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  1. Thank you so much for your efforts,
  2. We are going on the Getaway Feb 2-7 have all ready booked the Japanese restaurant and want to book either La Bistro or Cagneys, Any preference to either one and I would appreciate seeing the menus if anyone has them, Thank you so much,
  3. We cruised the October 19-26 Seaside, It was our second cruise on this ship the first being in October of 2018. I can only say it was ideal in every way, We could complain about not one thing, Crowds were always well controlled, no rude guests, food excellent in all venues, The ship is beautiful and well kept. We cruised Bella experience and would rate it as an A plus experience. Certainly a step above Carnival which we have cruised many times.
  4. I totally agree with the OP word for word. We also got off Saturday and the second time we have cruised on this ship the first being last October, I could see many positive changes and we found no fault. We have cruised RCL, NCL and Carnival and found MSC a step above.
  5. We were loyal to Carnival and then tried NCL and MSC both were less expensive than Carnival considering we purchased the cheers package. The food and service were similar to Carnival but the biggest difference we noticed besides the entertainment were the clientele. Major difference.
  6. Have traveled several times both cruise lines more alike than different. Norwegian is a better bargain with all the perks offered especially if you were to pay extra for cheers on Carnival. There are several free restaurants on Norwegian with a wonderful 24 restaurant which offers a large menu. I preferred the clientele on the Norwegian line but that's me.
  7. There is really no comparison between Carnival and MSC. We were frequent cruisers on Carnival until we tried Seaside. The ship is beautiful and very spacious for the crowds. The food is equal or slightly above Carnival especially for late night snacks the buffet is loaded with them, plus as mentioned the pizza is excellent and absolutely no waiting in lines, Overall much more elegant. The greatest difference we experienced were the clientele, just a different atmosphere so take it from there, Lots of activity and a fun environment without being out of line, We are booked again on the Seaside this fall. Sadly Carnival is going downhill. Also the Seaside was cheaper considering beverage package.
  8. Thank you for your reply Jimbo. I mean no harm to anyone and just wondered about several things and you answered my questions and certainly entitled to your respect of Carnival. I have no intention of starting new threads I am not a combative person, nor do I have the time to pursue this any longer. I can still have my own opinions on Carnival, John Heald's facebook and other cruise lines that we have sailed. Would love to try Celebrity but due to my age will not be able to cruise any more after our October MSC cruise. Again thank you for your genuinely nice response.
  9. I was referring to do sorry I didn't do it right.
  10. Thought I put the quote in but sorry I must not have known how to do it. I was referring to the many quotes of Jimbo. thank You.
  11. I have followed cruise cruise critic for a number of years and also follow John Heald's facebook. I do wonder why you are so defensive when anyone says anything negative about Carnival. Any time JH name is mentioned you attempt to redeem him and any time there is a criticism of Carnival you dispute it. Am curious if you have never cruised on another line at least a number of times or if you are an employee of Carnival. I do know that JH constantly puts jibes in about Cruise Critic and his faithful minons follow suit. With that hatred shown toward cruise critic I can understand why so few would vote for Carnival. I do think loyal Carnival enthusiasts need to try other lines to discover that they offer a great product, Carnival has gone downhill in our opinion but that's us. Just can't understand your dying devotion over the years to Carnival.
  12. I am a platinum cruiser and have not cruised Carnival for a couple of years as have been on other cruise lines. In all of the Carnival cruises I have taken have never received a cruise review. I would have gladly given a review but apparently not important enough to be sent a review. One of the many reasons I have chosen to try other lines which, by the way, have always sent a review to fill out.
  13. Interesting to hear so many different comments. I am platinum on carnival and just took a MSC cruise last October. MSC is like Macys and Carnival like Walmart. The environment was beautiful, food great, excellent shows plus wonderful clientele. Hardly noticed that some were European really hard to tell unless they spoke their language among themselves. There were many planned activities in the afternoon and the evenings offered several bands and parties so lots of fun and certainly as lively as Carnival. Never found the staff rude and very professional. We had stopped cruising Carnival a couple of years ago and went on NCL and RCL and found them excellent also. Carnival has a good product but the clientele has gone downhill, hard to put into words that don't sound judge-mental. All said we found MSC a great product. This being a Carnival board I know the Carnival diehards won't agree with anything that isn't a Carnival product especially if they are John Heald fans or cheerleaders.
  14. SCI am a senior citizen quite old and travel with two sons in their 40's and 50's. Always went Carnival but then switched to NCL which we also loved. The clientele on Carnival turned us off so we tried MSC and really liked it as well as NCL. We traveled last year in October on MSC and are booked again in October. It had exactly the right mix for us, If we wanted fun there were many opportunities and many quiet places. Food was certainly excellent and always available late at night if needed. Shows were above any of the other ships and all of this as we traveled Bella with an upgraded pkg to the Classic. We were more than pleased with this cruise and the ship is elegant. More choices than anyone could wish for.
  15. The RCCL ships are far nicer as far as decor. Food is about the same except as one person said the comfort food eg Guys burgers and Mexican food bar which are excellent. The biggest difference is the entertainment and clientele. If you enjoy raunchy comedy and below par shows in the theater you will do fine. Lots of baseball caps and men in tank tops in dining rooms if that makes a difference. Also a louder crowd in general, The staff on Carnival are very friendly and the ship is spotless. We were once avid Carnival cruisers but have moved on due to clientele.
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