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  1. ‘absolutely not to pay balances’ sounds to me like a good way to lose your deposit. P&O is not offering ‘vouchers’. They are offering to transfer money paid for cruises they have cancelled to a new cruise and this is covered by ABTA guarantee which a voucher wouldn’t be.
  2. Sorry Harry, I don’t remember the roaring twenties.
  3. Calm down Andy, I can feel your blood pressure rising from here. Maybe the Peroni has a calming effect although why you should be drinking a Peroni in what effectively is a wine bar (and a good one at that) escapes me.😇
  4. I agree with most of what you have said John but think it is not just the press treating the population as though they are low in the IQ department. All this nonsense about ‘bubbles’ and the inane three word catchphrases the politicians repeat ad nauseum are also an insult to the intelligence of the majority who listen. My guess is that those with low IQs do not listen to the news very much anyway and certainly turn off when any politician opens their mouth.
  5. I know nothing more about ‘Hustle’ than I read on their own website this morning so I cannot be confident that I know of their accuracy, sources and importantly motives. Hence the caution. If I lived overseas and knew nothing of the British media, believing online reports from newspapers such as the Sun, Daily Star or even the Telegraph or Guardian could give me a distorted view of British society and our way of life or thinking. For me, the same caution applies to any information source I know nothing about, either from UK or anywhere else in the world. The report from ‘Hustle’ could be true in every respect and have no agenda behind it, all I am saying is that we should exercise caution until we know more of the source.
  6. I didn’t say it is far from the truth, I just advised caution because it is using figures and assumptions that we (and to a lesser degree possibly they) are not able to verify. I also am supportive of exploited people who are paid low wages. However, we need to look at it in the context of the country they and their families live. The average wage in India (where most P&O waiting staff come from) is much lower than in the UK. India itself is a country of massive inequality - massive wealth for a few and poverty for the vast majority. Those who work for P&O are paid a wage that would be illegal in UK, more like modern slavery levels. However, the relative value at home in India is much higher. Many P&O waiting staff I have talked to are proud to be working for P&O because they are well treated by their employer and the money they earn, (wages and tips) enables them to provide for their families and access decent education for their children. If they were paid the minimum wage that applies in UK it would go a whole lot further in India than it does in UK.
  7. I would exercise caution in believing every word and figure quoted. Hustle is an American ‘information company’ whose daily email goes to around a million people. This article first appeared in mid March. They claim to make it easy to ‘make smart business decisions fast’, not specifically to do with the tourist industry or cruising specifically. This may be why none of the major cruise lines responded to their request to comment.
  8. I don’t mind you asking. As I am hoping the cruise happens, I will pay the balance. I don’t have much choice but as the money is legally protected and I have no other plans for the money (although I could quite easily spend it), I am happy to potentially loan it to them if the cruise doesn’t happen. I am also happy to trust that the cruise will be safe if it happens, perhaps safer than staying at home. It is 3 months away and a lot can happen in 3 months.
  9. Not looking good for my Ventura cruise at the end of October for which the balance is due this weekend. I would prefer to know one way or the other before I need to pay but this looks unlikely. At least if I pay and have to be refunded, I should have the money to subsidise Christmas.
  10. What amuses me is those who say they cannot quarantine because their work / business couldn’t manage without them for a couple of weeks. What about the week or more when they were in Spain on holiday? Maybe other employees were forced to take the same time off and the business was closed ☹️
  11. Envious? Me? ...Never ☹️😒
  12. Looks like an excellent pud but where are the chips?
  13. Best Christmas present ever if it happens. Mind you, if it is available in October as an early Christmas present as some have suggested, so much the better.
  14. Sad for all involved including those who have bookings with them. Whilst few will have paid in full for their cruises at this time, they will have paid deposits which could be significant amounts. It will be interesting to see whether they are able to access refunds and if so, where from, or whether they will have to join a list of creditors to get what could be next to nothing back.
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