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  1. Since I didn't even use a passport for travel until 2015 I'm more than comfortable traveling without it.
  2. I find nothing at all scary about carrying my passport, but I don't like carrying things with me that I don't have to carry so unless I actually need the passport (local law, taking an excursion that require it, etc.) then it stays in the safe. As Hlitner said there is no right or wrong answer, we each need to do what we are comfortable doing and that makes the most sense from our own personal point of view.
  3. Does this list pertain to a Venezuelan citizen?
  4. We always use www.insuremytrip.com to find a policy since we can find a policy for less with more robust coverage. My medical insurance does offer coverage overseas, but with the stipulation that I need to use an in-network provider. I don't want to have to worry about finding an in-network provider in a foreign country. Our policy for our just completed trip cost $100 and since we purchased it within 14 days of booking our trip it included a pre-existing condition waiver. I don't care how much money insurance companies make, I buy the insurance to protect myself against a loss. I am glad that they do make money though because it keeps rates affordable.
  5. If it is a Caribbean cruise (which it does sound like) then I know I'd be looking at other cruise lines. Much preferable than no holiday.
  6. The OP said that father is from Venezuela and it can take a year to get an updated passport, so updating it isn't an option for them.
  7. I just completed a cruise on Royal Caribbean and in the casino it said that you could earn a cruise with 2,400 points. I normally contribute $20 to the slots on a cruise and I did that on this cruise. At the end of 10 minutes I was down $20 and had amassed a whopping 10 points. Needless to say I didn't get a "free" cruise and likely won't any time soon.😉
  8. Most cruise lines only recommend that 6 months remain but you say MSC has a policy that requires it and if that is the case then it doesn't matter what the ports of call require. If MSC actually only recommends that 6 months remain then you will need to check the entry requirements for each country visited to find out the requirement for Venezuelan citizens (including any requirement for a visa).
  9. We leave one open so we can put our dirty laundry in it.
  10. Speaking of towels, they don't provide pool towels in the cabin, you have to check them out at a towel station.
  11. They wouldn't necessarily but many hotel rooms do have them so it's reasonable for someone to ask about them.
  12. Just off Anthem. Had a room safe, fridge, shampoo/conditioner combined and bar soap for washing. I would expect this to be pretty standard.
  13. Typically you need a photo ID to re-enter the port area in most ports and that can be you passport, a passport card, a drivers license or state issued ID or any other government issued photo ID. It has been my experience that the port security people don't look that closely at what is presented and it's entirely possible that they wouldn't notice that your ID was expired, but then again they very well might. If you don't want to use your passport then it might be best to have the state ID renewed.
  14. We're back already but I'm not sure that I could have discovered that information on board. Our CD was Dennis Charles, for what that is worth.
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