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  1. Just awaiting word out of the EU now, particularly Holland, Germany, Austria, France, and Italy. A lot of we Americans already booked for River cruises for this summer. From one report, it appears the Greece is opening up for cruising regardless of what the EU does. Catch your cruise ship in Israel, round trip, and sail the Greek Isles.
  2. Remember that sold out = 50% capacity. A year from now, and still a year prior to cruising, a lot of capacity may open up. Have patience young Skywalker. Everything doesn’t have to be booked a year + in advance.
  3. Not at all pessimistic. I’m projecting that the cruise lines will be sailing in much of the world by 4th Qtr 2021. Probably not out of the US. Depending upon the much awaited decision by the EU, they may be sailing by 1 Jul in the Med. That’s optimism. However, I only have a pessimistic view if those forecasting sailing worldwide can not resume until summer 2022 prove correct.
  4. Cruise lines will restart ships in those areas of the world as soon as they are allowed. Doesn’t matter size or line, if they’re scheduled for Alaska or Canadian waters they’re going nowhere until that ship m’s scheduled to be somewhere it can sail. For example, the restart of the Nautica has nothing to do with the CDC. It’ll start sailing when it’s scheduled host countries allow.
  5. I’m not a hostile person. If one wants information they should provide enough details so that the information can be given. Just saying. Details matter.
  6. I have zero faith in our CDC doing anything reasonable, nor should the cruise lines plan on them doing so. I’m still predicting that the 22 ATW will launch from a non US port. Everyone is still awaiting the EU’s decision on when and how they will reopen. Supposedly, per reports, we should know by 4/1. Early rumors are projecting a 6/15-7/1 date. Wait and See. Israel leads the world on its vaccination rate. The UAE is next behind and will be fully vaccinated by summer, well before the World’s Fair. Turkey, using the Chinese vaccine, is well ahead of Europe and making ver
  7. The OP gave a perfect example of purposely not providing enough information so to receive adequate advice. Yes, Oceania normally requires 150 day final payment dates on longer cruises. Policy , move on. If that is what you’re complaining about, you’ve booked the wrong cruise line. How about just a wee bit of information? First, When is your cruise??? Oceania has reduced final payment for all cruises 5/1- 10/31 to 60 days prior. Chances are, if they aren’t sailing by June ( doubt they will be) that 10/31 date will get extended. However, if your highly
  8. Yes! We received a move over offer maybe 7 years ago. Didn’t get it until about 60 days out. I believe that since Oceania has started managing Guarantees better, the number of move overs has declined considerably. In fact, since final payment isn’t due until 60 days out now, it may well be 30-45 days prior before any such offer might be made. I don’t believe 50% is a hard and fast number either. A cruise might have been booked to 55% for example and still go as currently booked. FDR once used 50-60% as a guideline.
  9. ORV; I agree, we don’t know all the details of the economics. As for status, Oceania realizes for some that becomes more like handcuffs and people keep on returning because of that status. Part of the game.
  10. O offers upsells, down sells, and move over to a completely different cruise offers. Conditions of offer varies widely.
  11. It’s just the normal prebooking mayhem for highly popular cruises exasperated with only half the rooms to book.
  12. Maybe not so moot. For a couple of years we lived in Youngstown, NY which lies right on the mouth of the Niagara River where it enters Lake Ontario . Niagara on the Lake, Ontario was directly across the River. Our sailboat was moored in the River. Pursuant to this would our tacks in and out of the River be limited? Could we only take a right turn and sail west in the Lake, because anything east was claimed by Canada? How silly will the Canadians get with this? I suppose this means the Canadians are shutting down the Canal for transit of pleasure boats between Lake Erie a
  13. The option you’re not considering is whether they blocked off half the cabins prior to release. I don’t expect anything to sail prior to 4th Qtr ( Oct or Nov), so I’m not sure how many cabins were sold pre capacity limits. Remember “ FULL “ now equals 50% capacity. One doesn’t know if the original cabin they want is already occupied or blocked off. On the last release, my TA told me that “ if we wanted a PH, we had to give her permission to book us whatever she could get us. All the PH and above were prebooked by release date. There would be no times for calls back and
  14. Conover1; You obviously believe that the cruise lines can survive not sailing until Summer 22. I’d advise you to look at their cash structures and current burn rates. A death spiral begins by year end. It will also take a lot of cash upfront to bring those ships out of cold storage and provision them for sailing. I don’t believe your time tables are financially feasible.
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