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  1. You should probably read the cruise ship contract clauses regarding medical care onboard. It's entirely likely that any major medical emergency is going to overwhelm the staff/facilities/equipment and everyone is warned of this in the contract. Here's what Carnival's contract has to say as a for instance: The Guest admits a full understanding of the character of the Vessel and assumes all risks incident to travel and transportation and handling of Guests and cargo. While at sea or in port the availability of medical care may be limited or delayed. Guest acknowledges that all or part of their voyage may be in areas where medical care and evacuation may not be available. Guest agrees to indemnify and reimburse Carnival in the event Carnival elects to advance the cost of emergency medical care, including medical care provided ashore as well as transportation and/or lodging in connection therewith. Guests who embark in violation of the Ticket Contract terms assume all associated risks and agree to indemnify and reimburse Carnival for all resulting losses, costs and expenses, including without limitation those related to the Vessel's deviation from its scheduled route, and other expenses attributable to disembarkation of such Guests. Guests are further advised to refer to sections 5 and 10 below which specify their responsibilities and obligations in these situations. In any event I would not let the absence of any of the items that you list prevent me from sailing in the future.
  2. I think he meant to say "zero chance of walking away from a ship" as in there is too much invested to just desert the project at this stage. Just a guess.
  3. And even regulatory changes won't necessarily lead to better behaviors, especially if there's no deterrent. I've seen plenty of people force their way past the hand sanitizer stations (and the sinks before the buffet on Anthem).
  4. I don't think much will change once this pandemic passes. People will revert to who they were and life will go on.
  5. You're lucky, all I had for protection was my school desk (in the early 60's).
  6. Supposed to sail at the end of August but now we're just waiting for an update with everyone else. This looks like it's a combination of the delay in construction and the suspension of operations. I've been making payments for awhile so that money would just go into savings until we figure out what to do.
  7. Really not surprising. Of course none of us know how long all of this is going to last.
  8. But the fact is you entered the country when your ship was docked and cleared by immigration. You don't change your entry, you change the reason for being in the country and the way you are leaving the country. Our first trip to Germany was in 2015 and we've gone every year/year and a half since then but we've never been on a direct flight (and had nothing to declare on arrival so didn't have to talk to anyone).
  9. I don't know and hope never to find out (I'm the one that pays for all of our trips and it's only DW and myself).
  10. Sounds like you are out of luck. I'm not a fan of calling the credit card company just because the vendor is sticking to their terms and conditions. If our carrier doesn't extend the coverage to our October trip we're out $120 and likely will not be able to purchase a policy now with a pre-existing condition waiver unless we pay extra.
  11. For some the fact that a ship is "crappy" may not hinge on the ship's age. Some might consider a new ship that is in essence a floating amusement park to be "crappy". Some might consider a ship crappy if the food isn't 4 star or better in the dining room. In other words everyone's definition of "crappy" is going to be different.
  12. I am glad that at least some carriers are doing this. We had to reschedule our flight to Germany that was originally scheduled in April. We purchased our plan through www.insuremytrip.com and submitted the paperwork through them requesting that the carrier transfer the coverage to the new dates.
  13. We've sailed with Carnival from 2012 to now and find the food to be just as good, although the menu is more limited now (which can make it a challenge for DW to find something she can eat). OP, your sail and sign card will now be at your cabin when they are ready and until you get to the cabin you will use your boarding pass for any purchases (this procedure is also used by other cruise lines and it does speed up the embarkation process while controlling access to the cabins). For embarkation you choose the time you want to show up to the port and that is when you show up. This also speeds up embarkation. If you show up early or late they have a separate line for those folks and will check people in once the other line is empty. If you input your credit card info on the website and complete the online check in then you are checked in at the door to the terminal and there is no need to go to the counter. In the main dining room they have implemented American Table which consists of a new menu (as I said with more limited options) and no table clothes on non-elegant nights. This change caused a lot of discussion here on Cruise Critic and for us it's not an issue since most of the restaurants we frequent at home don't use table clothes, either. Also the menu will include a la carte offerings from the steakhouse so if you want the steakhouse filet mignon you can order that for a lower price than going to the steakhouse (don't forget to order sides from the regular menu to augment the entree'). On sea days they offer sea day brunch in the MDR instead of breakfast. They open a little later and go a little later. I've enjoyed the brunch menu that they offer and eating later on a sea day works well for us. For the cabin your steward will give you a card that allows you to pick when your cabin is serviced- morning, evening or both. We've never had a steward balk at "both". They've added Guys Burgers to all ships now (I think) and Blue Iguana which offers made to order Mexican food (and offers a great breakfast burrito from what I've read). Entertainment has taken a step back in the main theater and they have a lot more shows that are audience participation. I believe that Punchliners comedy is the same. That's what I can think of off the top of my head. We still find that Carnival gives us a good value for our vacation dollar.
  14. Thanks for that quote, I'll have to file that away. As for the last paragraph I can imagine the administrative nightmare that would be, unless the people helping to pay for the cruise used their own cards to pay their portion.
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