Royal Caribbean blackjack feedback on cruise survey

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I just got off the Oasis and completed my survey. I let them have it regarding the payouts and rule changes on their blackjack tables.

All $10 tables (which, of course, are the majority of tables) are 6 to 5 payout on blackjack. In addition at those $10 min tables, you are not allowed to take even money for your blackjack when a dealer's ace is showing. There was ONE $15 table minimum and two or 3 $25+ tables that paid 3 to 2 on blackjack and allowed even money.

I let them know it was a slap in the face to make a game that the casino already has quite the advantage over the player, even worse for us. I realize nothing will change unless they find people staying away from those games and therefore making less money each cruise. But, I did want them to know at least one casino patron thought the move was bush league.
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I discovered the same conditions last week on the Freedom, with any table under $25 paying 6:5. I thought my blackjack was mispaid until the dealer pointed to the 6:5. I usually spend 15-20 hours in the casino but played only a few minutes. Later I saw a $6 blackjack be paid $7. The player happily scooped it up but I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

During an off-peak time I asked a pit boss if they would lower the min on a dead $25 table with 3:2 to $15. This person said the min could not be lowered and that 6:5 was “almost the same”. This is definitely NOT the case.

Furthermore, the new style $100 bills I bought in with were all inspected with scrutiny that I had never experienced in any establishment, ever. Literally 20-30 seconds per bill, every bill, inspecting the inkwell with UV light, seemingly confirming the correct president for the halo watermarks, the green on the federal reserve logo, the embedded 100 security strips.... and after all that the usual marker (paper) test. I felt like I was doing something wrong by handing them US currency!?! I understand protecting the house and ‘due diligence’ but this was over the top.

I suspect CSMs or 10 deck shoes will be the next things to come on their BJ tables. They can’t possibly add more betting spots to the felt, or can they? ;-)

I will take my casino money elsewhere.
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The 6:5 is the new trend everywhere on the lower tables. I will never play the lower tables again. 3 of my friends were playing at a $6 so I sat down with them. I was betting $50-200 per hand(I know, stupid) and I hit 2 $50 and 1 $100 blackjacks in one shoe. With the 6:5 payout I lost $60 on those blackjacks compared to 3:2. This is huge casino edge.

I am very surprised that they did not allow even money for BJ when the dealer has an ace up. Taking even money is another huge advantage for the house.

My suggestion is to play less and only play at the $25 and up tables. You will win a higher percentage in the end.
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Taking even money on BJ when dealer shows ace is, essentially, the exact same transaction as insuring the BJ. (do the math, you’ll see…..) But those calculations assume a 3:2 BJ payout. At 6:5 BJ, the calculations are different. I’ve never seen a 6:5 BJ table anywhere offer the even money option when player has BJ and dealer shows ace.

In 3:2 BJ, there is actually a small statistical advantage for the player to play the BJ hand against dealer’s ace – which is the exact reason why casinos encourage players to take the even money.

In 6:5 BJ, player is better off taking the even money – which is precisely why casinos don’t offer this in a 6:5 game.