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  1. If you read the article, it said "Numerous other packages of cocaine, valued at millions, washed up on Florida’s Atlantic coast from Miami to Jacksonville late last month."
  2. I wonder if it was related in any way to this: https://www.wftv.com/news/trending/sea-turtle-nesting-surveyor-finds-12-million-worth-cocaine-florida-beach/F6HRG3WS2JDXTEIF36B3N6ZHTA/
  3. Listen carefully around a minute into this video when she was questioned about whether vaccines will be required. https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Travel/video/carnival-cruise-line-president-talks-restarting-cruise-industry-78081592
  4. We got up at 5:20 and watched her come in from our balcony, the ran over to Grills for a few minutes.
  5. We spend a lot of time at the port restaurants - love to see ships coming and going. We were at Grills on 5/16 and watched the Liberty come in, turn around and dock at CT3, pretty cool to see that.
  6. No, that's in front of Fishlips. Mardi Gras will dock at Terminal 3 which is down by Jetty Park.
  7. Sometimes it does but I do have to admit we've slept through a couple because they were delayed or I just plain forgot. LOL
  8. It's always been free. That camera is pointed right at the Disney Fantasy which is in port now.
  9. There was one today! The sound is my favorite part.
  10. I believe you said you're on/near one of the President streets? You can't be far from me, but we're just under a mile south of the Jetty between Ocean Woods and Chandler Park on that map. ☺️ We're up for sunrise every day but now I need to make sure we're up early enough to see the Mardi Gras come in tomorrow morning!
  11. Firefly, you're farther south of the Jetty than we are. 😂
  12. Yes, if you plan to park at the Jetty, you'll need to buy a parking pass in advance. You won't be able to pull up and pay for parking tomorrow morning.
  13. We'll be watching from our balcony as Mardi Gras comes in and should also be able to see her from our front door after she's docked. From Port Canaveral's Facebook page posted yesterday: PLAN FOR MARDI GRAS ARRIVAL ON FRIDAY JUNE 4: Port Canaveral today released its plan for public access to the Port for viewing the arrival of Carnival Cruise Line's newest and most innovative ship, Mardi Gras, scheduled to arrive early Friday morning, June 4 to new Cruise Terminal 3 (CT3). Subject to change, the Mardi Gras is expected to pass Jetty Park by 6:15 a.m. and proceed to the M
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