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  1. The passport processing agencies have access, Consulates may not which may be why your friend says they require the marriage certificate when issuing passports. According to the quote I provided from the Vermont DMV website it does say that the documentation is kept on file and it's my understanding that other DMV's do the same. The government collects paperwork. It's one of the things they are good at (the other thing they are good as is asking for the paperwork if it is required๐Ÿ˜€).
  2. Even before REAL ID became a thing DMV's required paperwork to support name changes.
  3. Sorry if I hit a nerve, SRF, but I'm not arguing. In fact for the underlying premise, bring the marriage certificate because it's better to be safe then sorry, we agree 100%. I was simply pointing out 1) the State Department website does not require a marriage certificate to be submitted with a first time passport application and 2) we were indeed not required to submit that document for DW's passport application several years ago. Could they ask for it if additional documentation was needed? Yes, they could, just like CBP can, but I suspect it's only asked for if it's not clear from the DMV record what was submitted to support the change of name.
  4. Here is a description of a Passport Specialist and it is my understanding they are the ones that are issuing passports at passport processing centers https://careers.state.gov/passport/. They do work for the Bureau of Consular Affairs but they are not Consular Officers.
  5. 2015 and the requirements listed on the website now are the exact same as they were back then. We have a passport office 18 miles from my house and I've never seen a vacancy for that job title there (which of course isn't conclusive that they don't work there but it is suggestive).
  6. I've read of two instances where that wasn't required at all, which is good because there was no Consulate or Embassy to visit. If I can't count on the government getting me home in an emergency then I shouldn't travel at all.
  7. I've eaten several burgers of the Five Guys/JR/In&Out variety and don't understand the rave reviews. They are all right but certainly aren't haute cuisine.
  8. They didn't ask for it when DW applied for her first passport and the names definitely didn't match. Plus the website doesn't list this as a requirement. Perhaps a Consular Officer has different requirements when issuing a passport than do the folks who process them at passport issuing centers.
  9. Not necessarily, there are provisions in the regulations that allow the waiver of the passport requirement for emergencies or for humanitarian reasons.
  10. That's why I say it's better to be safe than sorry. I would expect that in the case of getting the DL after marriage that the name change document would still be required to show the change, but that might be a case when CBP would need to ask for the name change document as additional paperwork but that wouldn't happen until after the cruise. For grins I went to the Vermont DMV site and this is what it says for a new license: If name on license is/will be other than the name that appears on a primary source document (for example, through marriage, adoption, court order, or other mechanism permitted by State law or regulation), evidence of the name change through the presentation of documents issued by a court, governmental body or other entity as determined by the Commissioner is required. DMV will maintain copies of the documentation presented, and maintain a record of both the recorded name and the name on the primary source documents.
  11. I'm definitely in the "better safe than sorry" camp on this one, but there is nothing on the CBP website that states this as a requirement (as I understand it there is a FAQ somewhere where they say that they can ask for additional documentation if they feel it's warranted). When someone changes their name on their drivers license they have to submit a document justifying the name change to DMV and this information is captured in the DMV's database, which in turn is verified by CBP during the cruise. Again, better safe than sorry. (And yes, one could get a passport to avoid carrying the extra paper if one wishes but it's worth noting that you don't have to submit a name change document for a first time passport application, it only needs to be submitted to change a name on an existing passport.)
  12. As I recall it's about an ounce and a half for a simple mixed drink like rum and cola but a lot depends on the recipe.
  13. Yes you may order drinks within the limits of the program in the MDR.
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