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  1. Thanks Black tink! So teen club is up to 17 and then there is post teen 1820 Society.
  2. Thanks! Very helpful answers! I have flipped back and forth about wanting to go out of California or Florida. Leaning toward Florida, we have done two spring break trips out of Florida and they were NBD, but the California ones are short, 3 and 4 days... I feel like those may have a different atmosphere, maybe not because it is still Disney?
  3. Hi all! Just got home from a multi-island Hawaii trip, that included a few nights at Aulani. We have been cruising NCL every other year or so, and like their casual vibe, plus free drinks always being thrown in is a bonus. Teen dd says before college she wants to do a DCL cruise. We live on the west coast, have never done this side of Mexico, so that is a possibility, or we can head over to Florida and do a cruise out of there. Teen club is up to 17 I see, and looks super cool. So if we wait till her senior year she will be aged out of teen club (thinking spring break or early summer.) So now I am thinking junior year, maybe spring break because that would be easiest if she gets a summer job, 2021. DCL doesn’t seem to release calendars very far out? I like to book as early as possible and take advantage of paying over time. No drink packages? But soda is free? What about things like virgin piña coladas and such? Lattes or mochas? I saw an ice cream shop on one of the ships, is that an upcharge? Dinner... is the early seating solid kids? So if we wanted a “quieter” dinner we should choose the later and hope we stay awake thru it? I read somewhere they rotate you and you sit with the same people every night. Is that mandatory? Can you skip a restaurant or repeat one, or eat with just your family? Castaway cay, it sounds like this port gets skipped a lot. When they skip it what happens? They float around or do they add a different stop? I am sure I will have other questions... but for now the big differences between NCL and DCL are what I am thinking of. We are big DL geeks... we just never did a DCL cruise before.
  4. We were on the Spirit in July and I saw two choices... one was a direct ship to airport, and one had a bus tour of Rome first for late departures. We ended up choosing to stay an extra night in Rome and just took the train back, easy peasy.
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