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  1. Sorry I offended you! Many I should have asked you to state exactly which sailing you are on, so that those on that sailing could respond to you. Otherwise, cruisers may think that an upsell offering for their cruise in the Baltic or Med, at a totally different time, may somehow be comparable to an upcoming cruise to Alaska.
  2. I’m 90% or so positive on my Oceania posts and some of the easily offended report my posts and gave them deleted. One isn’t allowed to say “ how stupid is stupid!” My favorite theme is: “ what will the weather be on 11/04/21 in .... ( pick the port)! Really?? Headed for another warning! What answer do you want? Here’s my pat answer: 35F, Rain mixed with snow, Hurricane Force winds, seas with 50-60 ft swells with the ship tossing at 50degrees in every direction! Just as accurate as any other ancedotal posting as to what occurred in 2017 or 2009!! Why should it make anyone mad? Of course, some only want perfect predictions. Well, it will be sunny, 82F, and perfectly calm seas just like glass every day of your cruise!! Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows everywhere! Maybe other websites could give you far more accurate data on average and mean weather conditions!
  3. Every cruise and its booking are different!!!! Oceania offers upsells, or just old fashion sales and discounts, on cruises and cabins most never hear about! Over and over there seems to be this ridiculous opinion that Oceania, or most any cruise line, participants in some concrete set of procedures and practices on every single cruise. Get over yourself, life is NOT a one size fits all adventure! Oceania does , and prices, as needed to facilitate bookings and maximize revenues on individual sailing on an as needed basis. They are not a government agency with legally bound procedures. Therefore, read this slowly if you must, what they may do or may offer on any specific cruise may well be different than what they do on another cruise, even one of similar itinerary. Plus, what they did last year may have absolutely no similarities to what they decide they need to do this year. People that desire stead fast rules and strict conformity need to book government owned vessels. Oceania is a bad choice for you. It’s like those asking about the weather. Having a sunny warm day last year on Oct 20th is no guarantee for 10/20/20!
  4. ORV; Take page 52 as an example. The fine print appears to differentiate Oceania Roundtrip Airfare and OLife Choice Airfare. At the bottom of the page , with the matching *, it then discusses Premium Economy Air Upgrade. To me, it’s confusing and will have to consult my TA. I am not reading it as everyone using regular O Air gets free transfers.
  5. We’ll wave at the port! We’re on the Marina BA to Lima starting 1/27 for 20 days, then Manchu Picchu!
  6. Sales are often time limited and certain categories of cabins are very limited. Not hard to grasp! Case in point are those that want to come here to ask if a particular upgrade offer “ is worth it”! Talk about it a couple of days to learn the offer is gone! 😂😂 “While supplies last” should be a presumption on every sale and every cruise. On highly popular, once per year cruises, I’ve seen PH3 and above sell out via TA pre-sells before a cruise is actually released. The TA sometimes even had allocations and couldn’t fill all their pre-sells! What do you think happens to those that refuse to use a TA or can’t make up their mind? Always next year!
  7. How about this: 1. If you are disembarking the ship, you must be out of your cabin by 8:00 and off the ship by 9:00. 2. If you are not disembarking the procedures varies as to ports and/ or countries. There is no one size fits all answer to procedures on b2bers. Is that simple enough?
  8. Or you have a good TA versus whomever sunlover got transferred over to at O!
  9. I will admit I was surprised when the threader said “Oceania is consistent “! I had and enjoyed two Oceania cruises in both 2018 and 2019. Very little consistency, in a host of areas, made some cruises far more enjoyable than others.
  10. First, we don’t utilize an “internet “ agency. I wouldn’t limit my search to only those businesses. Since this is a cruise board, and we’re assuming the OP is wanting to cruise, I’d recommend finding an Agent that actually cruises and has firsthand knowledge of the industry. Mine, for example , not only cruises on various lines, but also puts together groups of travelers and leads those various groups on cruises on different lines. She did Oceania to the Med last year, Princess to Alaska the year before, and is currently putting together a different Med itinerary on O for the coming year. She has sailed AZ , Crystal, Regent, and others. She understands the lines and their idiosyncratic natures. As an example, even though we have used our TA for 25 years, when we were doing a lot of skin diving, we used an Agency that specialized in that sport and likewise totally knew and understood that industry. You don’t go to an orthopedic surgeon to have a tooth removed or your eyes checked! The last thing I’d want is some assigned 30 something, working out of his/her house, in Omaha that’s never been on a cruise ship. Someone Assigned to me by an Agency I’d pick because they gave me the best cut rate deal !
  11. Bingo!! When interested, I always call and ask my TA if there’s a special offering being made on a particular cruise in which we’re interested. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. My TA typically gives me a lot more insight into the “ Sale” than what is apparent on the website.
  12. A professional travel agent would be your best source of information. Explain to that Agent what is important to you allow with your financial realities, and allow them the opportunity to advise you on more detailed specific agendas. Utilize your Travel professionals. Good ones come with far more industry knowledge and often times direct personal knowledge than any of the posters here.
  13. I would agree that a significant number of questions/issues brought here could be more accurately and efficiently answered by one’s TA. Furthermore, speaking of ridiculous, about half the questions brought here could be answered if the OP would just read the FAQ on Oceania’s website and/ or their sales contract!
  14. We were on the ship once until around 9:30 waiting for an Oceania post cruise to depart. Security had been given everyone’s name of those that had failed to depart the ship and they were scouring the ship. Watched them escort people to the gangplank!
  15. Don’t have a pdf only the brochure. If you’re interested In the material, call your TA!! Amazing all the people that refuse to utilize the services of their Travel Agent!
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