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  1. If you are still having a problem, try a different browser. Chrome is not working for me but edge works fine. Pooh
  2. Quite possibly. If you rebook/refare from one sale offer to the current one, your air reservations are cancelled and you have to rebook using availability and pricing that is current when you rebook. So make sure to look at that before rebooking. I usually book airfare the first day it is available and have found that my price is less than later on even with sales! So make sure you consider your air expense in determining if you want to rebook/refare or not for a different sale. BUT if you have booked excursions those stay with the booking and are not affected by any rebooking/refaring. Pooh
  3. You will need to go through your TA who will cancel and rebook you. Just make sure what you will be gaining and losing by refaring from your current booking with TA. This involves your EZAir if you have used it. If you rebook, your TA will have to rebook your airfare too, with availability and pricing at the time of the rebooking. I got a really good airfare price that was available like for half a day (like $200 off pp)before it went back up. If I were to rebook, I would have to get more expensive airfares so you have to consider that in whether you rebook or not. For me, rebooking doesn't make sense because of the great airfare I happened to catch. Pooh
  4. Yep. But again, if your cruise is sold in segments, check each one for your category. If available on another portion, you might still be able to refare. Pooh
  5. I have experienced one time where my flight number changed; everything else stayed the same. My seats were still there and the same. Another time, they changed the aircraft used which changed our seat numbers, but were given the same area that we had originally selected so that was fine. Both times I was notified by Princess, but I keep checking myself anyway. I have never had my seats dropped or changed after I have picked them at time of original booking. Don't know if this makes a difference, but I only book Bus./First. (this way better seats, no seat charges, no luggage charges, priority boarding, etc. are already included for great EZAir pricing!) Pooh
  6. The caveat here, though, is you can keep the same room and refare ONLY if there are staterooms available in the category you have already booked. Since I like M6(forward CC minis) or S6 or 7's(WS on Grand class and Royal class ships), I literally have to book when they first come up with no sales involved. When sales like this start appearing, I can't avail myself of them as my category staterooms are always sold out! Bummer. Pooh
  7. Last time awhile ago when I called and asked, they said no. Pooh
  8. I am feeling for you, and I would have been frustrated too, but in thinking about it, it is definitely a first world problem that I wouldn't mind having alot!!!!!!! Pooh
  9. I have become used to flying first domestically because of EZair! Grin. Especially with United and Air Canada. I have found both domestically and internationally, EZair is usually cheaper. There are some domestic flights where I have found that purchasing directly from airline site is about $10-30pp cheaper is all, and I am willing to pay that slight increase so that I can pick my seats early to secure which I want, and not have to pay for tickets until 45 days out and have them covered under Princess insurance too. I secure flights at the 330 day or so and really don't like to outlay the money at that early a time if I don't have to. Pooh
  10. Why do things like this get so blown out of proportion these days? why such thin skins? Now if these Princess crew members were just dancing around etc., I would have some reservations, but they look like the ridiculous dressed crew members that you have your picture taken with when you disembark at each port of call. If that is so, let's just all be adults and not be so serious about our individual cultures or backgrounds in a situation like this. Yes, not in good taste at all, but then again, let's all just breathe and live on........ Pooh
  11. Thanks for all the information. We always cruise CCmini, and had always picked a midship cabin. But on our next 4 cruises on the Enchanted, Sky, and Discovery, I was able to book a WS (S108) for three of them and M108 for one as no WS 's were left. I am really excited to try these cabins. Think these will be my go to cabins from now on even if I have to book w a y out to get them and miss some freebies to do so. I think it is worth it to get these locations. Pooh
  12. Yea, you have to go into the specific cruise you want and see if the red banner shows and the $1 deposit shows. Then you have to do a pretend booking all the way through to where it shows deposit necessary. I tried one (not a suite) and it wanted $200($100 pp). Went into another cruise and it did show the $2 deposit. So this sale is very picky and not all through its offerings. My longest out three cruises aren't even in a sale at this point! So if you really like the cruise you are trying to book and think it should be a $2 deposit, then just call. I did today for another reason and actually got through to a rep. in about 2-3 minutes wait time! Pooh
  13. I am working on hearsay here. Some people have commented that they found out at the pier. Maybe they left early for pre-cruise festivities and did not have time to check. Now me, am like you. I would be checking constantly until I had a stateroom number!!! Pooh
  14. I understand ya. We usually have phones, etc. with us and nothing to leave at seats so if we secure seats first, one of us goes to get food and then the other. Then we end up not eating together! I guess we could just tip chairs up etc., but again..... And that is the part of cruising that I love, the killing time over a meal be it breakfast. lunch, or dinner!!! But I know people who would rather be at a bar, at trivia, or by the pool, etc. So many choices is good!!! Pooh
  15. Unfortunately, you won't want to hear this, but the answer is today or up to the time you get to the pier and give your luggage to the porter(if there are any at your embarkation port). "Usually" by reading on this site, you are notified around the two-four week mark or so. That is the what is most common. Pooh
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