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  1. If you are on an organised P&O tour, the ship will wait for your coach to return if it is delayed. If you do it independently (or miss getting back on your P&O coach because you are very late returning to it), the ship may not wait.
  2. I am glad it works for you but it wouldn’t work for me because I like to decide what I am going to be eating before choosing a wine to match with it. My wife often prefers white to match with fish whereas I usually prefer red to go with meat. A good selection of drinkable wines are available by the glass and a large glass is usually sufficient unless in one of the speciality restaurants where the meal is more leisurely and only a bottle will do.
  3. I agree with the posts above but will just add that you can purchase currency for countries you visit onboard using the account system linked to your keycard used for any purchases onboard. Exchange rate is not great but you will probably not use much in ports where it may be needed so this is not a massive problem. Most ports will use the euro, and St. Petersburg are likely to be happy with euros or US dollars but dependent on where you are shopping. Their exchange rate for currency on purchases may not be great either.
  4. One way of looking at it I suppose. As long as all the walls meet, it should be OK.
  5. It is likely that at the front of the ship you will feel more sea movement, especially if sea conditions are quite rough. Some find this uncomfortable, others aren’t bothered by it too much. However, as they put many suites, the most expensive cabins, on the front or back of the ship, it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable for you.
  6. If that is the case, I hope they have all their measurements spot on otherwise it may be a very odd shape.
  7. Still not got the cabin we have booked on though
  8. Looking at all the responsibilities that are listed, it is not surprising that some of them are rarely seen around the ship mixing with passengers. More back office than front of house.
  9. Some years ago, we had gale force winds, hail and snow all at the same time in Iceland. This was in August. Other days were much more pleasant. As Eglesbrech suggests, I would cater for both extremes, just in case.
  10. We have done the same thing on Ventura and, like you, were pretty much on our own. I think the Glasshouse is one of the big positives of P&O. Food and wine are first class and reasonably priced. Mind you, the more ‘publicity’ we give it, the busier it may become as people then assume that it is open. Our next cruise is on Arcadia but as they didn’t give her a Glasshouse on her last refit, we will have to think of an alternative strategy. Maybe the freebie lunch will suffice - after all, as you rightly say the red wine is nicely drinkable.
  11. Who or what is being muzzled? Quite a serious allegation once again. Please provide just one proven case of anybody or anything being ‘muzzled’ or withdraw the allegation together with an apology. You are constantly making allegations but have never yet given solid evidence for any of them.
  12. Some may disagree but I would choose club dining. If you need assistance with your chair, your waiter, who you will see every night, will be happy to help you and by day 2 will prepare to help as soon as he sees you. You could leave it at the entrance if you are able to walk from there to your table. There are always senior waiting staff there who will be happy to assist. If sitting in a normal dining chair is preferable for you, that will be no problem. I hope you enjoy your cruise, I am sure that if you need help, it will be readily available.
  13. Of course, you have the opportunity to be amongst the last groups to leave which means there are many fewer bags that get in the way of your own (provided nobody has taken one of yours by mistake). If your suite is one of a group of suites along the side of the ship, there will be fewer cabins with luggage, so yours may be easier to find than in a section of the deck with outsides, insides and balconies
  14. Presumably having cancelled all his upcoming P&O cruises, this P&O part of the site will soon become a docco free zone. After all docco has previously stated that without problems he has encountered, P&O is tolerable. Is being tolerable a good point about P&O? (to get back on topic).
  15. Because if they arrive that early they will probably get a stream of complaints that people have had their beauty sleep disturbed. I doubt there will be many wanting to get off at that time anyway.
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