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  1. I've been following the BLOG that the owner of our local radio station KHTS has been writing. He and his wife are on the diamond princess. They are travelling with another couple, the wife tested positive ( yesterday)for the virus. They transported her to a hospital in Fukishima by ambulance. She has NO TV Or Internet, just an Iphone. They would not let her husband go with her. No spouses allowed. Today Jerri Jorganson woke up and was clear of the virus. All her blood work, CT scans, etc were clear. They are still making her stay in the hospital for the full 14 days. I'm so sad for her and her husband. I would NOT leave my wife alone in a foreign country. The blog has great information if anyone is interested. https://www.hometownstation.com/santa-clarita-news/editorials/santa-clarita-residents-share-emotions-as-they-prepare-to-leave-coronavirus-quarantine-cruise-part-five-312929
  2. We booked a suite for our December cruise, because the price difference was only 1k IIRC after the 10 percent back from the TA. We'll also get extra CC points. We wanted to try a suite. We booked a suite for a Sept 2021 cruise because we wanted to add a 3rd person to the cabin. You can't have 3 ppl in an AQ cabin.
  3. Since you brought up Haven, let me tell you my experience. We sailed with friends who had a Haven suite in June 2018. We were in the room right next to them.( NOT Haven, aft balcony). We were able to "tag" along with them for disembarkation( for excursions). Whenever they used the concierge for priority whatever, we went with them. We had two meals with them in the Haven restaurant. We also went to the Haven lounge before a show. The service/food they received vs. what we received was like night and day. My wife said if we ever( and we won't) sail NCL again, its Haven or nothing.
  4. The first time we sailed in AQ and experienced Blu, I was super impressed. The last cruise, not so much. I had a more than a few "misses". Undercooked items mostly. Raw risotto, blood red steak for my wife(when ordered medium well). Raw lasagna noodles. The lobster was the best thing I ate on that cruise. The "lump crab" martini was definitely not lump crab. It was more like shredded canned crab. Different strokes I guess. After the cruise, I never, ever wanted to see 1 asparagus spear and 3 mushrooms on my breakfast plate again.
  5. You're correct. I mostly eat organic at home and I don't eat red meat. My wife eats very little red meat and no sauces. LOL. I think she'll find Luminae more of a challenge than I will. If you also recall, I received a lot of comments on my blog, wondering why we would cruise if we're more picky with food. My answer was " Food is just one part of the cruise, there are many other aspects we enjoy". Since having weight loss surgery almost 7 years ago, I now eat to live, rather than living to eat. I actually always lose weight on a cruise.
  6. We'll be in a suite in December on connie. First time. Im sure well be able to adjust.
  7. When will this thread die???? Enough already.
  8. We are the rare birds that do spend a lot of time in the cabin.
  9. The owners of our local radio/news station are on the Diamond Princess. They wrote about it here. They have a favorable opinion of Princess cruises, maybe because Princess is headquartered in our town of Valencia/Santa Clarita, CA https://www.hometownstation.com/santa-clarita-latest-news/part-two-santa-clarita-residents-share-first-hand-experience-of-coronavirus-quarantine-on-diamond-princess-312018
  10. When I responded asking what you were confused about, I didn't realize you were the original poster.
  11. I live in Los Angeles, we have two major ports, Port of Long Beach and Port of LA. We get numerous container ships from China daily. I wonder if they are allowing those crew members to debark.
  12. He quoted my post, which was why I responded.
  13. What are you confused about? My statement? I was upset on our last cruise when we skipped Key West and went to Labadee, Haiti instead. That one little change pales in comparison to have an entire itinerary changed. I was sympathizing with the OP.
  14. I just booked a veranda on edge. Granted, it’s for 2022. 2 years away. This will be our first time in a regular balcony cabin. Previous cruises have all been AQ. The next two will be suites. A 10 day southern Caribbean was 1800 x2. That included all 4 perks, plus 425 in obc from TA.
  15. Wow, and to think I was just upset about missing Key West on my last cruise. I can’t imagine what you all were feeling when everything was changed.
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