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  1. I'm also trying to compare the onboard experience between Regent and the new Silversea ships. Like cruiseej I spend a lot of time in the forward observation lounges. In looking at the Moon deck plan it seems to me the Panorama lounge would be the equivalent gathering place just looking aft. Would Silversea/Regent folks comment on this. TIA.
  2. This thread led me to research Silversea. We’ve mainly cruised Regent and Seabourn. I looked at the deck plans for the newer ships and am curious about the entertainment experience. The theater seems to be small and yet there are several venues. Can anyone shed some light on the differences? TIA😀
  3. This has been obliquely referenced but I think you should be aware of the balcony cabin dimensions on the R ships. 215 SF total, 175 for the cabin and the Bathroom is SMALL. After the tweeting birds and warm floor on V you will be amazed. Negative amazement. Having said that I’ve spent 52 nights in these cabins. 24 in Asia. However, I must say, before the cruise was over I knew where all heads on the ship were located and their normal use patterns!
  4. We have over 100 nights on both lines and love them both. I'm not going to try and differentiate since I have seen niggles on both lines. However, I've noticed "value' has been mentioned and I want to make sure, since you are new to cruising, that you are using a TA that provides discounts. Also, we like the lower levels since they are closer to the ocean and less likely to move in rough weather. I have always appreciated that all cruise lines price these cabins lower. Have sailed in V2 with the steel railings and they have not bothered us at all. In fact, DW feels more secure when on the
  5. Easy guess. We're in Governor's Land.😀 BTW, we went to Antarctica in 2009 with Regent on the expedition ship Minerva. Our favorite cruise. We did get to South Georgia and we also think that was the highlight.
  6. Colony (as in Ford's?) We have been on 41, 40 and 45 day cruises. For us to continue to be happy and excited on a long cruise, it depends largely on the ending ports. If we are excited about the upcoming ports then we are happy. On the 41 day (Sing-Venice) we were excited til the very end because we had never sailed into Venice. On the 40 day it was Auckland-Hong Kong) again HK a port we were excited about even though we had been there before. On the 45 day (London-Montreal) we did get bored because the Greenland/Northern Canada portion of the trip was so repetitive with many sea days.
  7. Also glad this thread was started. We are (still) looking at one of these dinners..I suppose the alternative (with $560 to work with) is to book a highly rated restaurant in Bordeaux. Not Michelin as I haven't seen the value there but I'm no food expert. It bothered me when I looked at the du Tertre menu and saw their reference to the 1855 classification. The way they wrote the menu it seemed to imply they were the 1st growth which was Chateau Margaux. (and 3 others). I'm also no wine expert but I have too much time on my hands nowadays and I looked up the 1855 classification. du Tertre
  8. HI snorkle, That's what I'm doing for 22 Sept21 on Splendor. Too soon to give up. Dinner at the chateau in Bordeaux!
  9. All about Food, I want to dine with you! Love your attitude. And, why not? We have booked the Sept 22, 2021 cruise on the Splendor. London to Barcelona. In Bordeaux we spend two nights and each night you can dine in a chateau on a Choice Excursion (extra$$). You love French, right? Stan
  10. Z on a health kick! This will replace all the news on coronavirus! Stan
  11. papa, I loved this idea so just tried to use WIFI calling . I turned wifi calling on and got this message, "To allow WIFI calling on this account, call Verizon." So, apparently, not all Verizon accounts have this capability. I didn't call as I'm pretty sure I was going to hear that I would need to upgrade my plan. My guess is you must have unlimited data which would cost me $24 per month.
  12. It’s 11am today. I have to go back to room to find location but will let you know.
  13. When evaluating a recent upgrade offer, I think I noticed that some Penthouses have a larger veranda with a large lounger. I would definitely want one of those.
  14. Yes, the Sojourn had the problem but the Quest also, perhaps not as bad. I wasn't on the Sojourn but got off the Quest in August and there were several areas where the decking was coming up, so much so that they had pots arranged to guide you around it. So, I wonder if it's been fixed.
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