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  1. Yes it worked out very well for us both ways. As far as I could make out, most people who hadn't booked were more or less in aisle seats across from each other. We were asked on the ship if we wanted to pay for our return flight seats. It is in the Horizon Paper about midway through the cruise. They set up a Flight Desk to pay for them. We didn't bother. Good luck.
  2. We have just returned today from Caribbean to Birmingham today on TUI Dreamliner. The seat configuration is 3-3-3 (2-3-2 in Premium). For the first time we decided not to book flight seats. On the outboard flight we arrived just over 3 hours before departure and were ASKED which seats we wanted and we chose a window and middle seat together. On return we were allocated two aisle seats across from each other. So, it worked out very well for us but to be honest I'm not really sure if I would do it again. Incidentally, we had the opportunity on board to book our seats for the return flight.
  3. That is the other point of course, that you may get into the aircraft with a "bigger" case, it doesn't fit, and the crew put it in the hold. Its just not worth it. The bus transfers, especially in the Caribbean, are a problem as well. Even with our small bags I normally finish up with it on my knee.
  4. As an aside, on our first ever cruise we booked Premium seats. When we took up our seats the overhead locker was "full" as a gentleman 3 rows in front had neatly placed his jacket, full width, and his hat in it. When I very politely asked if he could move his jacket he refused. The Cabin Crew said they would put our bag, which was the correct size and small, in the hold. I said that wasn't happening as it held my wife's jewellery. I decided to neatly fold the jacket in half and put our bag in amidst his protestations. Some people beggar belief and it always amazed me that when you encounter someone like him that you keep meeting them throughout the cruise.
  5. The allowance is clear on your E Ticket. Ours says "Hand Luggage: 1 piece, max weight 5kg, 55cm x 40cm x 20cm". If you take a bigger or heavier bag then you risk hassle.
  6. We're flying on December 7 so will let you know how it goes.
  7. We have decided, for the first time, not to book seats. Its a ridiculous price and the likelihood is that at worst we'll be siting across the passageway from each other. Theoretically it means more space and its easier to move around so we'll suck it and see. If I were sitting in Premier seats I would definitely book seats because of the TUI seat configuration. Seats numbers are not allocated until you get to the airport.
  8. Sadly, we're on YouTube doing these Sequence Dances on board Azura. When our daughter saw them she said she thought we enjoyed dancing. We really did look miserable. LOL. I'd like to think we've progressed a bit since then.
  9. We normally don't use the lifts but on one occasion we witnessed a couple who got in the floor after us. At the next floor a single gentleman got in and pressed the button to go up one floor. The woman turned to the man and said " You should walk up the stairs and you'd maybe loose some of that!" At that point she poked him in the stomach fairly firmly. We stood stunned and the man got out without replying. Not that it matters but the man wasn't particularly overweight. As the doors shut I let rip. I asked her why she thought it was acceptable to speak to someone like that. She replied, "He should get up in the morning like I do and go for a swim and get some of his beef off". I told her that she was completely out of order and as far as she knew the man might have a medical condition but to use the lift was his choice. She simply told me, "F*** Off". Nice !!!
  10. That is a despicable way for someone to behave.
  11. Definitely. I would add the Sally Ann ChaCha and Rumba One as well. Simple dances that are very easy to learn.
  12. Generally there is dancing every evening in the Crystal Room. The dancing is normally made up of 50% Ballroom and 50% Sequence. You will get differing views on this but that is pretty much the case. There is an occasional Salsa and we do dance Bachata but have never seen it done on a cruise. You can request anything though. Sequence is very easy to learn and although we certainly don't love it, we learned some dances rather than sitting and watching. I'm sure someone will show you if you ask them. I haven't been on Cunard but I understand the dancing is much the same but I would guess P&O is less formal. The Crystal Room sometimes has a live band but there is also another lounge where more modern music is played. The Caribbean cruisers tend to be a little younger than the normal demographic on P&O, probably because of the destination and being a fly cruise.
  13. These "precautions" should be a matter of course as far as I'm concerned.
  14. Sorry for the delay. 7 December 2019.
  15. Possibly but I have never experienced it and certainly not over a bit of cake.
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