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  1. Is Alejandro the Cruise director for this cruise?
  2. I just booked to Vina Del Mar and the cost from Santiago Parajitos was 3 bucks. I do not know what the cost from SCL to Paratisos is but I suspect a similar cost. Takes about 1 hr 40! Mins plus about 30 mins from airport.
  3. Hi thanks for the info. Is the process smooth? No issues with baggage etc? They are specific on size but never been on a bus where there are issues? And do you tip driver?
  4. Do the buses Pullman etc run from the airport or do you have to take a different bus to connect for Vina Del Mar or Valparaiso? It is not clear on the booking site. It shows going from Santiago but not SCL airport. Also how long to go from plane to exit at 6:30 am. thanks in advance
  5. Would it not be easier to have an 11 day to Singapore and not have to change anything for passengers other than a ship change to Yokohama and then on to Seattle? The only issue is how many cabins are available now if they just switch ships for Ovation passengers wanting to continue on?
  6. They could shorten that leg and omit port stops. It has happened before as you probably know. Or being a new ship they could change the arrival in Seattle unless it is a straight swap for itinerary. I havent looked at Anthem when it hits Seattle.
  7. Yes I see that now. It came up on a search. Ok all makes sense to me now. Thanks
  8. Yes but I see it going from Honolulu to Vancouver but nothing to Honolulu. So are they keeping their options open then?
  9. What are you suggesting? Anthem will be cancelled and booked passengers will go to ovation? What about the singapore to Tokyo preceding this cruise. Can you please elaborate your thoughts because not everybody is looking this deeply at the itineraries. All I know is that the Anthem may not go via the Red Sea to Singapore. I am booked B2B on Anthem from Singapore to Seattle. thanks
  10. When so they leave for Asia and in the case of redeployment when do you assume that decision will be made.
  11. I am on Singapore to Tokyo then on to Seattle. Hope its a go. Its a great itinerary.
  12. Helps when you have read Brazilian visas for dummies book lol.
  13. Not until April 7. Thanks for the update. Anything else to add?
  14. Does anybody have an idea whether the Port of Valparaiso is or will be affected by the horrible fire situation. Is it possible that Celebrity will move to San Antonio.
  15. That generic letter was sent by NCL. Why not ask them?
  16. It is the equivalent of 2x2. If I were starting this process all over again and from being involved in a lot of these boards, the ones with the most first time success have used a photo agency that has the software of different country requirements on their computer. Then receive a digital copy to download. Some have been lucky without getting it done this way but most have had success with this method. Nobody knows what the other side looks like and who is reviewing. Your question is very speculative.
  17. Agreed. All I would add to this is it really should not have to be 60 pages of instruction to apply for a visa. Here is one example of computerization not being very efficient. If it was a paper application, you would get a photo taken like a passport and then fill out a form and take some copies of documents. Drop off and it would be done. Some may have not encountered issues on the app but many have and once it starts it is very difficult to move forward.
  18. Thanks for the update. We need some positive news!
  19. Thank you. Keep us updated.
  20. Ok so normal for this group lol.
  21. Ah ok thanks for that. You are one of the lucky ones no pain easy peasy. One fellow was 40 days to approval and now waiting for the visa.
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