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  1. When using Regent's included hotel and cruise port transfers, is there any logic to the bus schedules, or do they all arrive and depart the hotel at the same time? I know on many cruise lines, the boarding times are staggered by cabin category, with the most exclusive cabins obviously having first priority. I thought Regent might stagger their bus schedules in a similar fashion to avoid a mass unloading at the cruise port.
  2. How far in advance are you notified of Regent’s hotel selection?
  3. Just a meaningless personal opinion, but everything functions just fine, which is what’s really important. Considering the daily abuse, the furnishings are actually in amazing condition.
  4. We’re on the Regatta now, and I think it is in excellent condition, although it could use a little updating of the drapes and furniture. Overall, we like the traditional, old world feel of the ship. The crew is constantly performing maintenance to keep everything clean and working properly. This is also the nicest group of crew members we’ve ever encountered. I wouldn’t hesitate to book another cruise on the Regatta.
  5. Thanks to all, a referral has been received.:)
  6. We are new to Regent and about to book our first cruise on the Splendor. If there is any kind Regent cruiser willing to share their name and Seven Seas Society Number with us, please send me a message at jcruikshank@hotmail.com.
  7. We are planning to take a taxi from Pier 66 to SeaTac. Can anyone who has been there recently please identify where the taxi stand is in relation to the cruise terminal? It appears there is very little room in front of the terminal for taxi’s to congregate. Thanks in advance for your guidance.
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