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  1. In Vermont copies of the presented documents are retained and the license is mailed to the person, which allows time for the verification of all of the documents presented. Whether they do such a review or not I don't know but wouldn't be surprised to find out that such a review occurs. No human system will ever be perfect but we do have the capacity to learn from such failures. As flawed as the TSA is I, for one, am glad they are on the job (while recognizing that they can and should get better).
  2. If it is a federal courthouse, yes, and as I said several posts ago they very well may make an exception for someone called to jury duty who doesn't have a REAL ID compliant ID. If they don't make an exception then they will have to excuse that person from jury duty, I don't see any other option since having a REAL ID compliant ID is completely voluntary.
  3. I presume that the documents receive a secondary review and are double checked in the requisite databases and if not then such a review should take place. In any event each state will need to determine the best way to avoid this and take the appropriate measures.
  4. Of course the credible ID being discussed only pertains at the federal level, presumably the non-REAL ID compliant IDs are still valid for obtaining benefits if needed. One could still perform one's civic function/obligation on a local jury (I don't recall being asked for an ID the last time I served on a jury, but it's been a while and I might have been asked).
  5. It is something that each state needs to consider and the problem is solved by the issuance of a paper DL that can used until the license is issued (which is what we get in Vermont when we renew, we don't receive the actual license until a couple of weeks later.
  6. A lot of people don't have that need and if they don't have that need why would they go through the trouble to be able to enter the courthouse for jury duty? I know a good number of people who have never flown, have no interest in flying and will likely live out their days with their feet firmly planted on terra firma (as a former naval aviator who loves everything about flying I don't get it, but that's irrelevant). If they don't have an exception to the ID rule for those called for jury duty then those folks won't be able to sit on the jury and they can't be punished because there is no law that says a REAL ID is required except in very limited circumstances.
  7. They are on our "to try" list as soon as I find a sailing that we want to and can do (and by the time all of that aligns they very well could be charging a service charge).
  8. There is the human element that needs to be considered and management controls can be put into place to minimize this, also.
  9. The post you quoted was directed at people needing REAL ID for getting into a federal courthouse for jury duty, not to travelers.
  10. Dealing with an insider threat is much more difficult, but as I understand it part of the reason for REAL ID is to provide consistent security enhancements in the issuance of IDs across the states to make it harder to make a fake ID (note that "harder" does not equate to "impossible").
  11. This is why I think they will have some sort of alternative available.
  12. I stopped ordering room service when a delivery fee was added (the other cruise lines we have used have adopted the same practice). In a pinch we might order continental breakfast (but it's just as easy for me to grab something from lido and bring it back to the cabin) and if we do I'll give the delivery person a couple of bucks. Many hotels that I've stayed in also charge a service fee and automatic gratuity.
  13. I've eaten in plenty of restaurants where the tips were shared among many. Tipping pools are quite common.
  14. If an extra tip is warranted we leave it on the last night. We always see the steward at some point on the last evening and if we happen to not see them then we'd leave the envelope in the cabin (which is what we do in hotels anyway, except it's called a room there😀).
  15. I agree, but if they were inept in one instance then they may have been inept in more so they have to double check. Still, if you are there what alternatives do you have? None that I'm aware of (unless you want to walk away from your flight), you still need to go through the additional screening.
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