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  1. Personally I would say definitely not. I'm not a biker but no way can that type of t-shirt be offensive in any way. I think the novelty shirts are more aimed at hen and stag parties but I may be wrong.
  2. We have always paid and grudged it. Next cruise is a Caribbean one and it'll be £140. We are seriously thinking of taking our chances. Its the Dreamliner anyway and if you book the window and middle seats then its a pain getting in and out.
  3. Booking seats just gets more and more expensive for what is really for nothing apart from making sure you can sit beside your partner. Our next cruise is £35/pp each way so £140. Personally I think its a disgrace. What do others think and do you book yours?
  4. It is 23kg now from Southampton. As I said previously I'm sure the case limit was 20kg the last time I went from Southampton.
  5. I'm sure the last cruise from Southampton was 20kg but it is now 23kg.
  6. P&O are clear about dress code but they are inconsistent about applying it. Without judging people, there are those who push and push despite knowing that its wrong and its left to the poor waiters to sort it out. Its no wonder they get away with it. I was on Azura on a Formal Night in the Malibar and a Caribbean band were playing. They were dressed very smart. In front of us were three slobs in tracksuit trousers and baggy t-shirts. At the break the singer got off the stage and marched up to them and said "Why are you dressed like that? I have made an effort and I think you are disrespectful". He walked away. The slobs finished there pints and left. All the staff need to do is refuse to serve them food or drink.
  7. No confusion. TUI hold luggage is 23kg per case although you may be allowed additional allowance for Premium seats or if you have a wedding ceremony booked.
  8. I agree with the previous posters but the 20kg is from Southampton and not for flights you can take more than one case. Flights are normally 23kg regardless of what the luggage labels say. I have attached P&O's guidance for you to check it. https://www.pocruises.com/frequently-asked-questions.flights.Baggage-allowance-on-flight.summary
  9. Sindhu is excellent and like yourself we have only used the buffet for dinner a couple of times over the year mainly because no matter how hard we try it just seems to be a rush. We're on holiday and like something a bit more special. We also prefer to use the MDR for breakfast when we can.
  10. We would never miss a Formal Night to go to the canteen for dinner even for an Indian meal.
  11. The big plus's for Sequence is that they are easy to learn, you can get a lot of people on the floor and it avoids the problem of lack of dance floor etiquette and dancers that don't understand the line of dance. I won't bother with the negatives as Jean knows them already. 😄
  12. You say this all the time Jean. Its either 50:50 Ballroom and Sequence or one Latin, one Ballroom and one Sequence and its the same at all dinner dances we go to. We DON'T like Sequence either but we learned it rather than just sitting watching. We dance every Saturday at our dance school and they do very little Sequence, thankfully. Give it a go!
  13. We've never been on Aurora obviously. I agree about dancing in the Atriums on Ventura and Azura but I have found them to be pretty sociable. We enjoyed the Oceana but its not great as a dance floor.
  14. How does it compare with Britannia Crystal Room?
  15. I'm glad to hear that. To be honest I was surprised how bad they were as it is not the norm. We did wonder if there had been a big change around in staff just as we boarded and they were finding their feet.
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