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  1. Waiting for it to appear for January 19, 2020 Allure sailing. I check Cruise Planner several times a day.
  2. Please allow me to echo how wonderful Park n' Go Ft. Lauderdale is!!! I use them for EVERY cruise out of Port Everglades. Beats port parking (which I tried once and walked forever to get to the terminal). Glad you are using Park n' Go!
  3. I love Concierge perks and will not sail any lower category on Celebrity. The check in line, the separate waiting area to board are great starts. The Embarkation luncheon in the MDR is very nice. The menu is limited but it's so great to set down your carry-on luggage away from the table, be waited upon and enjoy a glass of wine with your first meal on board. We do enjoy the bottle of bubbly on our balcony. The Concierge on past ships has been very helpful. Also, the designated lounge on Disembarkation day is wonderful. They provide coffee, tea, juice and pastries as well as a comfortable place to wait for your group number to be called. Everyone has his/her own preferences as far as cabin class on Celebrity. Choose the class that best meets your needs and enjoy accordingly!
  4. I called RC today to purchase a beverage package. When I asked about The Key for January 2020, I was informed that it is not yet available and advised to keep looking on Cruise Planner daily. This is the same information I received when I called RC a few weeks ago to inquire about The Key. Will keep checking Cruise Planner frequently.
  5. We will be on the Allure in mid-January 2020 and have purchased an Oasis Lagoon Cabana for Perfect Day at CoCo Cay. Regarding massages on the island: 1. Is advanced booking available (it's not currently listed in Cruise Planner) 2. How do the prices there compare with the prices on-board ship during port hours that day?
  6. I spoke with a RC rep a few weeks ago, who told me they post The Key approximately 6 months prior to sailing. I'm checking several times a day for my mid-January 2020 Allure cruise.
  7. I called RC and was told The Key will show up on Cruise Planner approximately 6 months before sailing. I search it several times a day, waiting to sign up.
  8. Park n Go is the big winner here! We always use them and are always delighted! Advanced reservations, they unload your luggage onto the shuttle upon arrival and park your car for you. They quickly get you to the port for check-in. Upon return, they pick you up at the port quickly and your car is ready when you arrive back at Park n Go. Pre-pay and save money. Bottled water is provided as you exit, plus the monkeys who inhabit the property are adorable!
  9. Thank you for the feedback! Looking forward to more reviews on this thread.
  10. I certainly agree that cruising during Spring Break time of year will invite the experience the OP had. One of my siblings did the Oasis this past March during Spring Break and encountered similar experiences expressed by the OP. His group also failed to fully plan their cruise, including My Time Dining reservations and arriving early to shows (even with reservations). They also failed to plan how they would spend each day in port. Thus, crowds, kids and calamity. My friends and I will sail the Allure in January 2020 and believe me, we will have the Key, full reservations on board and in port and have a much better time for it. Sometimes, OCD pays off.....lol.
  11. Following. I've reserved one of these for our Allure sailing in January 2020.
  12. I'm also curious. We will be on the Allure in January 2020 and are assigned Cabana E by the Oasis Lagoon. Following.....
  13. I budget about $100 per day per port, plus my casino loss limit, plus $100 for additional tips. I notify my credit card carriers before I cruise case I need to use one outside of the U.S. I am loathe to use a credit card in a foreign country or even a busy restaurant in the U.S. for fear of scamming. Hope this helps.
  14. So glad I live in Florida and feel no need to lie out by the pool on the ship. I've told my friends who cruise with me to allow guests who don't share this daily luxury with us should be allowed the time by the pool and we can lie on a beach when in port. Just doing my little part to free up 2 to 10 chairs for everyone else. You're welcome!
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