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  1. I also like them and there are some new ports for me as well. I don’t mind sea days either, nice and relaxed especially if the weather is good. I think they will be expensive but launch prices may just make them affordable.
  2. Probably best to ring P&O and ask them.
  3. There seems to be a gap at the beginning of December. Refit perhaps?
  4. The Glass House mainly focuses on wine. That is one of the things that make it different from other bars on board. The food they serve (at a modest surcharge) complements the wines they sell. I haven’t been on Azura so cannot comment specifically but if, as is likely, the Glass House on Azura is the same as on other ships, they will serve beer, but nothing different from what other bars sell and maybe a reduced selection on offer. For wine drinkers it is a great venue for trying wines not available anywhere else onboard, taking part in a wine tasting session and also, if you are lucky enough to get a place before it sells out, a tasting menu meal where wines are paired with some excellent food and information is provided about the different wines for each course.
  5. pete14


    I think that the Norwegian fjords are an excellent option for a 7 night cruise. If you think of the options, you could do cities towards and in the Western Baltic but wouldn’t get very far or through Biscay, probably no further than Lisbon. I know what my preference out of those 3 would be. I do agree that the variety of eating venues on Iona is a good idea but I am a little sad that club dining is not offered at all.
  6. Dropped into my bank account at the end of last week. Around £40 for 100 shares.
  7. pete14


    The main lift congestion on Britannia is midships due to the lack of a staircase. This means that if you are midships and want to go up or down just one or two decks, you have to use the lift whereas, normally, most people would use the stairs, leaving the lifts for those who need them the most. I agree that Iona should be better in that respect, at least she has a the mid ships staircase and what appears to be great lift capacity. What we don’t seem to know yet is the size of the lifts. Hopefully they will be bigger than those on Britannia.
  8. I think this is a major error on P&O’s behalf. Opening up those stairs is an absolute necessity, far more important than cosmetic changes. Reprogramming the lifts is not sufficient, there will still be the same number of lifts which will not magically get bigger and make the way people use them become more sensible and considerate.
  9. pete14

    CPS Parking

    As Brian says, you drive right up to the terminal, follow the directions from people directing you and wait in line for CPS staff to process you. They will take all your luggage from your car, all you need to take with you is your hand luggage. The next time you see your cases is outside your cabin. It really couldn’t be easier. When you return, it is a short walk to where your car is parked. Show them the ticket you are given when they check you in on arrival and they will give you your car key and tell you which row your car is in.
  10. So sad that he felt he needed to cover his kippah, a simple outward expression of his faith. What is the world coming to?
  11. We are booked on repositioning cruise on Britannia from Caribbean to Southampton in Spring 2021. When we booked, we asked about transport from Southampton to Manchester airport and were told we would be able to reserve seats nearer the time and that there would be no cost.
  12. There is also the Limelight Club (with meal at extra cost) but I don’t expect there will be a jazz or blues musician scheduled.
  13. So you are honestly telling everybody that this is not just a way of bringing your ‘problems’ on Azura back to the fore. If not, why mention it in your initial thread starting post and seem to launch a ‘fishing expedition’ for the Captain’s name because you have forgotten it? Maybe I am misjudging you!
  14. At least when people board the first few Iona cruises, nobody will know where they are going and what they are doing for the first day or so. Everybody lost together!
  15. I think the answer from my experience is very rarely although they may tweak them a little from time to time. I think they would be better off changing them more regularly but no doubt they could give reasons why they don’t.
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