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  1. Timing is the key and although I am no expert, now is a better time than a week ago. I bought a few years ago when they were much less than today and we have had financial returns in the form of OBC and dividends that have made them an excellent buy for us. Whilst I agree that the perks are only a part of any decision to invest, for a regular P&O cruiser, they are a significant factor in whether to buy 100 shares or not.
  2. Fallen a bit more today with Brexit cited as a reason.
  3. In the unlikely event that you get upgraded, it is quite possible that you will be given a cabin with bunk beds. It will all depend on which cabins it is most convenient for P&O to fill. Once the upgrade is given, I believe it can be difficult to overturn, presumably because your original cabin may have been reallocated. If this is important to you, as it obviously is, it would be best to do as you suggest and ask your agent to amend the booking to no upgrade.
  4. At least you have the consolation of not coming across our old friend Docco because he said he had cancelled three future cruises and would take his custom elsewhere. Maybe you have the cabin he cancelled.
  5. To be honest, the seagulls can have as many of my P&O biscuits as they like (which may not be very many once they try them).
  6. Harry, I am a little confused. I am sure posts 16 and 19 were posted by a different poster. Does he know you have taken them over?
  7. We are booked on Britannia and flying out to Barbados in Spring 2021. We booked directly with P&O and have already upgraded flight seats. May be worth contacting them or your agent if you used one.
  8. And those who arrived back late should be billed for an extra morning on onboard that they did not pay for? 😇😌
  9. I do agree that booking with a good cruise specialist agent or direct with P&O are both effective, indeed they are pretty much the only way, but I would never book anything as potentially complex and expensive as a cruise without talking it through with somebody who is able to answer questions and provide the chance to get exactly what you want. Booking online does not provide this, booking by phone or face to face does. If you don’t get the answers that suit you, try with another agent or with P&O, or look elsewhere for your holiday. If what you book is not what you want or need, you are making an expensive error and your holiday may be ruined.
  10. I think black trainers fulfil the criteria for casual but also the criteria for smart. Bright orange or fluorescent green trainers for example fulfil the criteria for casual but in many peoples’ eyes, and presumably in P&O’s eyes, they do not fulfil the smart criteria. A bit similar to smart black jeans fulfilling the criteria whereas ripped ones don’t, even though the ripped ones may cost more.
  11. Although I am no expert, I seem to remember that the use of a USB stick has been raised before and the consensus was that it was not possible because of the possibility of viruses entering the TV system via the memory stick.
  12. Your interpretation. Mine is different. We both have the right to post different interpretations provided they are reasoned and valid which in this instance would be a reasonable conclusion.
  13. The thread was started for no apparent reason - OP does not mention any attempt to cancel a cruise. ‘tucked away in the P&O terms and conditions relates it to P&O and ‘tucked away’ can be interpreted as being hidden away in the hope that no-one will see it. Also mention to the Amsterdam / Ijmuiden switch ‘which has upset so many customers.’ This is reinforced by allegation that Amsterdam switch is to save money and a reference stating P&O has become on the same level as Skegness, Blackpool, Butlins followed by suggested alternative offered by Fred Olsen (who from experience are not like Skegness, Blackpool and Butlins either). Only my interpretation and not fact but provided it is offered as interpretation and not fact, I have every right to post it.
  14. I think this thread is quite balanced. I agree that people are disagreeing with you but they are speaking from their own experience, not relying on the anecdotes from others. You started this thread with an anti - P&O agenda about cancellations policy. I don’t know whether you have had a bad experience with cancelling a cruise, which may explain why you started the thread or whether you are just trying to make a point (one that has been made before). Such an opening post invites other posters to put the other side of the story from their own experiences. This provides balance and I don’t suppose starting an identical thread about Fred Olsen on the Fred Olsen site will end up any different.
  15. Don’t know about the price but £2:50 seems about right. Don’t expect the coffee to taste the same as in UK because they use long life milk most if not all of the time. Doesn’t affect me because I drink it black but a milky coffee such as latte may take some getting used to. Probably best to buy the first one and if you like it, perhaps buy the 10 cup discount card later.
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