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  1. Thank you for the awesome pictures, Twangster! We loved sailing on Oasis as she was, but I’m really enjoying seeing the newly reimagined Oasis.
  2. The balloon ride is not mentioned at all in the description of the Thrill Water Park. Unless I’m completely missing something, it is not included in the water park pass. The Up, Up, and Away balloon ride is listed separately for purchase in your Cruise Planner. You can definitely log in to your reservation and book the balloon ride separately.
  3. Maureen, I’m loving following along on your adventures! 🤣
  4. I have a couple of questions. 1) How many zip lines are there? I’ve heard both 3 and 5. 2) Do you zip from platform to platform, or does each zip take you from the platform to the ground, requiring you to climb each tower that you’re going to zip from? 3) How long does the entire tour take? Any pictures would be greatly appreciated. 😃 Thanks for your help!
  5. Oh, this is going to be fun! I sure wish we were cruising with you IRL instead of virtually! It sure does sound like Port Everglades will be a busy place on Sunday! Our neighbors will be cruising on the new Sky Princess on Sunday. It will be the Sky Princess’ Inaugural sailing out of the US, and they’ve been told they will not be able to board until 5 PM. I’m guessing that’s probably due to a Coast Guard inspection.
  6. Since there’s been a lot of talk here about extra large parrotfish here, I figured I’d share mine. This was taken in Cozumel in November, 2016. The man in the picture is about 6 feet tall, and was a bit surprised to see this fish swimming up behind him. 😀
  7. Kim, I’m thrilled to hear that you’re feeling well enough to have gone ahead and booked a cruise! I’m also glad that you’ve recognized the need to plan your activities around what your physical abilities will be at the time you cruise. Yes, the soft sand is absolutely brutal to walk on when you have mobility issues. That’s one of the reasons I prefer boat dives over beach dives even though my knees and hips have already been replaced! I think it will feel so good to you just being out on a cruise 🚢! Sounds to to me like your PT is going great, and your therapist is as impressed with your determination and effort towards your recovery as those of us following you here are. I, for one, am really proud of you for all the work you’ve done and the progress you’ve made in your recovery. I’m sure I’m not alone in that feeling. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving 🦃! While the last few months have been difficult for you, with your wonderful positive attitude I’m certain that you will find plenty to be thankful for.
  8. I’ll be looking for you on the Meraviglia over Christmas for sure! The Trikes Tour definitely looks like fun! I’ve seen reviews of the Trikes Tour in St Maarten, but I think yours is the first I’ve seen of their Cozumel tour. Looks like fun to me. You mentioned that your guide gave you a pillow because you’re on the shorter side. I’m quite short at 5 ft. Do you think I’d be able to manage, or would I be lost on the trike? I’d be so disappointed if I decided to book the tour only to find out once I got there that I couldn’t do it.
  9. Our Harmony cruise, Oct 4, 2020 Key price is still at $25.99. We’re not buying.
  10. I think I’d go to Roatan just to see that building with the giant sea turtle on top! Great review, as always! Thanks for doing it. I can’t wait to hear about your trikes tour! I’ve heard great thinks about the trikes tours. 😎. We’ll have to try it one of these days.
  11. Since you’re coming home, I just want to give you a heads up that it’s not so warm here in Central Florida! 🥶I know that any northerners reading this will laugh at me for saying it’s cold when the temps drop to the low to mid 50’s but it’s been in the 80’s to 90’s here until recently, so for us this is cold!
  12. I’ve been getting the same message all too often lately - and I’m at home on my home WiFi. Too bad bad the free WiFi texting doesn’t seem to be working any more. Then again, getting DH to text even at home is unlikely. I doubt I’d be able to get him to be logged in to the free WiFi on the ship and manage to text on the ship! 😱 Your son looks like he’s growing up fast! I see a big difference in him from your last cruise. The picture of him with your parents is a beautiful picture. 😀
  13. Kim, thanks for the update! Glad to hear that you’re able to get around better than you were. Keep doing all the hard work that you’ve been doing in PT and you will continue to improve. Please continue to keep us updated on your progress when you can. I know I’m not the only one here who wants to see you through to the end of your recovery. ☀️🌴🐟
  14. Norris and Carol, thank you both for another great review! I have enjoyed every minute of the journey. 😎 I will be looking forward to your Sky Princess sailing. Our good friends will be on her a few weeks before you, but they don’t take as many pictures as you do, so thank you in advance for filling in the gaps for me! 😃 Our recent land trip was to the Ft Lauderdale area. Things were a bit different than usual on this trip, as they were deep in preparation for the annual International Boat Show, which was to begin several days after we left the area. We got to see them installing the miles of temporary docks and all of the amenities that go along with them which are necessary for the arrival of all of the mega yachts. While I missed seeing the regular yachts, who had to move out to make room for the Boat Show, it was interesting to see all the preparation work taking place, and the arrival of many of the boats coming in for the show. I figured a ship nerd like you would love to see all that was going on there, so, yes, I thought of you during our Ft Lauderdale stay.
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