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  1. Thanks to everyone who replied to this with your very helpful suggestions.
  2. I agree - I too have enjoyed your trip!
  3. Could anyone who has flown into Southampton the day before their cruise and stayed overnight in a hotel advise me on hotels near the cruise terminal? Would it be easier to stay at the airport and taxi to the terminal in the morning?
  4. Result! Thanks to all of you who replied. I have now re-booked to an inside saver instead of select outside with a saving (after losing deposit which was only £25 and obc) of £400 on a single cabin.
  5. Has anyone successfully cancelled (before full payment made) and rebooked the same cruise because of a big price difference? I have booked select and would like to rebook saver.
  6. Yes. That is correct. Premium economy seats can be booked as an upgrade when you book your cruise.
  7. That is what I thought but was puzzled by Red Zebra’s post when she said the had been quoted £186 extra to go with Jet 2. Perhaps all P and O’s quota of seats was sold out on that particular flight.
  8. Which airline do they usually use from Glasgow to Malta?
  9. Les - did you travel the day before departure and stay overnight in a hotel?
  10. Could anyone who has done this tell me about your experience ie - how comfortable, tedious or otherwise you found the journey and which coach company does P and O use when booking their freedom fare? Has anyone booked their coach independently and gone saver fare? All comments appreciated.
  11. I can see now this was totally out with Tui’s control. How was the rest of the cruise? I take it the weather wasn’t too calm!
  12. Yes - that would be correct if he followed Cuban Fusian with Exotic Explorer which is the itinerary I have booked for in March. Next Cuban Fusion leaves on 1st January so we’ll wait with bated breath🤔 Hope you enjoyed Havana.
  13. When was this? Have you been offered compensation - I hope you have as this port is the main reason people would book this cruise?
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