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  1. drakes2: Hubby and I spent 2 weeks on the Edge in March of this year sailing the Caribbean. We had a Concierge Class Infiniti Balcony and LOVED it as well as the rest of the ship. As to the balcony, I have a question for you...…… Do you use your balcony for sunbathing? If your answer is YES you will not like the Infiniti Balcony. If on the other hand you like to get fresh air and have a wall to wall view of the Ocean you will love the Infiniti Balcony. We enjoyed the seating on the balcony, the view and the fresh air and, if there was too much sun we just lowered the shade. For the entire 2 weeks we never shut the interior bifold doors, they were always open and this gave us a more spacious feel to the cabin. Yes the ship is different, but we enjoyed the change and the ability to explore something new and different. The crew is amazing and will do everything they can to make you comfortable. We had the dining plan that let us move from dining room to dining room as we wished and were never disappointed. Not sure of your age, but, Hubby and I are in our early 70's and enjoyed the Edge! We hope you will enjoy it as well
  2. Hello, as a past Edge cruiser my Hubby and I learned that if you take the time to talk to the performers in Eden and ask them questions they are more than happy to explain the performances to you. Most of them will "come out of character" when they are in the space practicing in the afternoons and that is the best time to get to know them on a personal basis. They are very talented and during our 2 weeks on board we enjoyed many conversations with several of them.
  3. Oh I "visited" Tiffany's but just to window shop when onboard!!! lol
  4. Hubby and I are both Scooter Users and found the Edge to be one of the best ships for us in using the scooters. Hubby uses the bigger Scooter and he was unable to get it into the elevator to go down to the dinner area of Eden, however he was able to use his walker in that area. So not totally unaccusable. we enjoyed the ship so much that we have booked again for next November and will also be looking into APEX to see if anything has changed.
  5. I personally love this ad campaign. Hubby and I were on Edge for 2 weeks earlier this year and this new add campaign and the song brought our memories of the cruise right back as if we were still onboard! We have booked Edge for 2 weeks at Thanksgiving again in 2020 and can't wait to get back onboard. As a side note, it seems every morning when I wake up now and turn on the news that particular commercial is running, it makes me smile and think happy thoughts early in the day that seem to last all day. I hope they continue with it, in my mind it evokes good memories and pleasant thoughts.
  6. Betty: Thank you so much for your reply. I believe we will just go ahead and use the scooters for the trip into old town Mazatlán. I think on a full charge we are good for 11 miles. We will watch for cutouts, or, do the same as you and ride in the street close to the curb, there will be 2 of us. I always think of the cobblestone streets as sort of a massage when on the scooters! We are renting our scooters from Cruise Car and they do not fold so I doubt that we would be able to take a cab in Puerto Vallarta, bit, thank you for the information anyway, it is appreciated. We may be able to assist someone else and pass it along! Thanks again and have a great evening.
  7. Has anyone used their mobility scooter to travel into Old Town Mazatlán from the ship? The Port guide says it is a 1 mile walk each way to and from the ship. Wondering if anyone has tried it on a mobility scooter? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  8. Ha, Ha, Ha, while that may be true this gentleman is a full wall picture in one of the elevators. He has the most "smoldering" eyes, they look right thru you. This was one of my favorites! The One of the other elevators has the matching "lady" to this gentleman, she is very stunning also.
  9. Hello, can anyone give me an idea of the cost of the Cabana rentals on the Edge? Are they only available on Sea days? What happens on Part Days are they available for general use? Thank you.
  10. One of the differences in Ovation is that the "Plaza" on the walk to what on Edge is Eden and on Ovation is Two20, is that it features restaurant venues with both indoor and outdoor seating as well as "indoor Plaza" seating. It also has shops and seating areas which takes the edge off the centrum (Martini Bar) area. There is also a two story Music Hall on this floor. I am excited to see the differences in the Edge "Jumbo", but, I for one like the Infinite Balconies and do not want to see them go away!
  11. Just a comparison perhaps of the proposed Edge "Jumbo" to the RCCL Quantum Class, Ovation of the Seas. Hubby and I sailed 45 days on the Ovation of the Seas when she was new and then on the Edge this past March. We loved both ships. The concept for the new Edge "Jumbo" seems like it will be about the size of the Ovation. We have compared the Eden area of Edge with the Two 70 area of Ovation, and also the 4 smaller dining room concept on both. These were 2 of the areas we loved most on both ships. Anxious to see what 2021 brings and we will be booking the new Edge "Jumbo" when she comes out just to do a further comparison!
  12. Thank you, the website was not clear to me when I read it.
  13. Would a Pinnacle on Royal Caribbean be a Zenith on Celebrity? What about a Diamond plus - Elite or Elite Plus? Thank you
  14. No magnets, yes to tee shirts and hats, ship models, cups and travel water bottles. But, be warned, all are a bit pricey.
  15. We were actually able to access all of Eden except the restaurant area. As I said we used our canes and the elevator without the scooters. Hubby can walk short distances but not everyone is able to. i don’t know if it has been mentioned but there is also an elevator in th theater on the starboard side that will take you to the stage floor to the handicapped seating.
  16. It is the blue colored Pride heavy duty model rented from Special Needs at Sea. When you look at the elevator it looks like it will fit but be a tight squeeze. I wish I would have taken a photo when he was stuck but was just concerned with getting him out.
  17. We are just back from 2 weeks on the Edge. Loved every moment of it, so much so that we booked again for next year. Now about scooters and the accessible elevators...…. It is a good thing my husband has a very good sense of humor! We were scheduled for dinner at Eden, so the day before I suggested that HE try the accessible elevator down to the Eden restaurant with his scooter. If it worked for him, then it should work for me, but I NEVER go first! Well, he got wedged in the elevator and the door would not open or shut and he could not get out. It really wasn't funny but we both could not stop laughing...…… So we both tried to wiggle the scooter around in the elevator and finally managed to get it turned so that he could get out. Needless to say for dinner we used our canes and stood up in the elevator to get to dinner! A small lightweight scooter will fit in the accessible elevators, but the heavy duty ones will not. I have reported this issue in the hopes that future ships will increase the size of the accessible elevators to accommodate the heavy duty scooters.
  18. Cool, I have it on both my I phone and I pad. BUT, my cruise starts March 3rd and I get a message that shows my 2 cruises but no details yet, just “check back closer to cruise date”. Bummer, more waiting,
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