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  1. And your point is? How does this help the situation? Then just don't book any cruises. Simple. Pooh
  2. I received my FCC for my March 15th cruise that I cancelled on March 6th. It is now gone too. However, I did put in for the refund(Option#2, so that may be why it is gone now as they have to refigure everything. I did print out the FCC before it disappeared, so I do have that as my backup. Will just wait and see what happens. Princess has been very good and accurate so far with my needs. My next payment is due by May 13th, so hopefully all the dust will have settled by then. Pooh
  3. Our Alaska cruise is July 12th. We just squeezed in! So far at least. I think things will have calmed down by then, but having to pay by April 13th is not so good. Am hoping Princess extends their 60 day final payment policy or even makes it a 48 hr. cancellation for FCC thing. Just hope things will settle down in a month. Pooh
  4. I am not 100% sure, but when I got my FCC for cancelling, the booking, was in my name as primary(like you) but the FCC was specific to me and to my husband and non-transferable. So I would think most likely that any FCC you would get would be name specific to each of the three of you and non-transferable. But go ahead and apply for it and then see what you can do. Pooh
  5. Well, as I said, I submitted a claim and now just will wait and see won't we?!! Pooh
  6. Roger, I cancelled right away Friday morning at around 8AM Mountain Time before the rush began. So that might be a factor to consider. But I saw my refunds on my credit card by 11AM the next day Saturday. There was a $109 error to my excursions refund for some reason but I was waiting to call in later the end of the month to see why. Checked my credit card today and saw that Princess had caught their mistake and credited the $109 on March 10th, 3 days later. Either a person or the computer caught their error and corrected it. I really am impressed with how Princess is handling this whole thing. Now, I shop for groceries like a normal person and found out today that is wrong here in Colorado!! Yep, guess I will have to use Kleenex for TP for awhile! This is just ridiculous! Grin. I would be patient and give them 10 business days( I definitely would call around March 23rd if you haven't seen the credit on your card by then). Pooh
  7. If your cruise fare(and only your cruise fare) was $2000 per person, then you would get $3500pp in FCC which is 175% of your original cruise fare.
  8. I also cancelled last Friday. Got refund and FCC. I went ahead and filled out the form for a refund and submitted it anyway. Have already had verification they have my request. I am just going to wait and see and see what I can get. I was ok with what I got on Friday, but if can get the new deal, I will like that too. Pooh
  9. They are offering more to people whose cruises are closer to today's announcement as they are not given as much time to react as to people with cruises the end of April, beginning of May. Pooh
  10. I agree with you but I will tell you this. Adding up my FCC and my actual credit to my credit card equaled the total amount I had paid to Princess for this cruise and that figure included my Princess Platinum Insurance payments. I had figured out what I should be getting back before cancelling and did it without the ins.payment but they paid that back to me. The figure that I got back on my credit card does not equal any of the individual charges but like they just figured out the cancellation fees and then subtracted that from the total I paid and gave me the remainder in cash as a credit on my credit card! Then there were separate credit entries for my packages I had prepaid for and my excursions. Go figure, but I'll take it! Pooh
  11. We cancelled under the new temporary policy as our cruise was to sail March 15th. Our EZair fare was reimbursed to us. It was not part of our FCC but was actually credited back to our credit card. Pooh
  12. My FCC consisted of three things, rest in cash. they were cruise fare, air add-on(whatever that means but I got credit for it!), and vacation protection. Pooh
  13. Depends, kiddo. I am seeing Princess doing temporary another time. As a past business person I can see doing it in increments to see what happens with this virus. If keeps up like now, I would hope and do think Princess will extend their temporary policy. Also 48 hrs, 72 hrs., what does one day make, a little but not a lot of difference. Then both NCL and RCCL are offering FCC only by what you posted. NCL is giving it an extra year which I grant is nice but still Dec., 2021 is a long way out too. Now with Princess' policy which I just used yesterday and it worked smoothly(yes I got through to a rep. in 45 seconds!), I got literally 100% back of all I paid which also included insurance, transfers, EZair; and got the cancellation fee(I was 6 days out from my cruise by the way) back in FCC but I also got cash back(credited to my credit card) for around 20%. That 20% was a decent hunk of change that I can use or save. Pooh
  14. I have a friend who is on this cruise and is having a good time. They have had a "normal" cruise to this point. No illnesses, no missed ports. Yes, ship is well occupied. Pooh
  15. That is incorrect. I just cancelled yesterday under the new cancellation policy. My cruise was to leave on March 15th. I had my Ezair tickets and all set to go. This was the general breakdown of what I got. First of all, I received the entire final payment amount back in some way. This included my ezair, princess insurance, transfers, port fees, etc. My cancellation fee was 82% of the total I had paid. That amount is what I will get back on FCC. The other 18% I received already this morning as a credit on my credit card. Then there was an additional credit for the water and drink package I had purchased; then there was a third credit for the excursions I had paid for. So yes you do get cash back(some). Pooh
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