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  1. Many thanks for your insight. As you are based in Holland, can you please confirm whether or not the local council are going ahead with building a couple of bridges for pedestrians and bicycles which will have the effect of closing the present cruiseport to all but the smallest of ships. There was a report that this was likely to happen in a link on one of the other threads about this. Thanks
  2. Shared information is better than little information but only if it is correct. It is quite possible that this is in the control of P&O and that it is a money making exercise but do you have evidence that this is correct. I posted a link on another thread about possible closure of the cruise port. It may not have happened and may not be due to happen, but if it is right, it is out of P&O’s control and is not a way of making extra money. Are you booked on a P&O cruise affected by this change docco?
  3. There appear to be some assumptions here which may or may not be true. Any money saved may be more than negated by the cost of providing free shuttle buses for a couple of days for example. Before anybody affected by this change decides to follow the advice, they may be keen to know your qualifications and experience of British law docco.
  4. pete14

    New Year Cruise to Bruges & Amsterdam J921

    www.dutchamsterdam.nl/7400-directions-amsterdam-cruise-ships If you scroll down, beneath the map which includes hotels and prices, you come to header 'Possible Cruise Terminal move. It is a little ambiguous and refers to decisions that at the time of writing had not been made. Hopefully somebody can provide more up to date information to provide clarification.
  5. pete14

    New Year Cruise to Bruges & Amsterdam J921

    A quick look at the Amsterdam port website seems to indicate that the Amsterdam cruise ship port is closed because of bridge works which will also prevent it being used in the future by all but very small ships. A possible new cruise port may be 5 years away. Although P&O may not have handled this situation very well, they cannot be blamed for not using a closed cruise port or accused of being unwilling to pay a small extra tax.
  6. pete14

    New Year Cruise to Bruges & Amsterdam J921

    The P&O website refers to Amsterdam (from Ijmuiden) for this cruise. Presumably this has been changed from what it said previously which indicates that P&O have realised their error and corrected it. May help you to persuade them that those who booked before it was changed should be treated a little more sympathetically.
  7. pete14

    Buying bottles of spirit on board

    The corkage fee applies to bottles of wine taken into the restaurants or other public spaces on the ship. As bottles of wine in restaurants are reasonably priced, it is much cheaper to buy them with the meal unless it is a very special bottle for a special occasion. You can buy bottles of alcohol, from room service to drink in your cabin or on your balcony if you have one. These should not be consumed in public areas of the ship but bars are plentiful and not over-priced. The same applies to any bottle to take onboard at the beginning of your cruise (max 1 litre per person). Bringing in the drinks package should not affect any of this as it is just an option for those who feel it matches their needs. Some have speculated that it may lead to an increase in the price of buying drinks at the bar but that remains to be seen.
  8. pete14

    Drinks packages coming to P&O

    I agree completely. The restrictions make the package too expensive for most people who drink moderately on their cruise. If it allowed a bottle of wine with the evening meal (from a selection at the lower end of the price scale or for example £20 reduction on higher priced bottles) and double measures of spirits with a premium mixer if required, it would be more attractive. However, if people want to buy the package, that is up to them. It is no good for me because I don’t drink excessively, although I might if I bought the package, but, unless it is seen to increase drunken behaviour on the ship, there is no harm in it for those that want it. What I would not like is for it to be used as a ‘freebie’ to encourage people to book cruises. I much prefer a cheaper bottom line with obc to spend as I wish than higher prices and lower obc to cover the cost of a ‘free’ drinks package.
  9. Until a deal has been signed, ratified and has come into operation, no such confirmation can be given. The withdrawal agreement deal has been rejected by the UK parliament and nobody knows what a deal parliament may eventually accept is going to look like. Paying a fee may apply if no deal is reached but we are not there yet and may never be.
  10. Boring or not, it is frustrating and possibly misleading to read posts from those who try to display some certainty in what they write, when the only certainty is that nothing is certain at the moment. Hopefully by March 29, there will be a considerable amount of certainty but I am not holding my breath.
  11. Without wishing to take sides here, I don’t see how anybody can speak with certainty about what will or will not happen. There are too many vested interests politically and financially and too many lies have been told on both sides for no doubt to exist. It could turn out to be beneficial or a total calamity, nobody knows which. Our fate lies not in our own hands but in the hands of others who may or may not inspire our trust in them. I am confident that P&O, together with other travel and holiday companies will do all they can to make sure this added stress and inconvenience is not passed on to their customers, but in the end, they will have to make the best out of whatever deal or no deal that transpires.
  12. pete14

    Iona Construction ?

    Thanks for providing the pictures. Good to see that progress is being made even though there is nothing we can do to ensure that it is completed by May 2020. Still a long way off but the excitement for the maiden cruise is building with every update.
  13. pete14

    Britannia refit

    Your cruise should be enhanced by the refit, not spoiled. Opening up the mid ship staircase is long overdue and can only assist passenger movement around the ship, reducing queues for lifts.
  14. pete14

    P and O tip policy

    Yes you can opt out but I think most that do this, prefer to decide how much they want to tip rather than having it decided for them. I am not suggesting that you are thinking of paying no tips at all but the few that do this are being unfair to those who work so hard to make their cruise even more memorable. When they are phased out in May 2019, presumably the terms of the staff’s contract will be changed to reflect that tipping is not required at all.
  15. pete14

    We're coming home .....

    But presumably still more time spent at home in God’s own city rather than on the high seas. Welcome home though. We have to wait until November for our next departure from Stoke.