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  1. Always a very good idea in my opinion.
  2. I’m quite sure that your experience is the norm. I cannot imagine the queues to book onboard or people just turning up expecting to be seated are what P& O want, especially at the Limelight club where everybody eats at the same time. I suspect bookings are not open yet but this is not what CP says. Misleading for new cruisers though.
  3. I suspect it is highly unlikely that they will introduce this because of their contract with a pricy (high end?) manufacturer they advertise as being onboard.
  4. Just been looking at speciality restaurants on Iona (Epicurian, Sindhu, Limelight etc) for cruise in May and CP won’t allow reservation because it say reservations are not required. Crazy!
  5. It was certainly available on Arcadia at the end of November but as it came in plastic bottles, maybe they don’t want to make it too easy for people to buy any more. I don’t suppose the cans your steward mentioned held 1.5 litres.😏
  6. You can take water onboard if you wish but you can save the bother by buying 6x1.5 litre bottles from you cabin steward for £10.50. Perfectly drinkable if you don’t fancy the tap water.
  7. Not trebling or quadrupling just in case?
  8. As long as Bob and his bailing out water below decks doesn’t make an appearance, I could put up with the others. Oh, and as long as an elderly Jimmy James known for shuffling across the stage mumbling words to a tune is anywhere but on Iona.
  9. An encouraging email dropped into my inbox this morning. It is clear that P&O expect the maiden cruise to take place as scheduled and some amazing acts are being lined up to make the cruise special. Maybe they have picked up on some of the negativity regarding the maiden and acted to allay peoples’ fears. More details about the cruise will be provided in a couple of weeks. 😊
  10. I agree with what you say. For people who enjoy hiking through forests, Norway is ideal. There are good walks available at every port Iona visits, some quite strenuous. Several will be offered as P&O excursions but there is plenty of scope for doing it yourself as long as you have a good sense of direction. I am sure you will all have a great time.
  11. Sorry I did not make it clear in my earlier post. 2 performances per cruise means around 2000 see him per cruise and 4000 don’t.
  12. It is in the 900 seat theatre. 2 performances only so only 1/3 of passengers will get the chance to pay for the opportunity (all proceeds to charity) to see him. Maybe 2/3 won’t want to see him anyway.
  13. If he has an actual job to do rather than just being a name associated with the brand, he should be there at the beginning i.e. the maiden cruise, to get his ideas and standards across straightaway. Start as you intend standards to continue. Obviously he won’t be on Iona permanently, but the maiden and Ionafest seem to be two occasions when he should be there. Further information about his role, which has been promised, will be interesting.
  14. Hopefully after you have won the lottery, provided Dave is invited onto your cruise.
  15. Happy that my suggestion is wrong. It would be good if Gary Barlow entertained us on the maiden cruise but somehow I think that is unlikely. Not a great fan but I think he would be excellent in the Limelight Club.
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