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  1. Oasis returned to the scene of the crime today... was able to snap a few photos of the remedies applied to the Carnival Glory. Kinda off ironic that Glory was parked forward today and not aft side in.
  2. Any chance you could post photos of the Teen Activities “Cruise Compass”? My Teenagers are inquiring. Thanks in advance. #askingforafriend
  3. As a current connoisseur of connecting cabins for our kids... this is a very big risk/reward strategy. They’re attempting to monetize the value of connecting cabins (With a significant premium) for families but in reality it will probably price some families out of taking a RC Cruise. Their “bet”’ is that the premium revenue collected wIll exceed the number of people that adversely select a competitor. What will we do? Since we will have a 17 / 15 year old (at that time), we are fortunate not to NEED connecting rooms. As a result we will not pay the premium and book non-connecting rooms. Then hope that this strategy gets reversed a can switch into a connecting room. Am I upset that they’re implementing this pricing strategy? No. They’re a for profit business and attempting to maximize their revenues. I do the same (or inverse depending on your perspective) for my finances and look to minimize my expenses.
  4. Curious to see if they’ll update the ship so that RFID / Wow Bands can be used. My guess is yes but put the odds at 70/30. Does any else have a thought? Or even better inside info?
  5. Cruise lines should look to take a page from the Airline and Hotel industry.... bestow Elite Status on rolling basis - not forever. Regular purging of the ranks is good for everyone. Casino Royale already does this today. Very easy to implement... $$ Revenue or ## of nights over rolling period (e.g 24/36/48 months). All based up actual travel (aka BIS -Butts in Seats) to count and very limited (if any) ability to transfer to others. Sorry Junior - you don’t get mom and dads upgrades. Reward your customers who are actually spending money with you today (not 10+ years ago).
  6. 4.25 I’m a Professional Lurker. Just like Brigadoon, I magically appear from time to time. After this post it goes up to 4.375
  7. Roatan (RTB) is actually serviced by Delta, United and American as well as a few other non-US airlines. People we met on the trip actually flew Avianca via El Salvador (hey, it worked!)
  8. Above posters are correct, but wanted to share a recent experience for those who might contemplate traveling without a passport. Symphony was scheduled to depart Miami the afternoon of 4/20. Severe thunderstorms from Ohio to Florida cancelled numerous flights inbound to South Florida the prior day. With it being Easter weekend, many people couldn’t get rescheduled flights until after the shipped departed. If you had a passport, you could fly to the first port (Coxen Hole / Roatan) and join the cruise for the remaining 5 nights. If you didn’t have a passport, you couldn’t join as you couldn’t have flown. Not sure if the 6 month rule would have factored in/applied here or not. Reason #6,234 as to why to cruise with a only Passport Book (not card).
  9. Ask and ye shall receive... Good point about priority access, meant to add that. We were told (nothing in writing) priority access was available but only l on non-sea days. Which didn’t do us much good as the lines weren’t that long on those days.
  10. No fruit plate for us... not that we needed it. Vitality Spa and Park Cafe were each 1 floor away. Out of curiosity, did they deliver it daily? Or just once?
  11. Just off the 4/20 Symphony and had The Key. Was able to book it for $20 pp per day. My apologies on regurgitating the commentary from others here but the long and short of it is for Oasis Class out of Miami. I wouldn’t bother. For us that is. The boarding and disembarkation process in Miami is so good streamlined that we didn’t even use any perks. We checked all our bags so we had nothing to checks at the Theater. We had a late breakfast so Chops lunch wasn’t of use. Priority hours were limited (1 hour per venue for the week) and late. Reserved theater seating was nice, but both times we wanted to use it, our dinner ran long and while we able to get in, didn’t use the seating. (Yes, it was my issue for only scheduling 1.5 hours for dinner). The only “new benefit” (at least that I knew of) is unlimited towel access. You don’t have to check in/check out towels. As someone who is a stickler to the towel process already, it’s not a huge perk. But I was able to use it to diffuse a towel argument while on an excursion. “Here, take mine” made a tense situation in foreign country disappear. Good perk. Departure breakfast was good, but nothing unlike the dining all week. Although I may have been “foodied out” after 7 days. YMMV and I give Royal credit for trying to provide new and innovative services (even if it costs $). But for our upcoming Oasis Class ships out Miami, we will pass on the Key. I did not see any negative impact to other customer’s experiences as a result of our Key access. If you feel it may a value to you buy it, buy it. If you don’t, don’t.
  12. Ahhh ... good point. That’s why I shouldn’t post so early in the morning.
  13. From a pure business standpoint (not my wallet's), I find what Royal is doing here to be a sound business practice. Raise the price in the beginning to capture additional dollars from the customers who absolutely must have a specific cabin and sailing. Then over time gradually reduce the price to where the rest of the ship starts to fill up. The complication with the above is that you risk alienating the "must go/must have" customers and they just wait it out like the normally population. Overall, cruising to me is just another a vacation option. I don't own it our maintain it.... It's there for my choosing if I want to use it. If the value proposition ever shifted to where it didn't make sense to me and my family any more... we'll move on. Just like we did from Disney World a few years ago. Some people however don't have this same viewpoint and will continue to spend their $$ cruising (rightfully so).
  14. Meanwhile back in Hockeytown, the “Lose for Hughes” campaign is hitting full stride. Only 1 win in last 10 games. Sorry about the hockey talk... now back to regularly scheduled Symphony discussions.
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