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  1. Yes, April, and they were VERY MUCH closed - not just Bridge Climb, but the country - borders had been closed for weeks at that point. We were coming via cruise ship......we all know how that ended.
  2. I wanted to check in and give you an update on how this all worked out for us (or, more to the point, did NOT work out for us). Many of you were very supportive and helpful, and I thank you. We contacted our credit card - they were great, fully understood the problem. They clawed back the money from BridgeClimb, but, BridgeClimb's bank took it back. Then, our credit card, once again, took the money back. And, once again, and that was the final volley, Bridge Climb took their money back. And that, our credit card company explained, was the end of the "dance". They were sympathetic, but BridgeClimb is within their legal, if not moral right, to keep the cash even though they could not provide the service. We filed complaints with the ACCC and with the NSW Fair Trading - both agencies were empathetic and completely understood the problem. However, when all was said and done, we had no practical resource available to us to hold Bridge Climb legally responsible. So, we are left with a credit to use within the next 3 years, a credit which we will never use. We live half way across the world, the climb was a part of a once in a lifetime 3 month extravaganza, a trip that we will simply never have the chance to do again because of life circumstances, etc - you all can understand, you wouldn't be on Cruise Critic if you didn't understand how these sorts of trips are highly choreographed and scheduled. This virus has effected us all in so many ways, sadly many of which were tragic and horrific. I know that in the scheme of things, I have a lot to be grateful for. But that's not the point of my thread - the point is that a business took our money and kept it - a GLOBAL PANDEMIC kept us from even entering the country. Bridge Climb has no right to not refund money for a service they could not provide. All of the other businesses/hotels/tour operators/cruise company, large and small, with which we dealt, have refunded us in cash - all but Bridge Climb. They took our cash for a service they could not provide, and they're keeping it.
  3. Ha, I SO beg to differ. We live half way around the world. We reserved for a very particular day based upon WHEN WE WOULD BE IN THE COUNTRY. They, therefore, by definition, could NOT provide the service. Our contracted date turned out to be when we could not even enter their country. We had a specific reservation - on a date when borders were closed! They could not provide the service. Therefore, they are morally bound to refund our cash. I honestly do not understand what is so hard about that to understand.
  4. No unfairness intended whatsoever! In fact you have misconstrued - my point is that all, every last one of the hotels, businesses, service providers - and most of them were indeed, small, family businesses - have ALL given us cash refunds. I was simply qualifying myself, I didn't want to say that ALL businesses with which we had contracted had given us cash refunds, as that isn't true - United Airlines has not. So, the problem with writing, without you hearing my tone and fully understanding what I meant, is the cause of your misinterpretation. So let's just put it this way - all of the smaller businesses have been compassionate and fair and understanding of the global circumstances - EXCEPT Sydney BridgeClimb. All of the other smaller businesses, except Bridge Climb, recognized that we had contracted with them for a service that they could not provide - and rightfully, gave us cash refunds.
  5. We actually did think of that......let me look into it, to see if they are transferrable and what that entails - if possible, at least we'd get something for our troubles! Thank you, and also to "nnps".
  6. I wanted to give everyone the final update - Sydney Bridge Climb has REFUSED to give us a cash refund. In their opinion, a credit to climb within the next 3 years is dandy. We worked through our credit card company, which was very helpful - but it is a many stepped dance and we lost. We were credited the funds, but Bridge Climb clawed it back. Our card then credited us again, but, again, Bridge Climb clawed it back. And that was the final step. We did also go to the NSW Fair Trading and the ACCC - both agencies were sympathetic and helpful but in the end, we had no recourse. As said, we live literally half way around the world and are getting older by the minute. A trip like this was once of a lifetime. We are out the money, end of story. But Bridge Climb stands absolutely alone amongst all of the other companies and providers we dealt with - all other companies recognized that this is a global pandemic, and that travel of this magnitude is a once in a lifetime opportunity - and all, BUT, the Bridge Climb, gave us cash refunds. (OK, so, maybe not United Airlines, LOL, but that's another story!)
  7. I am really sorry, I absolutely did not mean to offend anyone! I guess it's just me then! Again, no disrespect was intended whatsoever.
  8. I am a bit of a techno-phobe, and I know I'm not the only one. To be forced to use technology on a cruise, for just about everything - forget it. Not to be ageist, but generally speaking, changes like this would turn away the majority of cruisers.
  9. For us, we cruise with Celebrity for the entire package - modern luxury we feel is an apt description for Celebrity and we love it - we are inching our way closer to Zenith, though now we probably will never make it. We love the excellent stateroom service, especially the evening turndown - we can't afford hotels that do that second cleaning, so we really love it when we cruise - love the pampering! We don't want a diminished experience - the descriptions the OP listed, ouch, that is a deal breaker for us. We'd definitely rather stay home......after a vaccine is found, hopefully life may return to something at least close to the way things were. For now, the only "lift and shift" we will be doing is lifting and shifting our lives from our house to a rental house on the ocean for a week - living our same life that we have at home of wearing masks, take out food, but in a more interesting setting.
  10. Here are two direct quotes from the CNBC article, from a NCL official, which I thought were particularly revealing as far as the entire industry goes....... The coronavirus outbreak, “including its effect on the ability or desire of people to travel (including on cruises), is expected to continue to impact our results, operations, outlook, plans, goals, growth, reputation, cash flows, liquidity, demand for voyages and share price,” the filing said. “These factors have raised substantial doubt about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern.” “We cannot predict when any of our ships will begin to sail again or when ports will reopen to our ships,” it said. “Moreover, even once travel advisories and restrictions are lifted, demand for cruises may remain weak for a significant length of time and we cannot predict if and when each brand will return to pre-outbreak demand or pricing.”
  11. Outstanding article, excellent summation of what is currently known - two of the 4 authors are Pulitzer winners. The Washington Post can always be counted upon for reliable and well documented articles.
  12. Another poster posted this at the exact same time as I did, sorry for duplication but I didn't see the other post as, it wasn't there. Great minds think alike apparently, LOL! 😜
  13. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/96/royal-caribbean-extends-global-suspension-of-cruising/ Royal Caribbean and all it's brands, cruising suspended through June 111
  14. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/96/royal-caribbean-extends-global-suspension-of-cruising/ Suspension through June 11, 2020
  15. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/96/royal-caribbean-extends-global-suspension-of-cruising/ This is the announcement
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