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  1. Norris, I want to express my gratitude for the lengths and level of wetness you went to in order to get those awesome pictures you just shared with us! Thank you for the extraordinary effort! 🏆
  2. Great pictures! I don’t know when we will ever get to do a Med cruise, but I’m taking notes just in case! 😃
  3. I was wondering why you didn’t have a proposal spot picture in with the others from there. Glad you didn’t miss out on that. I’m sure your pup will feel better soon, but he sure didn’t look very happy wearing his “cone of shame”! He looked really cute, just not very happy! He will feel better soon, and I’m sure he’ll still love his mom & dad!
  4. Sad to see Grandeur leaving the fleet. 😞
  5. Thanks , RCCL Fan! Can’t wait to follow you and your beautiful family as you sail on Enchantments. 🛳
  6. Glad border patrol didn’t think you were “associates” of Sal’s! That would have really gotten your trip off to a rough start! Thanks for the link to the Go Pro you bought. I’ll be interested to hear how you like it. Ivy been thinking about getting one for a while, and now my old favorite Olympus is acting like it may be on it’s last legs.
  7. Kim, here’s a link to Twangster’s post with pictures he took while snorkeling at Coco Cay. I think he may have more snorkeling pictures from there in another of his reviews, but these are the ones I found right away. These were taken after the recent renovations there. I have some prior to the renovations, but a lot of mine were taken in an area that I don’t think you can access any more. Twangster does mention that the water was more cloudy the day these were taken. I remember the water being more clear as well. Go go to page 2, post 47 for the snorkeling pictures.
  8. I’m excited to hear about all of your adventures! You have had quite the year, and with your wedding still to come, you’re not done yet. I hope all of your excitement going forward is positive in nature - no more car crashes or cute puppies with parvo! I am glad, though, that everyone seems to be ok now.
  9. Norris, any idea what caused the rainbow 🌈 river? The waterfalls are spectacular! We certainly aren’t going to see anything like those Norwegian waterfalls here in Florida!
  10. Thanks for sharing all of your planning and decision making process. I found it very helpful, especially since I am in the very beginning stages of planning our first Alaska trip. I’ve just convinced my somewhat reluctant DH that we can, in fact, go to Alaska without him being totally frozen the whole time! 🥶😱 Now, I need to get planning before he changes his mind! 🤣😂 I’m looking at the 20121 season for our trip. My first decision will be deciding when we want to go, then the cruise line, then the ship. Then the real planning fun begins! 🤩 This is my first venture onto the Alaska board. I can see that I’m going to find a lot of great information here. @GettingMyShipTogether this thread has been a great place for me to start my own planning process! Thank you!
  11. Glad everything worked out for you. I had to laugh when I saw the title of your cruise is changed to 4 Night Charter Cruise! 😂🤣. They didn’t do that with my cancelled Brilliance cruise, but I thought with mine it was pretty obvious what was going on before it disappeared. Not as obvious as yours, though! Thanks for coming back and letting us know what happened.
  12. I am sorry to hear that one of the members of your roll call lost a loved one during your cruise. My sympathies go out to that roll call member and their family.
  13. I am very much traveling along with you and Carol on this beautiful journey through Norway! Thank you for taking me along!
  14. I am so glad to hear you finally sounding optimistic! I’m glad that your bones are healed, and that your infection is not MRSA, but instead is something that is treatable. You’re definitely moving into being able to focus on recovery, not just what has seemed like crisis intervention. It made my day to hear that you finally have some good news to report, and that you’re starting to feel good again! 🎉 🎈
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