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  1. Susiean; A lot of articles say a lot of different things. One last week talking about the different vaccines going into final stages. At this point some of the vaccines looked better suited for younger recipients while another was looking better for older ones. The article thought this was great because the ingredients and technologies were coming from different production streams. This meant that availability of the different vaccines were independent and not interdependent. Each sub Group could be getting the vaccine they needed simultaneously from a different group, thus making the overall vaccination process go more quickly. Lots of articles, who knows what to believe?? 🤬
  2. Kirk; It depends. First, we don’t know which vaccine(s) will be approved. Will they require one dose or two? That 360ish million doses or twice that? Demographics on the various cruise lines vary a lot. To say the least, Oceania leans towards the more senior side of cruisers, especially when considering the mass lines. Front page headlines in today’s local paper was about the School superintendents outlining the challenges Covid has created to our state lawmakers. The students are falling further behind and they don’t have a plan on how to play catch-up. Proficiency rates are plunging for the students. They must get the students and teachers back into the classrooms. Hold on a second! We have the hired advocates for the elderly. Those hired guns say it’s the aged that are most vulnerable, they are the ones that need the vaccine(s) first, after the 1st responders.The kids can wait, it’s the Elderly that must be taken care of before the young! There are some that believe this issue may be decided State by State. Others believe it will be a federal mandate. Not guessing how it will turn out, but if the Elderly wins, then cruise lines that predominantly serve those demographics will have customers sooner. If our young win, then 2022 for normal resumption of cruising may well be a reasonable guess depending upon the vaccine. An acquaintance is a school nurse. They’re already talking about doing it 1950 style. Line a Class up and bring them in 1 by 1. Fifteen to twenty seconds each for a shot and to annotate the records. They can get an entire school done quickly when they have the supplies.
  3. Oceania moved my FP date for our 1/28/21 cruise to 10/29/20. 60 days from sailing date. It had originally been 150 days out.
  4. Pent up demand + reduced capacity = higher prices. This works for the short term. In February, Oceania will release its remaining 2022 and early 2023 sailings. The algorithms are spinning on how to price those! There will come a date, 2nd half of next year, when a vaccine will be available and probably mandatory. At that time, capacity restrictions can be lifted and cabins will open up for 2021 sailings and currently posted early 22 sailings. My guess is prices will then drop to fill the ships. I’ll likewise guess they’ll come out with aggressive pricing in February for those future cruises, not wanting people to cancel upcoming cruises because of price differentials. There are always those that cost doesn’t matter or they have to have that special cabin and will pay whatever O posts. I’m guessing the smart money waits on booking those far out cruises. The formula above reverts. Current Pent up demand disappears and capacity is increased. Back to the old job of filling ships . Predictable overall price deceases by late next year to entice travelers. Moral to the story is, we have no intentions on booking any these currently aggressively priced cruises. Young enough to wait.
  5. Add to your numbers the revenue Oceania will be adding by mandatory ship shore tours only!
  6. When you wish upon a Star .., May the sailing Gods smile upon you, and grant this wish
  7. Fly in a day early and don’t book the hotel room through Oceania. They are stupid expensive. One example. For our January cruise starting in Buenos A, we looked at staying in the same hotel O uses for the extra night since we are doing a pre-cruise with O. Hotel for one night and breakfast + taxi ride ( arranged through hotel) is $ 194. Cost for same from Oceania is $400 each or $800!
  8. Typically in the cabin. We have received fruit baskets and wines as gifts in the past. Always sitting there waiting for us in our cabins upon boarding.
  9. Did you by chance read under the title “ permitted uses and disclosures item #10? the one about health and safety threats! Might I also add that once one walks away from American soil HIPAA , ADA,, etc are moot points! Try explaining HIPAA to that Argentinian Judge, when you’re denied boarding in that country. If you don’t believe that cruise companies share “ no cruise” lists, I want what you’re smoking!
  10. Pursuant to the contract with the Port Authority, she’ll be there at least until the end of April. Anyone with a scheduled cruise on her before then needs to accept the facts.
  11. Not exactly; Oceania signed a contract with the Port of Astoria to dock the Regatta there “at least through” April. Monthly fee of $75K. The Regatta is allegedly on its way there now. Pursuant to your above statement, FDR doesn’t know yet if the Regatta’s December 2020 -April 2021 cruises will sail yet. I call BS. I believe multiple decisions have already been made about which ships will sail when. I likewise believe many decisions have already been made on new protocols that will be utilized aboard ship for at least the short term. I do agree that actually visiting any port may be a day to day decision, but that is painfully true today. It will be just more so in the near future. When will know that cruising is about to resume? When Oceania starts sending out detailed new instructions and protocols for upcoming cruises (ers). New boarding procedures, which I believe are already formulated, will be at the top of the page.
  12. Amazing! Not even a month ago my TA was told by Oceania that only ship tours would be allowed! That was for our now cancelled November cruise. We are still booked on a late January Marina cruise. I have multiple private tours booked, most of which are full with Roll Call participants. I hope that Oceania will officially clarify this matter soon. Of course, the answer mightn’t be one size fits all. Some locales might allow private tours, while others don’t! Cruise by cruise, or port by port response.
  13. Shawnino; As a 1st Responder, since he does plenty of emergency surgery, he said he’d be first in line to get the vaccine. One of my close friends, and wine group buddies, is the Medical Director at our Regional hospital. He says once the vaccine is available , getting the vaccine will be a condition of employment at the hospital. He foresees the same thing for others, such as those working in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It’s called mitigation of risk and economic exposure.
  14. By next summer there will be a vaccine. Take it, or stay at home. I had my six month check up with my cardiologist last week. His message was simple: When the vaccine becomes available either (1) Take it, or (2) Find a new cardiologist. I’m not forced to take it, and he’s not forced to have me as a patient. I won’t see my Urologist until March, but I hear he’s telling his patients the same thing. IMO, by next summer a vaccine will be out and we’ll have two divergent worlds. One for those that get the vaccine, and one for those that don’t. Our school officials are already saying that after the vaccine is available they’re going back to regular classes and schedules. Anti-vaxers can stay at home and do remote learning or take their chances in the classroom. Brave New World. Read it decades ago.
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