Princess. Go early or stay later, it is on your dime.
  12. Many of us opted for Option 1 (FCC) during the early cruise cancellations. We were advised the the FCC must be used by May 1, 2022. As additional cruises are cancelled, (now some now say, January / February 2021) Our cruise selections will become limited by available time, Also, ships will not be fully booked due to Covid spacing, thus fewer options. Hopefully, the May date will be extended deeper into 2022 to allow us to fully utilize our FCC.
  13. Tom: CruzinNoony: We selected Option 1. The detail behind the FFC Balance shows the following: 1. Future Cruise Deposit (Applied to our 2021 Booking). 2. Voyage Goodwill (FCC Amount of our cancelled cruise) 3. Voyage Goodwill (FCC Bonus Amt from Option 1) Princess did not apply any amounts to our existing booking. When the payment comes due, I will advise ether Princess or my TA to apply said balances to my current booking or additional bookings. Additional bookings may be subject to greater deposits as I have already used my FCD on the early 2021 cruise.
  14. We currently have an existing booking for 2021secured with a FC Deposit. We received our FCC for a 2020 canceled cruise a month ago. Is there any advantage of applying the FCC to our 2021 booking. Should the 2021 cruise be canceled, I assume Princess would just move the applied credit back to our FCC account. (Maybe additional cancellation credits??) Appreciate your comments. (Sorry if this subject had already been discussed) Stay Safe😷
  15. Good to know. Thanks for posting. Have a great Holiday.
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