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  1. Written like someone who had has no up-close experience with people who have suffered from COVID.
  2. I am believe and hope that all cruise lines will require vaccine and I certainly hope we will have vaccine passports. I think we have a right to know if the others are vaccinated. Tge survey on this board shows that 83.5% of cruisers are willing to get a vaccine to cruise. I think people that refuse vaccinated should not be rewarded with getting on the cruise. They want the rest of us to get vaccinated so they can benefit from the herd immunity that we created. I have 6 people booked on a cruise and I think I would cancel if vaccinations are not mandatory. I think there might be oth
  3. I think all cruise lines will require vaccines. Carnival probably wants to wait to announce last so as to avoid flack and controversy. If they all do it, there will be no controversy!
  4. Lol ”Stay off MY cruise”. Which ship did you charter, and what date? lol ‘My cruise” Would be anyone’s cruise! I wish you were smarter and less selfish. Get the vaccine or stay home with your vulnerable body. Why would those of us that stayed home for a yea4 and got our vaccines want to sail with you? I can answer that. We would not!
  5. So be it! Stay off of my cruise. I have been in the house for a year and vaccinated. STAY HOME! LET THE REST OF US BE SAFE WITHOUT! You would like the rest of us to get vaccinated so that you don’t have to! I don’t believe that any cruise line will actually sail with the unvaccinated!
  6. I think all cruise lines will require proof of vaccination. It would be insane not to!
  7. The 13 year old wil be able to be vaccinated by the end of this year. The dribble about the vaccine making you sterile is just that. Follow the science and stop repeating the lies. Yes, children must wait to be vaccinated. Most will me able to be vaccinated by the end of this year. Think of others. The kids have a lot of years to cruise. Not a right!
  8. I think vaccine passports are a great idea! They are using them in Israel. People show the vax passports and are allowed access into events and places that unvaxed are not. Worried about government knowing who is vaxed? They gave us the vax. They know. This would just speed things up and allow those of us that are vaxed to feel safe. Non vaxers should not be given the same privileges. It is selfish not to get vaxed. It seems to be that those who refuse are just waiting for the rest of us to be vaxed so that they can benefit from the herd immunity,which will come about from those that
  9. I have had my vaccines and have been able to move about without all that worry for almost a month now. I feel safe! I have seen how vaccine passports are being used in Israel. You show it and are admitted into places or events where unvaccinated people are not. I think that sounds great. They do not need to wear masks. Unfortunately in 2021, there us quite a bit of access to people getting your personal info should they want it. There is no privacy anymore. I am happy to allow the government to have access to my vaccination info since they are the ones that gave it out. Don’t you thin
  10. If everyone on the cruise is vaccinated, you won’t need to worry about those people.
  11. No SSN asked and even asked if I wanted info send to my Drs ect or not. Had 12 places ask me schedule in 14days, after first shot, even went online see if could have schedule multiple appts. Vaccine Card received doesn't even have my name on it, just Vaccine info. That one was the surprise. Vaccines(except kids) required to Cruise this Summer Yes, later on into Regular Cruises Nope. Don't see this Vaccine ever 100% Mandate, at least in US. This isnt like Kids requiring Vaccines/Card for school, they dont even require Influenza even though that killed more minors in last yr then Covid.
  12. I so agree with you. I have 6 of us booked, but if vaccination is not required, let me know where you are going. I do not want to cruise if it has anything other than a vaccination requirement.
  13. Antigenic shift occurs when the virus replicates.. This does not require moving to a new host.. this is in direct opposition to what Fauci and the other scientists say. Let’s see should we go with him or you? It takes little thought. I will follow the scientist recommendations and findings, not FiremedicMike!
  14. How about the science? It sounds like you would prefer to throw darts on a board to determine if it is safe. I will stick with the science and scientists instead of your ridiculous post!
  15. How do you know who has and who hasnt gotten a vaccine by their posts? Maybe they already have. And those of us who have been vaccinated think cruising should restart. My carnival vista for this sept hangs in jeopardy. Time for carnival to start moving toward resuming. It's time to start thinking about resuming living. Some here want deaths at 0 before resuming from the sound of it, but it's ok to cram a airplane full of people. I was responding to Boatseller, who said that it was a right to be free to travel. He’s making a lot of noise about his rights and
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