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  1. We have Bingo regularly that I assist with and I would expect that each bingo would count even if 2 were on one card (we aren't computerized but I've never seen two Bingoes on one set of cards).
  2. It seems to me if there are three players with a Bingo then the payout is divided by 3, the relation of each player to the other is irrelevant. (Same thing would apply if you each bought a lottery ticket with the same numbers, the payout would be divided by two.)
  3. This has been our experience, the tables are usually separated by a few inches and are glorified tables for 4 (and sometimes 6 depending on where in the dining room you are). This is something that we've experienced on all three lines that we've sailed.
  4. It is a huge investment to put on any of those shows so most cruise lines (not just Royal) keep the same show for many years.
  5. A legible copy is sufficient for those under 16, for 16 years and older one needs a government issued photo ID to go with it, but in both cases a copy is sufficient under the regulations (and cruise lines may impose a stricter standard)(and it needs to be a copy of an official birth certificate, also). It is best to use the original but it's also good to keep in mind what alternatives are available.
  6. Most of us understand that stuff happens. Since my wife is always right I would have accepted that myself.🙂
  7. Probably the easiest thing to do right here. You should know by final payment date if they are going or not so should have more than enough time to make the change.
  8. Is there any place that might have a copy of his birth certificate? While it is best to use the original if possible a copy is acceptable under the regulations. A job, school, etc. might have a copy available. I would look for something like that while also applying for one by vital chek.
  9. Check with the maitre'd when you first board and he might be able to give you a small table (if you aren't assigned to one already). One of the pleasures for us though is meeting new people and dinner is a good time for that, but we have ended up at a table for two at least half the time.
  10. I was just going to mention this and I'm sure it's a big money maker for them- they can rent out more rooms then they have because no one will be actually staying in them. OP, we did something similar to this our first time in Nassau. We found a hotel that sold us an all inclusive day pass that allowed us full use of the facilities, drinks, meals, and even towels and changing area. I believe I found it on a general "things to do in Nassau for the day" google search.
  11. I'd give them a call first to see if they would make the change without the hassle and maybe for the full amount of the difference.
  12. To be clear any purchase your account is going to start with a $500 credit and any purchase will reduce that credit, not just in the casino. If you are playing slots you should be able to insert your sail and sign into the machine, download money to your player bank from it (charged to your cabin) and play. The instructions for doing this are very easy to follow on the machine.
  13. Since the only real risk is delay in returning to the US many feel that the risk is low enough. When we started cruising it would have cost us $850 for passports for a 4 day trip that cost $1900. We did our research and decided to wait to get passports when we actually needed them, which was 6 years later. Others would be in the same situation and determine that the $850 was worth it. We're all different and have different travel needs.
  14. Legible copies are acceptable under the regulations so the person that was checking you in wasn't trained correctly.
  15. The CD on Pride had us all chanting "the Cat in the Hat is on the loose" all the way from the Atrium to the theater.
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