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  1. Egypt has been doing it since 2011. Moored river boats going nowhere, killing all possible hotel businesses. Dock an old river boat, charge 50 E per night, and wait for the huge sucking sound ashore! Fabulous plan! I’m sure Viking has some longboats they’d love to see revenue from.
  2. I believe, when filled to proper level it is actually 1.5 meters, or as Lyn suggests 4’11.055 “. Five feet is pretty close, give or take a giant cannonball! 😊
  3. I have never had a call from an O sales rep. I’m guessing if one did, and I told my TA, she’d be in their hair like a baney rooster! 😂 It wouldn’t be a pretty sight! 🥴. She probably won’t actually waste much time on the lowly phone rep, it would be their boss trying to hide under the desk she’d be coming after! They know who your TA is, and have more respect for some than others!
  4. “ For Now”! It currently appears that the current two hopeful vaccines will not be recommended for seniors. AstraZ has even dropped seniors from their trials, only doing 12-55 year olds now. I ‘ve witnessed or listened to the mental health collapse of far too many after “only” four (4) months of isolation. Another eighteen (18) months and a vaccine won’t matter for them. The deterioration of their mental health will be so great, their physical health won’t matter much. My 74 year old ( soon to be 75) bil , isolated away in his gated AZ community, getting all grocery, drugs, and alcohol delivered is mentally collapsing at a rapid rate. At 76, not having gotten the virus will be the moot! His days of travel or doing anything will be over. Saddest part his wife is in worst shape than he! Yellow Journalism and other fear mongers have preyed on these people’s fragility so much they’re scared to talk to their neighbors, that have likewise been isolated for months, from across the brick walls! But “ for now”!
  5. +1. A lot of opinions and very little science!
  6. +1 to Jancruz! I have friends that have ran brick and motor businesses with service representatives to help the customers. Most suck up the info and then order on line where there is no rent, no customer reps, no nothing! Screw those people! My friends go out of business, and people can breed with what they intelligently garner with what’s online!
  7. Secretaries never existed! Only Administrative Assistants! 😂😂 PC Uber Alles !
  8. GeorgesGal; Sounds to me, at this point, you are probably a “ house account” and he only gets paid a stipend , not Commission, for administration of your account. Any other assigned Agent in that Agency will probably be on the same terms.
  9. I wonder if there is a “ one size fits all” answer to this question? I could easily foresee different cruise lines having entirely different T&C with the various Travel Agencies. Why would Carnival’s contract necessarily look exactly like NCLH’s or Vikings? Additionally, Travel Agencies remunerate their Travel Agents in a host of different methodologies. Does the OP actually know how her’s is paid? Maybe, or maybe not!
  10. I was told cruises for the second half of 2022 would be out mid October. Patience my friends! I highly doubt that an Oceania customer rep would know the contract terms between Oceania and any Travel Agency. Likewise, they wouldn’t have a clue of the employment compensation terms between any of the Travel Agencies and their individual Travel Agents. I would find it highly irregular that any Oceania representative would comment to a third party regarding any contracts it may have with other Parties! I had world wide agents selling products for my company. Neither myself nor my employees would ever discuss sales and marketing agreements along with pricing to those Agents with individual end users, ie the Agents customers. Highly unprofessional. I find it a bit un tasteful that after receiving either 100% of your money back or a 125%FCC, that some are still graveling for an additional kickback from their Travel Agency. Now I fully realize why my TA never does rebates, but takes very good care of me on cruises I take!
  11. Chemistry and Math by undergraduate degree. While I may often follow the advisements of scientific opinion, I never confuse that opinion with proven science, it’s still opinion. As to the argument of value of use, while the rhythm method may be “ better than nothing”, I typically don’t recommend its use in favor of something more substantial. 😂 Better than nothing is a very low bar and only opinion at this point.
  12. I never said people shouldn’t wear masks, so to protect others. I certainly do when I go out in public. Educated opinions don’t make science. That takes a process! We’ve seen a lot of educated opinions about the usefulness of certain drugs. All purely opinion, not science yet!
  13. Hopefully sometime today or tomorrow, we start to get feedback on any noticeable changes with the reservation system. The first currently scheduled cruises are now October 4. I believe today marks 75 days for those in PH, so they can start making their Specialty Restaurant reservations today, or actually last night. Oceania may well choose to cancel all those October cruises by month end and opt to just utilize the old system. Or, will we get a peek at our future. On non EU cruises, will sharing be allowed? Will reservations be required for the GDR? What time slots are currently shown? Waiting anxiously to learn what those cruisers experienced during the reservation process. If nothing new, will a new system mark the Oceania expectation of the cruise(s) actually going? Will reduced capacity eliminate any need to alter the current system?
  14. A portion of our problem is political and the use of terminology. I get ill listening to people say “ follow the science “, when quite often it’s not proven science but the mere opinion of a scientist! In these times if despair and anxiousness, the public has grasp for straws, or anything that might work, as a remedy or cure. A large number of those ideas proposed by scientists were wrong or ineffective. They were never science, most often only WAGs, that some proclaimed as science and wasn’t. That ritual of proclaiming WAGs as science made many distrustful of “ science “. The entire battle over masks is an example. Masks are there to knock down aerosols and germs from your mouth. A bandanna, or some of the flimsy things posing as masks, will not keep you from get the disease. Do you realize how many people don’t understand that? Yet, they’ll claim that science says that wearing the bandanna protects them! You need a N95 or above for that!
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