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  1. These "precautions" should be a matter of course as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Sorry for the delay. 7 December 2019.
  3. Possibly but I have never experienced it and certainly not over a bit of cake.
  4. I'm very surprised at that. In my experience there is no way that a member of staff would scowl at anyone.
  5. Bruges is a better visit in my opinion. If you don't mind me asking, what was the problem with behaviour on Britannia?
  6. We go on 7 December and our cabin is showing OK.
  7. dgs1956


    I do take offence to your comment as I certainly don't lack common courtesy and I followed the instructions given at the time. I don't agree to disagree but I don't intend to comment further. Life's too short.
  8. dgs1956


    That is the instruction and it is certainly not lacking in "common courtesy" to follow that instruction.
  9. dgs1956


    Indeed, but your point that passengers that didn't arrive before the time and waited until they followed the announcements lacked "common courtesy" and I wanted to point out that wasn't the case.
  10. dgs1956


    So they don't advertise real life emergencies in advance then? I am still of the view that the announcement is made and then you are to proceed to the muster point. If not then why would there be staff stationed along the route? It is not a "drill" if everyone turns up long before the event, it would just be an explanation of a procedure. Surely the idea of it is to simulate an emergency. Generally, the muster drill is taken in simple instructions: An announcement is normally made to passengers, informing them that a mandatory muster drill will begin shortly. Then, another announcement is made, informing crew and passengers, that the "general emergency alarm" is about to be sounded for exercise purposes only. After the alarm has been sounded, passengers are told to then make their way to their muster station. Upon reaching their muster station, passengers are informed of the use of life jackets, lifeboats, etc. A final signal is made, informing that the muster drill is concluded.
  11. dgs1956


    Unless I'm mistaken, is it not that you are supposed to wait until you are called to make your way to the Muster Station so its a bit more realistic? I can understand anyone with walking difficulties heading off early.
  12. dgs1956


    The muster drill is a pain but has to be done. We always wait until we are called to go to the muster station and when we get there we find its full. We're not slow on our feet so the only explanation is that the majority of people have arrived well before the call goes out.
  13. Why not read the rest of the comments on this thread?
  14. You don't think that before long the moans would be for flip flops and shorts and worse?
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