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  1. Paul; I’ll be on both Uniworld and Oceania in 2020. Completely different itineraries and great places to see and visit from both. Quality of food on both is equal, but different. The greatest difference is not quality. Both have great food. It’s that if one takes a river cruise in China and France on Uniworld they get the choice of totally different cuisine on the different voyages representing the different lands. Not true for Oceania, except for maybe one dinner from the buffet line.
  2. Seems the best way to avoid this issue is to not take a cruise starting in a US port. Easy enough for us!
  3. 1. I have found the food on Uniworld to be equal to or better than on Oceania. 2. I went to Nova Scotia and PEI in September and had wonderful lobster, mussels, and scallops. All local and fresh daily. When we went to Transylvania last year, we had equally really good, fresh, and tasty local food. We didn’t go there to eat lobster, mussels, and scallops. We went to Egypt with Uniworld and had a large variety of really tasty locally sourced Egyptian foods and wines. We didn’t go to Egypt to eat lobster, mussels, and scallops daily. On our Uniworld China tour we had a wide selection of just incredible local cuisines that varied tremendously depending upon which part of China we were in. We maybe had shrimp once or twice. If having lobster, mussels, scallops, and shrimp daily ( even if prior frozen) is a primary qualifier for a good cruise, river or Ocean, then river cruises are probably not right for you! 3. If eating fresh lobster, mussels, scallops, and shrimp daily was an important thing to us, we’d limit our travel to areas where we could get them fresh daily.
  4. OOooKkaay! since starting and ending in the US, who can imagine a service dog on a RTW? Buckle down! Having the cabin AFTER that dog has relieved itself 180 days therein prior to your cruise in that cabin! Another Cruise on Insignia that might be high risk!
  5. +1000 We don’t do Carribe cruises and this gives us ample reasons to never do one! We are both dog owners and lovers, but they don’t belong on cruise ships!
  6. We sailed close to land a couple of days. Once between Alesund and our next port and then as we passed by Nord Capp returning from Russia. Except for our day trip up into the fjords, we were always well out to sea otherwise. To dump their waste tanks a ship has to be 50 K from land is what Cpt Max told us on a that cruise. So depending upon most factors they’ll always go out as much as possible.
  7. Two important things taught to you as Army Officers1. Delegation of responsibilities, and 2, delegation of authority so that those assuming the responsibility can get the job done. If the owner is the only person that can run payroll, I think that internet service levels is the least of the problems! I was a small small business owner and having learned those two important things went a long way in making us a successful business for over 23 years before we sold to a large national firm.
  8. Have your TA to call Oceania and ask if bookings for La Reserve have opened yet. I have been on cruises where reservations opened up 6 months prior and on others where it was 60 days out. The latter was a pain because we had already made our Specialty reservations and had to go back in and cancel and rebook one of them to facilitate a LR evening. Put your TA on it!
  9. His best option is plan to do his computer work between 12:00 am - 5:00 am. We have found the the most reliable internet service to be in the Executive and/or Concierge Lounge if your cabin status allows entry. This isn’t often listed as an advantage of paying the extra for those cabins on O ships , but if your really required service, one of the best places for it.
  10. Perhaps not soot per say. Air ventilation systems often build up a dark dust and grit deposit. Sometimes those deposits can be uncharacteristically disturbed leaving a significant deposit of soot like materials through out the area. Unfortunately this happens frequently in large office buildings. Ships would be no exception. We bought a fairly new home a few years back. It had been well maintained and was very clean. We had a company come in and totally clean out the ventilation systems and air ducts. You wouldn’t believe the huge amount of gunk that came out of those ducts going all the way back to the time it was built! You probably wouldn’t want to see the insides of those ship’s air distribution systems, especially the older R ships with all their refurbishments!
  11. I wouldn’t mind sharing to save money. Have done it before. However, I wouldn’t even broach the subject until 90-120 days out and well after PIF.
  12. Mura; Sorry the word haven’t got deleted! I’ve never received a large portion, no less a huge portion. NWIW, I’ve always left pleasantly stuffed!
  13. I’m nearly 6’2” and my wife 5’11”. On R ships we always book PH because of the tiny bathrooms in the regular cabins. If we were doing a 10 day cruise or less, we might opt to save the money and move down. All of our R ships cruises, past and future, have been 15 days plus. I still go to the Spa and take at least 50% of my showers on R ships. If in a regular cabin it’d be 100%! At 6’2” and 185 I barely fit into a R PH shower! My advice is to 1st book a PH , then on the cruise visit a regular size cabin and determine if it will work for you. I believe the answer revolves around body size. I have friends that are 5’6” and 135 lbs that do just fine in economy seats on long haul international flights. We don’t fit into those seats! At my age, it would take a chain saw to get me out of one of those seats! You have to decide what works for you!
  14. I’ve gotten even a large portion, no less a huge portion!
  15. Yes; I often receive numerous messages directly from posts I make on RCs that people won’t make online. People ask specific questions or have requests. People I’ve toured with before signing up for my tours and getting me on their unpublished tours. Lastly, the 900 lb gorilla, the old “ We’d love to sign up, but not if World Travelers ( fake name) are on the tour(s). You don’t want them on your tour!” You know you’re in trouble when you get the same email from three different couples. I believe some posters can almost single handily shut down a RC! An effect from being on cruises with 70+% repeat cruisers and numerous people knowing one another.
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