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  1. Yes, as people have said above, the BEST part about the B.S.E., is that it is an "add-on" to your current booking!. On two upcoming cruises I was able to add B.S.E. on to my existing bookings and basically have an upscale all inclusive cruise! Except for excursions, of course. I have two that have pricing for a WS better than a CC mini, OBC, Free Gratuities, Free Wifi, Free Drink Package, and Free Specialty dining! Since I book WS's, the "add-on" was necessary and so nice. Paid around $175pp more per cruise and I am a happy camper. But I still keep my eye out, but doubt I will be able to do better! Pooh
  2. Your complimentary dining reservation(date and time) will be on a piece of paper in your room when you arrive. If you don't like specialty dining spot and/or time and date, then I just go down the first day to the dining room I want and change date and time to time I want. Are you talking about making a reservation for the Sanctuary? If so, then I would go as soon as you get on board to reserve that at Sanctuary as they do book up fast. So to answer your question, I find it easier to do myself to make sure done right. Pooh
  3. If deposit is deductible, I suggest you go ahead and book your cruise now. This way you hopefully can still get the room you want. You can always rebook if a better sale comes along(even if you have to change your room). I must book like two years out because I will cruise only in this order( I have spoiled myself I am afraid!): 1-a window Suite(WS, S7), a forward CC mini(M6) or finally a Midship CC mini(M1). Then I look out for refaring or rebooking as long as my category is available, which is not long. But I have found that the best fare prices are very early even if you don't get all the perks then. So I loved this B.S.E. sale as even though my category stateroom was sold out, I could add on some perks at a good price. I also use EZair and book at 300 day mark as that is usually the best time to get the flights you want at the best prices. But I have refared(flexible) several times on my cruises to get even better pricing and it is so easy to do. So if you are planning on booking an inside, OV, or balcony, I would do now and then keep an eye out for different sales that come along and see if they save you money. Pooh
  4. Was from an article written by a Dr. of these diseases and was in my University of Colorado Health Newsletter. Also stated that it was more fragile, than say, the measles virus which can live awhile out of the host. It was stated in a positive manner that they had done enough research on this virus to state the 30 minute life span. But can one believe all one reads? Who knows, but that is what I read. Would sure like to believe it though! Pooh
  5. this shows up each time I change my flights because they are cheaper. It is just a warning because sometimes people don't look at pricing carefully and sometimes prices are not what they are expecting. I have never had any problems. I know the new price before this window appears and it is always the same after I click on continue in this box. I have never had a problem and have rebooked recently at least 5-7 times. Pooh
  6. Things like this happen often from cancellation to just a time difference of 5 minutes, or the flight number changes, or the plane type changes. I am always checking my reservation on the airline itself. As the flight gets closer I am checking a couple times a day. I would hope if one does this, that if a flight was cancelled, no matter who it was booked through, that it would show up on the airline site itself? I have read of too many things happening like this to this OP that I have learned to be responsible. I have been lucky so far with United, Air Canada, Lufthanza, British Air, Alaska Air, and AA. I have had several changes over all these flights but have been notified of all. I will continue to use EZair because, for example, with them I am able to fly Bus./First for all my flights, especially those long International ones. What would cost me to book directly for around $5000-8000, I get through EZair for $1200-1800! So if you do have upcoming cruises with long flights, I wouldn't ditch EZair right away but would make sure that you are constantly monitoring your own reservations without relying on anyone to tell you first. Glad you learned in time! Pooh
  7. This is my top favorite perk for being in a suite (and I do Window Suites to save $$), and I now do longer cruises with more sea days just so I can enjoy these wonderful breakfasts in whichever specialty dining room. Since they cook your breakfast right in the specialty dining room kitchen, you can have anything you want and love sitting at the window looking out as we eat. Love having the same serving staff too. Pooh
  8. Definitely needs a very thorough cleaning, but you have to remember that this virus can only in its best environment(i.e. best humidity levels and temperature) live 30 minutes tops outside of a host (human or animal). So really, basically, they just need to take everyone off the ship they can and the virus will die. Then come back in and clean away!! Pooh
  9. I am usually a steak lover especially filet, and theirs is fine- not quite up to Ruth Chris Steak House quality but quite good. But I have found that I have loved the veal chop. It is huge! and it tastes divine. So when we go more than once a cruise, I usually get the veal chop and then the filet. As far as the lobster goes, I find it disappointing and not even worth the $10 extra. One time I ordered just the lobster for my main course and it was rather small (bigger than in the main dining room) and they only served you 1! It is definitely not fresh but defrosted and over cooked. In my opinion, I would think twice about ordering the lobster. If you eat fresh Maine lobster on any or several occasions, you definitely will be disappointed. The meat is generally very good. The veggies are served separately and one order is enough for two people. Veggies are fine. Desserts, to me, are fine but not in that "Wow" factor category. Pooh
  10. I really wish that in the midst of building these huge ships they would build a small ship like the size of the Pacific Princess or even the Island Princess. I would like to try the smaller ship experience, but I am hesitant in that they would be close to 20 years old when I would want to sail in a smaller ship. Pooh
  11. The seven cabins on Deck 6 are called Window Suites and unless you absolutely must have a balcony, I would book a WS long before a minisuite or a CC minisuite. Why? The room is very large; the bathroom has a jetted tub and a separate glass enclosed shower and two sinks. Many times a WS is less money than a CC mini and about the same price as a regular midship mini. And you get all the suite benefits!!!!! You just have two huge Windows to look out. Location is great, especially if you have motion sickness problems and you have your own private hallway, and close to CC dining room. But with only 7, you must book your cruise on the Grand and 2 sister ships almost as soon as the itinerary appears. I have a cruise for June, 2021, that I booked in August, 2019! For some lucky reason, I was able to get an S7 Guarantee, which is a WS guarantee. At the moment, all WS's are booked, so if that continues, I will then be upgraded to one of the regular suites at my WS price!! The perks I love the most, besides fresh fruit, candies, small alcohol bottles, wine, is the CC dining for lunch and dinner. Then for breakfast you get to go to the specialty dining room for breakfast which is just for suite guests. They make your breakfast in that kitchen, not the main one, and you can have almost anything you want, on the menu or not. Also the free minosas are pretty good too. If you want a WS on the newer ships(Sky, Enchanted, Discovery) you really have to book early as there are only two on each ship. I have been lucky enough to secure a WS on the Enchanted, Sky, and Discovery. Can you tell I love my WS's? Grin. Pooh
  12. After our first night or morning or lunchtime in CC dining, we just always went to the CC section of the dining room for breakfast and lunch. We just bypass the line, if any, as CC is separate section. In fact they know us after the first day and we just wander back to our special spot on our own and greet our wait staff who then bring me my V-8 juice and extra special hot decaf coffee! Love CC dining. Pooh
  13. As I said, would probably be no and very doubtful, but if it means a lot to you it never hurts to ask nicely, does it? I would, too, be surprised if they got a Yes answer, but who knows......... Pooh
  14. When you get on board, just be very nice and polite and ask manager at guest services. I mean all you can get is a "no" answer probably, but you definitely won't get a "yes" if you don't at least ask. I mean, something like that, they could honor. And don't mention you are elite- they know that. Just ask honestly if you could get it. Who knows? Pooh
  15. I have only waited a couple times to be seated in CC dining and those times, we were looked after hand and foot and given a place to sit while waiting and they rushed to get us seated. But what I like most about CC dining(and don't forget you also have CC dining for breakfast and lunch when available), is that you go when you want and "usually" can sit at the same table or close and have the same wait staff each night(in fact our wonderful wait staff was always looking out for our arrival!). This is also true for breakfast and lunch. Most of the tables are for two, but I have seen over and over, 2 & 3 tables for two having the same 4-6 people each night and they talked with each other like they were a table of 4 or 6. So you can decide what you would like to do as far as conversing with others. I only do CC minis or Window Suites when I book a cruise anymore. Pooh
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