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  1. Thanks everyone. Sounds like the discount is not really a discount...😔
  2. There will be taxis, shuttle buses, and ship and private tour transport at the ship berth.
  3. We cruised a few months ago for the first time at CC Elite + level. But were not given discounts on speciality dining and beverage packages. When and how are these discounts applied?
  4. Thank you, not sure why I thought they were held at sail away....
  5. Hi, are the CC Meet and Mingle parties always on the first night or can it vary depending on the ship and schedule?
  6. Hi Happy Cruiser, what I meant was if I booked AQ and did not choose OBC, beverage package etc, then made a bid and was accepted for a move up to a suite, would the move up include these perks, which are included in suite class. Just a scenario and curious as this in not covered in FAQ.
  7. If we booked an AQ with no perks and NRD, then took advantage of a Move Up offer to a suite, do we get the perks included in suite class?
  8. Hi Droop. our April is your Spring time, so warm but not hot but will nearer to the Equator crossing. We personally love the aft cabins and never had an issue with noise, soot, and smells. We love the 180 degree views and the beauty of the ship wake both day and night. Our favourite is an aft Aqua class which is increasingly popular and rarely available when we book :(
  9. Thanks mahdnc. I see the departure flights from Miami need to be after 2pm. Unfortunately our flight with United/Air New Zealand departs at 1.45pm.😏
  10. Does anyone know if this service applies to travellers departing for an overses destination point? After the cruise our flights leave from Miami, stop over in Houston before flying out of the US.
  11. I have read information that you cant book Dinner on the Edge until you board and this event only occurs once per cruise. But I would like to know if you did experience this dining, what did you think and what was on the menu? Is it worth the additional charge?
  12. Thanks everyone for your help, I find it hard to choose based on the brief descriptions given on the online booking page. I decided to book a tour that did not look to have too long on the bus to and from, and took advantage of the 30% off sale.
  13. Thanks everyone for your advice. I emailed Celebrity and they were very quick to rectify this for us.
  14. Thanks for your advice. I have checked past cruises and it is not there. Coincidently I checked my details in my account for an upcoming cruise and found I was 10 years younger 😍! I think it may have to do with the new website, when our details were transferred over the system lost a lot of data. I have amended my birth date in my account and hope that helps. I also emailed CC asking them to check our points.
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