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  1. Edgee; Time will tell on pricing. The devil is always in the details and we have no way to compare Crystal’s older contract vis a vie Oceania’s newer one. We , as spa users, can only hope for the best.
  2. My personal guess is that CR and Oceania had a term contract for services. The contract was nearing expiration and Oceania decided to bid it out in an attempt to maximize revenues. CR, having years of experience on the revenue side, was outbid by the newcomer without such O experience. The newcomer will now have to meet his costs and revenue projections. It’s called business. My guess: except spa cost increases sooner rather than later.
  3. Since it is Champagne we are discussing, it is best served 40-45 degrees F. Therefore, if you want it later in the cruise, putting it in your cabin fridge will be simple and fine. We rarely have ours on Embarkment Day but put it in the fridge for later. No need to summon the help when you want to savor it, pull it out of the fridge, pop, and pour. Just remember to put the wine glasses back so to have them when you’re ready.
  4. What you do hear is in the middle of the night, then rolling some types of kart carts around. Don’t know what it is, but happens nightly. For what it’s worth we’ve stayed in 8055 before and will be in 8057 for 20 days coming up soon. So even though it’s annoying , not a deal breaker.Actually gets quieter moving farthest aft as possible to a PH3.
  5. Lyn, Paul, and edger have nailed the reason we avoid O tours as much as possible. Absolutely biggest peeve are people that sign up for tours they are physically unable to do. Doing it once and learning is forgivable , however far too many do it day after day fully cognizant that they are holding groups up and missing sights. Actually my biggest peeve is realizing that even having multiple cruisers complain to O about those individuals, O will do absolutely nothing to stop the offenders from doing it day after day! Fortunately shore tours are not included in the price unless one wants that option.
  6. Tables of eight (8) are not sure things! Mostly 6 and below in the Specialties.
  7. On most cruises Oceania allows you to drop of baggage starting at 9:00 - 9:30 after they have finished off loading all departing baggage. However, as ORV commented it depends upon the port itself. Some ports won’t allow one to enter in a POV at all, while others won’t allow you to enter until their assigned boarding time. Location matters.
  8. Excellent strategy on O’s part and a very good price discount for the cruisers. Technically there was never an upgrade at all. One did not buy ( for example) an A-3 and then upgraded to a different cabin such as a PH-2. One always only bought and was assigned the PH2 at a significantly reduced price. It’s always better to tell a customer he’s getting an upgrade than telling the customers you’re slashing prices. Why does this marketing ploy ( I shouldn’t have used gimmick) matter in this case? Because technically the price of that PH2 never changed. Therefore, anyone that has a best price guarantee isn’t affected! No price alterations for those folks, even though technically Oceania was selling similar cabins at significantly lower prices. Always love sales! Unfortunately the cruises I was interested in wasn’t offering that marketing deal. Enjoy the cruise at your wonderful discounted rate! 👍
  9. Nymich; Nothing “ worthless” about it at all. Highly successful, I’d say. You got a very nice upgrade in cabin. Oceania sold a cruise. Also, of note, many cruisers after enjoying the perks of a PH or Concierge choose to never go back down in category. This upgrade may provide that future benefit for Oceania from You! Well thought out strategy and a win win, no worthless portion on either side.
  10. The answer to the OP’s question is yes. The guides will typically tell their group where and at what time to meet up to either return to the ship or go to the next venue. People often choose to leave the larger group and visit sites on their own for a selection of reasons. I would recommend that if a venue is being visited that has a significant entry fee, you wait until you get into the venue before exploring on your own. If you leave the group either temporarily or for good, always notify the Tour Guide of your intentions.
  11. Dan; It was a marketing gimmick for some hard to sell cruises. It was “up to” 4 category upgrades. The cruise one looked at may be only 1 or 2 category upgrade. It would get one from a B cat to an A for instance. Might get one into a PH if any were left. Great marketing by O. Besides the cost of a bottle of champagne, the cost to O of putting one in an A to a B is nothing. Means on a hard to sell cruise they didn’t cut prices and allowed people to see a higher cabin class they may want to book in the future.
  12. Clo; Additionally don’t be surprised if you have a bit of trouble logging in shortly after 12:00 EST! Oceania’s website is getting hit by not only similar status cruisers from your cruise, but also from any other cruise that has the same dates. Be patient , it may take 5-6 minutes, but logging in at 11:59 is a waste of time. You’ll have to log out and then log back in post midnight.
  13. Hoyaheel; With their booking number and some flexibility you should do fine finding a table for four. Book as early as you can. Also remember that if the restaurants are booked for nights and times you want, check other night availabilities. Some nights book up quickly while others have plenty of availability.
  14. Clo; I’m sorry but that strategy won’t work. You’ll need to log into your account after 12:00 EST. If you log log in prior it won’t allow you to book reservations. That is a bit of information one can’t learn from reading Oceania’s website and I will gladly help with.
  15. Remarkable what one can find if they read the cruise line website!
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