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  1. Hi - just located this thread myself -- Starting Jan 9, 2021, on BRILLIANCE OtS, I have 😲 7 cruises booked thru URC for 2021, some replacements for cancelled 2020 Sailings, two sets of B2B. My host, Lexi, says Yes on the PRIME sticker on your Seapass, and still have the casino card priviledges. I have found them WONDERFUL to work with, including cabin choices. If I am not happy with whatever the "Casino Group" Offers me on the booking, I ask Lexi, and she works with them to improve my location. It may or may NOT include a small extra charge. "Casino bookings" are limited, in locati
  2. LOL - Yes those "things" are now available at Walmart and Harbor Freight, for under $5 - Nope - Sanitizer, wash hands, use a clean mask - stay distant or at home - Living in MS with High infection rates, now in my 70's - still gimping right ON ! - Leaving for 4 nights in VEGAS on this Wed ! Mask, sanitizer, 6' distance - and aisle flight seats - just use common sense ! I wil cruise with masks and sanitizer, and enjoy the *$^#@ out of it !
  3. I have just had my Cancelled August 23 Harmony OTS cruise "replaced" thru URComped, for a Feb 14' 21 Oasis OTS Cruise. Making me have my FIRST B2B, on Oasis ! My question is - MYVegas and MYKonami rewards - and usage on a fully comped cruise - BOTH legs of this B2B are thru URComped, first FULL Comp, 2nd Partly comped - I paid like $600 for cabin for 2. Does anyone KNOW If I can USE the MyVegas on either of them ? I am aware of the time limitation, but wonder if there was any WIGGLE Room - esp on the 2nd sea leg of the journey. I have just today comfirmed I'm B
  4. So far I am not able to access check in on the APP - but have done ALL my check in, on the RC website - my SeaPass says "Expedited Arrival" - no clue WHY - and my cabin mates do NOT have "expited Arrival" - we are all three checked in . I think you get your SeaPass cards At your Cabin Door (read that somewhere - but it's MY first RC Cruise ~~?) Sailing in 16 days 😎
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