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  1. I booked a replacement cruise today using FCC from a cruise cancelled yesterday. Even though there was not time for FCC to show on my account, the agent managed to add it to my account in order for me to use it on the new cruise. Not showing on booking confirmation yet but I have been assured it will in time. I did not need to pay any deposit, as the FCC more than covered it.
  2. I used FCC today to book an alternative cruise to one that has been cancelled and received the advertised OBC without needing to ask.
  3. It is now down by 10% rather than 15% which I think is quite positive considering they have announced another 5 weeks of cancellations today. Could have been a whole lot worse.
  4. We always book on launch when prices are cheaper. Looking at some options today, the extra 25% does not seem to match the price increases that have taken place since launch. I guess we will take the refund and as we have cruises already booked until Spring 2022, wait for the summer and autumn 2022 cruises.
  5. The email I received today about the new cancellations, including the Iona maiden that I was booked on, contained a link to request a refund of prebooked items such as restaurants and shore excursions. They are offering a full cash refund by submitting the form they linked to the email or 110% as onboard credit on a future cruise. I followed the link to ask for a refund (110% OBC is not much of a deal to higher tiers who receive 10% off spends once OBC is used up) and now I need to wait for a few weeks to receive it. It wasn’t difficult.
  6. It will be interesting to see how they manage the maiden cruise when it takes place. Some who have booked on a later cruise may fall lucky and end up on Iona’s first cruise. Alternatively, P&O may set the first possible cruise as the rescheduled maiden cruise and give people already booked, the opportunity to ‘confirm’ their previous booking before opening it up to others to take the remaining cabins. Of course, people taking refunds or using FCC to book alternative cruises may miss out through making alternative arrangements. An early indication of their plans would be helpful before refunds are processed or FCC gets spent.
  7. I think most doctors are far too busy at the moment to even consider the possibility of finding time to write letters saying you can go on a cruise. Not top priority!
  8. I presume ‘us’ refers to the insurers who seem to want people to explore other avenues (travel provider and credit card) before them.
  9. An understandable plan and one I have done before but just a word of caution. Renewing the policy may give you greater cover that you may need than a new policy taken out at a later date would. Insurance companies are going to be recalculating risk and pricing new policies accordingly, either increasing them or dropping cover you may want or need in order to be competitive on price.
  10. That is a shame Rupert but a choice you are free to make. Make sure you and yours stay safe.
  11. Sounds great but somehow I think many of those on board are too anxious to fully enjoy the ‘benefits’. It is a long way from Durban to Southampton (obviously). I wonder if they will need to refuel and reprovision on the way and if so, where? Gibraltar seems to be an obvious place but what do I know.
  12. Just come back from a sunny Stoke walk (with the dog). Greenway from Pittshill towards Kidsgrove was lovely and very quiet apart from the birds. Absolutely no problem keeping 2 metres apart - 20 metres wouldn’t have been an issue either!
  13. Sounds like a good day. Went to post an important letter but did no shopping. Then allowed the dog to accompany me on my exercise walk (may allow him to do it again later if our dog walking countryside paths are quiet). Took delivery of a load of fresh fruit, veg and other staples from a local wholesaler who normally supplies restaurants which was a good find. Otherwise quite boring but necessary. Hoping only 20 more days to go!
  14. I would start with saving the world, more likely than West Ham winning anything😎
  15. I know exactly the Morrison’s you mean Rupert and completely agree with your sentiments. No-one should ever be penalised for doing the right thing but some as usual, the minority are preventing the majority from doing what is right. My day has been spent decorating which is something I am going to get used to over the next few weeks. They say practice makes perfect but I am perhaps the exception. Anyway, the dog is reminding me it is walkies time, maybe something we will soon not be able to do for much longer thanks to those people who don’t understand what 2 metres is.
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