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  1. Totally agree. Going solo would be pretty miserable - I shall be thinking very carefully before paying the balance on my January cruise on Britannia.
  2. Now that sounds like a story - would you like to tell us about it?
  3. The refund gods are definitely on duty this week - cheque received today for Arcadia 12 April cruise. 😀
  4. Must be my turn next - I was booked on Arcadia for 12 April too! At least I look as if I’ve been on a cruise - brown and fat. Enjoy your day out tomorrow.
  5. Has anyone else not received an acknowledgement of their refund request made via the online form ie a cancellation invoice? I haven’t and it looks now as if the refunds are coming through for my departure date (12 April).
  6. Better make it two bottles - I was going to suggest that too! 🥂 Have rebooked flights with Loganair. Thanks to everybody who posted about flights to Southampton.
  7. I am on this one too - will have to find alternative transport to Southampton as I was booked with Flybe.😢
  8. I am on this one as well. Will have to find alternative transport to Southampton as I was booked with Flybe.😢
  9. Because prices are plummeting (and the current situation re Coronavirus) I phoned my TA yesterday and asked for a price to upgrade from an inside cabin to a balcony. I was quoted in excess of £900 although a balcony cabin now costs what I paid for an inside. I was prepared for a few hundred more but not that much! I am due to sail in April so have paid the final balance. She was adamant and said I should wait and see if I could pay for an upgrade after boarding. Has anyone been successful doing that?
  10. An excellent idea. I really wanted to go to the Limelight Club on Britannia but didn’t want to book a table for one!
  11. Looking forward to reading about your travels - hope you enjoy your journey very much. Lucky you!
  12. Thanks to everyone who replied to this with your very helpful suggestions.
  13. I agree - I too have enjoyed your trip!
  14. Could anyone who has flown into Southampton the day before their cruise and stayed overnight in a hotel advise me on hotels near the cruise terminal? Would it be easier to stay at the airport and taxi to the terminal in the morning?
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