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  1. We rebooked our Iberian Peninsula cruise for Sept 2022. Its now Italy, Croatia, Montengro. I like that it starts in Rome and ends in Rome. We're also in a Sky Suite. We were supposed to have a Suite in Dec 2020 and Sept 2021. I hope we finally get to experience one in 2022. We've always sailed in AQ before.
  2. We used FCC for our Sept 4, Reflection cruise. The email I read from X states its still only good until April 2022( for use thru Sept 2022).
  3. We're rebooking on this cruise. 10 NIGHTS Italy, Croatia & Montenegro ONBOARDCELEBRITY REFLECTION Sept 16th.
  4. I have mixed feelings. We were really looking forward to the cruise. However, now we scheduled my wife's knee surgery for August. Do they extend the dates of the FCC's
  5. Personally, I don't understand her reasons( vaccine came out too quickly, doesn't know what long term effects will be). I can't see her ever being able to take a cruise with us, if vaccines will always be required, even years from now.
  6. Yes, of course. Imagine if they just took people's word for it. LOL. My friend did not want to get vaccinated so she pulled out of our cruise when final payment was due a few weeks ago. She gave up a 12 day cruise in a suite that only cost her 2k( as a 3rd person in a suite) because she didn't want the vaccine.
  7. There isn't a cruise with the same itinerary next year. Not eligible for lift and shift.
  8. Well, I emailed the TA. They said if I cancel, I'll lose any cash I paid and get back the FCC's. Also, they'll charge me a 50 per person cancelation fee unless I rebook another cruise. Or, they said I can wait up to 48hrs before the cruise to cancel. We've made other plans, my wife is going to have knee surgery( we moved it to August from end of Sept) and we'll go on another vacation. Now to figure out what cruise to use the FCC on for next year.
  9. Thank you, how are the vaccines going over there? Also, Why didn't X just cancel instead of stringing us along. The list I posted above shows all of the cancelled European cruises and ours is not on the list.
  10. Our Reflection Sept 4th cruise from Amsterdam is NOT on the list. Do you think its only a matter of time before they cancel that?
  11. https://www.celebritycruises.com/travel-alert/voluntary-suspension-of-cruising This list shows all of the Europe cancelled cruises( among other cancelled cruises), however the Reflection is not on the list. If we paid with FCC, do we just get the FCC back? I'm assuming we're not going to get 125 percent of FCC back again if X cancels.
  12. Sorry, I'm too busy to follow what X is doing as far as staffing goes. The Reflection( as well as other ships) still appear on the Amsterdam port calendar. That is all I know thus far.
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