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  1. We have toured in St Kitts with Thenford Grey. We had an excellent experience with him! We would most definitely recommend him.😀
  2. Thank you for doing this review, Chris, and for taking the time to answer my questions. I knew that the Beach Club was a ticketed excursion with restricted access. I just thought based on your pictures that it looked really crowded. The beach loungers were all crammed in as close together as they could get them, and almost every one had something on it. Far too crowded looking for me to want to pay extra to go there. Hopefully, I’m just misinterpreting your pictures, and the overall feeling there is more exclusive. Now your cabana, on the other hand, looked wonderful!
  3. Thanks for the Coco Cay pictures, especially the cabana ones. The cabanas look beautiful! Were you able to request what beverages you wanted in your cabana fridge? Were there chairs readily available if you didn’t have a cabana? Sure looked like a lot of towels sitting on otherwise empty chairs to me.
  4. Kim, I hope these pictures help you get a feel for Labadee. You have helped so many other cruisers with your reviews that if I can give back just a little bit to you, I’m happy to do it. We had a great time ziplining and parasailing there, and I truly felt very safe the whole time. Listen to the guide’s directions, do as they tell you, and you’ll be fine. I wouldn’t suggest trying more that two activities while you are at Labadee. I’m sure you will want to explore the island, have lunch, and spend some time on one of the beaches while you’re there. Also, your leg will most likely need a break during the day. When you go on your cruise planner to book your second activity, the cruise planner will automatically block out times that are too close to your first activity. I added an extra 1/2 hour between our zipline and our parasail over what the cruise planner allowed because I thought we would want the extra time. We could have easily made it from one activity to the other, but we were happy to have that extra time. Be aware that the vendors at Labadee can be aggressive, especially the ones outside, along the path to the Columbus Cove beach. They will try and hand you something, then once you’re holding it, try to insist you buy it. Be careful around them. The vendors inside the building right near the tram stop are much better.
  5. Looking down the zipline from the launch platform. You’re looking over Adernaline Beach with Oasis in the background. On board the parasailing boat on our way out to where we would be flying. Some of the other people from our boat coming in for a landing. I think they might have just enjoyed the optional dip into the water. You can either ask to be dipped, or request that they not dip you. I always ask to be dipped! Lookin down from our flight at the boat that was towing us. Oasis, taken during our flight.
  6. Ok, here’s some pictures for you. Training zipline launch platform. I think I took this while I was walking up the trail to the top. Truck that will transport you to the top of the big zipline. At the top of the hill, the launch platform for the big zipline. At the top of the hill while waiting out turn to approach the zipline platform we were able to watch the coaster go by. Looking down at Oasis from the waiting area at the top of the zipline. We were not on the launch platform yet.
  7. If your feet are apart, no chance they will hit the wires. No need to waste time worrying about it. Just remember to come into the platform with your feet apart. Seriously, I thought it was perfectly safe. Try the zipline on Oasis before you get to Labadee. It’s short, but fun to zip over the Boardwalk. Shoes (not sandals) are required, no cameras or jewelry of any kind allowed on that one. They can’t take the chance of anything coming off of the person ziplining and falling down onto the Boardwalk. BTW, if you do the Ultimate Abyss slide (the big purple dry slide on the aft end of the ship) wear a shirt with sleeves and be sure to pay attention to how they tell you to hold your arms so you don’t get abrasions on your arms from rubbing against the slide. We did the Ultimate Abyss on Symphony and thought it was fun. As long as you do what they tell you, you won’t get hurt. I can’t report on the water slides because we simply never got there. With all there is to do on Oasis class ships, it’s impossible to do everything.
  8. Here’s a few pictures for you. I was hoping to find one of the training zipline. Unfortunately, it isn’t accessible in this tablet. The Labadee zipline pictures are from my first time there, in the pouring rain. I’m at the far left, I think. DH isn’t in the picture because he broke his collarbone two weeks before we sailed, so no ziplining for him on that trip! The platform shot is at the bottom of the seated zipline that you plan to do. These are from 2016, so the new zipline wasn’t there yet. I’ll try and remember to look for my other zipline pictures the next time I’m on my desktop for you. The parasailing picture is actually from Coco Cay the first time we went there, not Labadee. We were really a lot farther away from Freedom than it looks. 😃
  9. I can’t wait to see what you think of the coaster. DH and I are big coaster fans, and we were not very impressed with what we saw. It seemed really slow during the part we saw, but we did not see the whole track. It’s also possible that the people we saw were using their brakes. Parasailing is fun, but not at all what I expected before our first try at it. I thought I’d feel something like riding a roller coaster. It isn’t like that at all. It is very calm and peaceful when you’re up in the air, as if you’re just floating there.The views are amazing! I finally took my camera up on our last parasail and got some decent pictures. Previously I had left the camera with someone on the boat so they could take pictures of us. Some of those pictures came out better than others! 😱
  10. Yes. You gear up, then go to the training zipline which is right across from where you sign in. It’s actually a pretty nice ride by itself, and is as long as many zips on other zipline tours we’ve done. The zipline staff will determine, based on the conditions of the day, what position they need you to ride in. They want to be sure that everyone understands exactly what they should be doing during their ride. They want to come into the platform not too fast, but they also don’t want you to get stuck out on the zipline so they have to come and rescue you. You do have to walk up a bit of a hill to get there, but not that bad of a hill. I do not think you’ll have any problem doing that.
  11. Glad you’re out of the walking boot. That tells me your recovery is moving along well! 😀 The legs apart at the end of your run does two things. It helps to slow you down coming into the landing platform so you can land safely. It also keeps you from having your legs get caught in either the rigging, your harness, or hit the actual line you’re hanging from. My first time at Labadee it was raining 🌧 hard, and I came into the landing at a very fast speed. The force of the stop rocked me backwards until I was upside down. If my legs were together at the time, they would have hit the zipline wires. I’m glad they didn’t do that. I expect it would have really hurt! As it was, I laughed through it & thought that my unintentional upside down finish was fun.
  12. In my collection of lanyards that I’ve collected over the years, I found a lanyard length camera strap with a loop to attach it to the camera. It works great for me, even while diving. I hate having a camera flopping around on my wrist.
  13. We are going to have to try Holland House one of these days. Lately, though, none of our Eastern itineraries have stopped in St Maarten. That includes our Harmony cruise coming up in October. We go to Coco Cay, San Juan, & St Kitts on that one. Both you and A&L_Ont are being a bad - or maybe it’s a good 🤔 influence on that decision. 😄
  14. We are going to have to try Holland House one of these days. Lately, though, none of our Eastern itineraries have stopped in St Maarten. That includes our Harmony cruise coming up in October. We go to Coco Cay, San Juan, & St Kitts on that one. Both you and A&L_Ont are being a bad - or maybe it’s a good 🤔 influence on that decision. 😄
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