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  1. Since you cruise a lot, have you heard any of the crew say they have to purchase their own TP?
  2. Sad. Sorry, but this makes me sad. What's wrong with a reusable stainless steel straw? I bring paper straws and they are fine for a frozen drink.
  3. This doesn't have anything to do with cruising, rather cold brew. We'll be in Maui for Xmas and I'm wondering where your fav cold brew is located? Fave coffee shop? We'll be staying in Kaanapali. Thanks!!
  4. Interesting. I don't drink alcohol, however if I did and didn't have a drink package, sounds like a good idea. How do they taste? So, the alcohol is dehydrated?
  5. We went to the ABC's on the Equinox in Sept. We tried to reserve a cart with Bonaire Cruisers, however they were sold out. They were expecting a shipment of more carts, but they were delayed. The owner suggested snorkeling with the Sea Cow. We booked that thru the X. I have to say, it was the best cruise excursion we've taken. They picked us up right at the ship, in the Sea Cow. We litterally, walked off the Equinox and walked over to the Sea Cow. It was a great excursion!! The crew was so passionate about Bonaire, the reefs, etc. If you love to snorkel, you might consider that if you can't get a golf cart.
  6. Hi Thanks for your thoughts, however I discussed it with her and she was open to coming. We're going to book a Europe cruise for 2021 and she'll be the 3rd person in our room. Every single day without her husband is a reminder of what she doesn't have. She can't afford a full cruise fare on her own, especially not a suite. When I inquired about the cost of a 3rd person in a sky suite for 2021, it was 2k. I think it might be a tad easier for her to be with us, since we're a same sex couple. 3 women sharing a room is much different than a single woman sharing a room with a husband/wife.
  7. I gotta say it again. The " lump crab" is NOT lump crab. That salad looks exactly like the "lump crab" martini I had in Blu in September. It was so full of mayo and just not good.
  8. @Jim_Iain Since I'm new to french press, does the water have to be hot? I ask because I'd want to use the bottled water vs. ordering a pot of hot water. I realize its probably a ridiculous question. Now that I think about it, I would assume it needs to be hot to get out the flavor of the ground coffee. I won't be drinking it hot.
  9. 😄Thank you. Are they plastic? I'm assuming probably so.
  10. I don't drink tea, but I'm picky about my iced coffee( I don't drink it hot). I thought I would grab coffee from OV cafe or room service, let it cool and then make my own iced coffee the next day. It was HORRIBLE. The coffee was just nasty. I tried getting iced coffees from Cafe Al baccio and those were so dang strong, I had to let the ice sit overnight before I could drink it the next day. On our next cruise, I'm going to bring Cold Brew filter packs and a plastic pitcher and make my own cold brew.
  11. I'm very sorry about your foot. I always say that it wouldn't be a vacation if something didn't happen to my wife's feet/toes. She usually trips, cuts it, gets massive blisters, etc. Last year, she tried to save an overturned sting ray in Marco Island, FL and ended up slipping off the rock and cutting open the bottom of her foot. Do you buy the medical insurance before you sail? does it cover those types of injuries?
  12. Thank you for my first laugh of the day!!
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