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  1. They are here. A few have reported it. Plus here represents a very small slice of cruisers. Some of the US school districts report up to 20% of their students claim exemptions from required vaccinations. This is most prevalent in affluent suburban areas, not in poorer inner city areas. Those kid’s parents aren’t being immunized either. What happens on Carnival, Disney, NCL, and other mass lines will have ramifications from authorities as to what happens on all cruise lines. Princess has gotten a huge wake up call!
  2. So you likewise envision a health record inspection, at every port, for those wanting to get off the ship. Otherwise, how would a country guarantee that the antivaxers stayed on the ship. Personally, I believe, if a foreign cruise, antivaxers wouldn’t make it through immigrations at the airport.
  3. Few people grasp that the first word in ADA is Americans! 😂 HIPPA is an American law. Some believe that might prohibit foreign flagged lines from sharing “Do not sail lists “! 😂
  4. Absolutely not! Purely tongue in cheek. The cruise lines will essentially be forced, by their prospective cruisers, to enforce standards. If they don’t, we’ll test the theory on how many antivaxers there are. On other Forums, with out the absolute cheerleaders here, this issue is a slam dunk on requiring vaccinations when developed. The various cruise line cheerleaders on this Forum only represent a small number of over all cruiser opinion’s on this topic. Not saying that any Forum holds any advantage over another, just saying that any cruise line that chooses, of its own will , to honor antivaxer’s rights over others will face financial obstacles in the future. Self isolation and social distancing alone are already breeding intolerance. Are there 600+ cruisers, enough to fill a R ship, that are unable or unwilling to vaccinate so to take a cruise together? I guess the market place may test that theory. Maybe they’ll otherwise be looking at even smaller ships to accommodate them.
  5. Cruising is a privilege, not a right. People are routinely banned by cruise lines because of a variety of reasons including physical and mental health reasons. Nothing new here folks! Ask your TA if you don’t believe “ do not cruise lists” don’t already exist! I truly believe that if the ( any ) cruise line doesn’t mandate vaccinations, when available, and people end up “ trapped on a ship like a hostage and can’t leave “ because some won’t/ can’t take the vaccination, then as Jancruz suggests; people won’t cruise. The cruise industry will be signing its own death warrant. For some lines, perhaps it will become their marketing logo. Antivaxers welcome! We specialize in antivax sailings! Where ever there’s a market, there are those that will want to serve it.
  6. Once a vaccine is developed, should the cruise line demand all passengers to have gotten the vaccine, and show vaccinations records proving such, before boarding. Simple question. If not, and they choose to be an antiVax cruise line, for monetary purposes, who is then stupid for taking those ships: the cruise line, or the passengers that aren’t antivax? The cruise line will have stated their policy and concerns of overall passenger welfare by its actions. For them it’ll only be about money.
  7. Just a couple of examples: One if those cruisers reported an outbreak of measles on his cruise last summer/Fall. Ended up causing ship wide issues for the cruise. This was not Oceania, but shouldn’t the lines mandate some vaccinations to sail and ensure passengers have those vaccinations. What if it had been small pox on an African or Indian cruise? Think that would matter much? Once there is a vaccination for the corona virus, shouldn’t passengers be expected to have taken it to enter the Petrie dish? One of those posters was on an Oceania ( Marina) cruise which had widespread Noro. He reported that at embarkment there were passengers that were visually really sick. He commented to his wife he was afraid they were headed for trouble. A couple days later , they had widespread Noro problems throughout the ship. Is “ Welcome Aboard” the only prudent action of the check in crew? Obviously, some believe so, including in that case Oceania personnel or contract personnel. Wait and See.
  8. I believe, for many, the most important announcement from Oceania is yet to come. That being: Once allowed to sail, what new protocols will be implemented to ensure the health and safety of their passengers? If the answer is nothing, Business as usual, I believe they will lose business. In one of the major wine Forums, there is a large thread on cruising. Overwhelming position of most of the posters: they are not interested in cruising on lines that won’t implement proactive steps, including pre boarding passenger screening, to minimize health risks for all their passengers. A cruise ship may be a Petrie dish, but there is a lot that can be done to maintain the cleanliness of that dish other than disinfectants. Wait and See!
  9. I was watching some speakers on Bloomberg. They basically said the ( stock) markets are now basically priced for an early May “ get back to work” date. If that date slides, or even appears to slide, much, the markets will give up another 7,000-10,000 points as quickly as they did the first round. At a 12,000-14,000 Dow, along with the impact on the real estate markets, most of we retirees won’t be able to cruise, even if the ships can again!
  10. Another thing I forgot! Everyone knows effective 2021 US citizens will need a new permit from ETIAS to travel to Europe. Expect to submit a vaccination certificate with all required shots to get that permit.
  11. Heard from my ship’s medical officer acquaintance via my friend, his neighbor. When the ships went down, the ship’s senior officers, including the medical officers, went to corporate or regional hqs to work on new operating procedures post pandemic. Nothing finalized yet. Early general approvals: 1. All cruisers will receive a list of mandatory ( not recommended) vaccinations for that cruise and/ or countries visited. Shot records examined at check in. Any Vaccination not there, no boarding. No exceptions. 2. All passengers will likewise be checked before boarding. Visually ill, fevered, excessively coughing passengers, etc, will be denied boarding. Large feedback is also coming from some of the countries regularly visited . Arriving airline passengers may be temporarily quarantined, or actually segregated, to be checked before passing through immigrations. Sick arriving passengers may not be allowed entry, but immediately quarantined in a limbo state. Immigrations might start requiring vaccinations records likewise along with passports and visas. Countries with Visa requirements will probably be requiring full certified vaccinations records as part of the new Visa process. Expect this for the US also. Those countries are wanting the airlines to keep the visually sick off the planes. Be interesting to see how this plays out. Depending upon how all this plays out, arriving the day of the cruise may become totally impractical. Expect long delays at Immigration. Countries will become far more diligent determining which cruise ships they allow to dock based upon the reports filed before docking. Those that believe things will just go back to” how they were “ are fooling themselves.
  12. I agree with susiean! Do you really believe that all those FL beaches are going to stay closed all summer, and that Disney and other Parks will stay shut down during their prime tourist season? If so, you must also believe that those local municipalities and the State are going to do a HUGE tax increase on its residents to make up for the $$$$ they are losing? Who’ll go bankrupt faster Disney or the City of Orlando? Most States have Constitutional requirements for balanced budgets, and they don’t have rainy day funds large enough for long term shutdowns. Those governors will be opening things back up by 5/1, if not before. State and local governments need money to survive just like companies do. They can’t print money, like the Fed is doing.
  13. Yellow Fever is spread by the bite of a particular mosquito. It is not spread person to person, unless maybe someone infected bites you! This is completely different from Corona virus and any analogies between not getting a Yellow Fever shot and a Corona virus shot, when developed, is rather silly. If one gets yellow fever, they get very sick and perhaps dies. With Coronavirus they not only can possibly get sick and die, but infect others for the same outcome!
  14. Once developed, might having taken the vaccine become a realistic requirement for boarding? If they are too sick to take the vaccine, are they likewise too sick to sail?
  15. Agreed! Most of the problems encountered aboard are not from the cruise lines, but inflicted upon us by the selfish acts of other cruisers. Can’t afford to lease out the entire ship unfortunately! I truly believe that when we start sailing again, there will be fundamental changes in how we board, who’s allowed to board, along with stricter protocols. I don’t believe we’ll see any ban at certain ages, but we may well have more Individuals banned from future cruises due to chronic health conditions . There is a point where some of those older guests , with chronic health problems, become more of a financial liability than asset to the luxury lines.
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