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  1. I believe they are allowing this, but you have to ask for it. I have seen a letter giving everyone $150 obc per cabin, but I haven't received mine yet.
  2. This is what I recommend. Bringing back sand, rocks, shells, etc. is, as stated, a concern for many reasons.
  3. We do the same and bottles of liquor will undoubtedly put our checked bags over the limit if we are flying. My SUV doesn't care about the weight.
  4. Costco (well, our's anyway) has some good upper level stuff in beer and wine, so it wouldn't surprise me if they carried something like Hennessy's in stores where they are allowed to.
  5. All one needs for a REAL ID compliant license is proof of legal presence in the US. The REAL ID license doesn't come with a background check or with a machine readable chip similar to what is in a passport/passport card. And the REAL ID allows one to enter into property under federal jurisdiction whereas the EDL is recognized by other countries as proof of US citizenship (and may be used as a stand alone document for cruises). So there are key differences between the two.
  6. I understand, but people are confused by it and it's worth pointing out to keep them from showing up with just a drivers license.
  7. Costco or Sam's isn't an option for everyone. We can only buy liquor here in Vermont at a state run liquor store.
  8. To be clear the Enhanced Drivers License is only issued by 5 states, Vermont, New York, Minnesota, Michigan, and Washington State and this shouldn't be confused with REAL ID compliant licenses.
  9. Passengers 16 and over will need a government issued ID and birth certificate or other proof of US citizenship. As long as the shore excursion doesn't cross borders you are ok.
  10. In re-reading the information I do have to ask...why do the unvaccinated get 24 extra hours to test before departure?
  11. This is correct, I misread this guidance myself when I first read it. There is a link at the top of Carnival's page to the protocols.
  12. That could be it, but no matter the reason it is disappointing for many (especially anyone who paid a premium to go to Bermuda and ended up in the Bahamas). ETA I just looked at the Carnival website and this sailing was supposed to be under the vaccinated cruise standard, which I took to mean 100% vaccinated but the website is confusing (as usual) so I'm not sure at all.
  13. Well, Carnival has cancelled our Bermuda itinerary and substituted it with the Bahamas. We'll have to schedule another cruise to Bermuda sometime in the future (hopefully our 3rd attempt will succeed).
  14. If you can't understand why people are upset you can't. I can.
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