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  1. I’m not saying that there won’t be cruises in the next 12-18 months. Just saying I am 72 with no underlying conditions and I won’t be on them till I get a vaccine. Yes, I would feel ok if people had certificates saying that they had antibodies. It is not unrealistic for me or any person over 70 to decline to cruise without a vaccine. It is reckless and risky to put yourself on a cruise ship after what we have just seen play out.
  2. I have one in December. I will cancel for sure. No one will be safe if there is no vaccine. I am hoping that when there is one, they will make everyone show proof of vaccination. They are making the over 70 group submit a health certificate from your Dr. I don’t see how anyone can go before there is a vaccine. It will not be safe no matter what they sanitize.
  3. Is it a certain time period ahead of the cruise date?
  4. I am 72 and I’d like to cruise again, but not before there is a vaccine. I would think that many might agree. I will be surprised if as many seniors will cruise without a vaccine.
  5. Does anyone have any coupon codes that work for hotels.com. thank You
  6. My 12/26/20 cruise has increased 113.00 per person. Was up to $150. More. I can hope it goes down now, but I won’t hold my breath!
  7. I could use some Miami hotel suggestion fir Xmas as Hampton inn Brickell is booked. I would like to stay $200 a night. Thank you fir your ideas.
  8. I have been on 9 cruises and am planning my second Carnival. I have done YTD on NCL and more recently on RCI. On RCI 1 year ago, we were encouraged to make a reservation or possibly be faced with a wait. If I need to make reservation, I might as well have a set time. I will be taking an Xmas/New Years Cruise on Carnival with family. I don’t like to eat late. Early dining is my first choice. I think that having the same waitstaff is a plus.
  9. What us the benefit of an e-card? I don’t see why anyone is still messing withAARP.
  10. Do all ships have these parties? How do you know if yours does?
  11. Are there companies that offer half day tours RT from FLL?
  12. How do you know what theme type parties are on your particular ship?
  13. I just checked and it says, “Real ID Compliant License.” I didn’t get mine yet. I didn’t know there were 2 different things and am not sure I understand the difference now. I didn’t get mine yet.
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