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  1. We have one on the left as you look at the picture
  2. That’s brilliant thanks. Suite for maiden clearly identified although apparent overhang from above may provide unwanted shade. Probably doesn’t matter for Norway though! 😉
  3. I just looked at the daytime and assumed evening was there. I agree that evening is not there but OP asked about daytime so I guess the question has been answered.
  4. I clicked on the link and it took me directly to the relevant information.
  5. Apart from the railway, there is nothing special about Flam apart from the beautiful scenery which is similar to what you see in most other ports on the fjords. There is of course a micro brewery / pub but I couldn’t afford to spend long inside it!
  6. Well worth the money though. She was excellent.
  7. Or a very tiny one to accommodate Andy😇😎
  8. Are you going on a cruise today Andy? You have kept that very quiet😴☺️
  9. Presumably you are on Arcadia kenham. If so, can you please treat her gently because we will be joining her when she returns. She may need some gentle persuasion to turn towards the North Sea and carry on to snowy Northern Norway rather than heading back to warmer climes.
  10. I think it all depends on whether they know you are going to be onboard........ of course if they do, they will all stay on, Captain included!
  11. The Britannia maiden was a bit underwhelming. We did get a gift - a Wedgwood China cup and saucer, but little else in the way of treats. The cruise was enjoyable though and being on a brand new ship was special. I also hope for top class entertainment, especially in the Limelight club but if the example given earlier in this thread (a drag act comedian and diva who was a semi finalist on Britain’s Got Talent a few years ago) is anything to go by, we may be disappointed. At least Norway will be as beautiful as ever.
  12. If this is your first post, welcome to the madness / earnest debate. If you are sailing on Arcadia in two weeks, I assume you are going to the Northern Lights. If you want to join our thriving online roll call for that cruise, you are most welcome (click the ‘find your roll call’ tab at the top of this page).
  13. Drinks would be included in the package but wine by the glass only - not bottles.
  14. And I for one am perfectly happy that that seems to be the case.
  15. Some of the alternative dining venues are free anyway.
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