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  1. I use a passport now because my travel needs changed and we can now travel by air, which is something we could not do before 2015 and we're leaving for our 4th trip to Germany in April. If anyone is concerned about the "what ifs" then they absolutely should get a passport and more power to them. I will provide a counter-point to the what ifs and this thread is a perfect example- "what if my kid gets sick when we're on the cruise?" If you are traveling with young children it is a question that absolutely has to be asked because kids do get sick. But why should someone who is not traveling with kids even consider the question? "What if we miss the ship?" is another question that can be asked and for the most part that is entirely within the passengers control by what they choose to do in port. If they go off on their own and stray far from the port then their risk is higher for possibly missing the ship. If they are staying on the ship in the ports then it's a moot point for them. For myself I always make sure that we plan to return to the ship hours before the deadline or if not then we are on a ship's excursion. And I participate in these discussions so people can have as much information as possible in order to make the decision that works best for them. Everyone's travel needs are different, and there are legitimate choices to be made in choosing travel documentation. Whether it's advisable or not for any particular traveler is a question I generally won't answer because I don't have enough information to make that call.
  2. So let them whine. Personally in the scenario presented in the original post I wouldn't have tried to get home at all (even if I had a passport). If the ship was allowing me to stay that is exactly what I would do, because I know that the situation isn't that bad.
  3. I advise people to use their head and make their own decisions based on their own needs and risk factors. I don't second guess their decision because I haven't enough data about them. Again, their decision to travel without a passport doesn't affect you in the slightest so there's hardly a need to disparagingly label them.
  4. We used this coming off Anthem and it was nice, but I wouldn't be using it to justify getting a passport if I didn't otherwise need it.
  5. I won't debate that a passport is the best travel document you can have, but it's not necessarily the best practice for some. I live in a border town and many of my friends and neighbors cross that border regularly for business and pleasure. It's the only type of foreign travel they are ever going to do. They all use either a passport card or Enhanced Drivers License (which is issued by only 5 states, Vermont being one of them). They would scoff at any suggestion that they obtain a passport. There are also people who only travel via closed loop cruise once every year or two. It's the only type of foreign travel they can do, at least right now. If they decide that they can use an alternative to a passport since it meets their needs what's that to anyone else?
  6. Ah, but it kind of is St Maartin's problem because they now have an undocumented alien on their island. Of course this undocumented alien is a money spending tourist so they aren't going to throw them in jail but they are certainly going to cooperate with the US government to get them off of the island as quickly as possible. And one cannot obtain a visa without a passport the last time I checked. As I said, the most efficient means of dealing with this from a government viewpoint is to make arrangements for the citizen to return to the nearest US airport and deal with them there (which, once again, is allowed in the regulations).
  7. So you are going to paint the millions of people who choose to travel without a passport on closed loop cruise every year with the same brush? I'm sure some of them fall into the "silly" category but I'm also sure that some of them have actually done their due diligence (and have considered all of the what ifs) in making their decision.
  8. Only those who do extensive independent duty travel, I never carried a passport. Family members are a different matter entirely.
  9. They will only do this once the US citizen has exhausted all means to get the funds themselves.
  10. Nope, I didn't need it when I was in (and I did have to return under those circumstances) and it's not needed now. Military ID and military orders allows you to travel without a passport. (And when one returns to the US via military flight one still has to clear Customs.)
  11. I said arrangements would be made for you by the authorities to go to the airport to fly to the nearest US airport (this is not something that you as the passenger have much, if any, role in) and that is where the delay would come in (you would also face delay at secondary inspection). If you are on an island without a Consulate how do you get to the nearest Consulate, which is likely on another island controlled by another government? You would need much more government intervention to get there then you would need to return to the US. This is exactly why the passport requirement may be waived under the regulations (which is not the same as the issuance of an emergency passport)
  12. That's what the exceptions in the regulations all represent- special circumstances that may or may not be applicable to the general public. My point was that I'm quite used to traveling without a passport so for me to make the decision not to get one for a closed loop cruise wasn't that hard to make. When our travel patterns changed and we needed the passports we got them.
  13. The difference is in the "how" they get home. One set of travel has regulations allowing for exceptions, the other doesn't. That's a big difference.
  14. No, I didn't need a passport, just a little bitty green card that said "US Armed Forces". (And that type of travel is also one of the exceptions in the DHS regulations.)
  15. I've done much the same except I always consider "likely" scenarios because let's face, many things can happen but the liklihood of them happening is a different matter. Different people are definitely going to come to different conclusions on this one and each person's decision is what is best for them.
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