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Pacific Northwest
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Joined Feb 2006
Fifth SD cruise coming up and for the first time received a nice box with travel docs, luggage tags and bag straps versus just an email to print out!. Is this a new procedure for SD or is this for hitting a loyalty threshold (ie 5th cruise)? Thx

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Chicago area
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Either it is something new, or you are the lottery winner. Years ago we got luggage tags, key card holders and document wallets. As recently as our January cruise, it was just the email. Hmmm, wonder if our TA is keeping all of those goodies. What are the bag straps? Never got anything like that.
Chicago area
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At some point years ago, we were offered a choice. We had been receiving the box with all the goodies, and they said if you take edocs we will give you a credit of $100. We took the money. After that one time, we continued to get edocs but no credit.

Wonder what's going on now?
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I still use the leather key card holder from our last SeaDream cruise as my actual wallet.
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Our first cruise- Vision of the Seas- June 4, 2009 Baltics
Baton Rouge LA
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Interesting! It looks like something new. We did get wine glasses this year around the Holidays which was a nice surprise.
Anyone booking the new Ritz Carlton Yachts? We booked one for February 2020, they look very nice.
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Originally posted by knotheadusc
I still use the leather key card holder from our last SeaDream cruise as my actual wallet.
I use mine to carry my office key and public transport card.
Jacksonville, Florida USA
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We got the same ‘Doc box’ in January. I usually just get the e-tickets however this time I was traveling with newbies. I told my travel agent to send the “goodies” verses the e-tickets. It was a nice little change and I really like the bag straps.
New Orleans
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As onmiss and Zimmy stated above, I think that your travel agent (if you use one) can ask them to send you the box rather than E-Tickets. I remember an agent that we once used asked me if I wanted the e-docs, rather than the mail ones -- then I think that it was leather pouch or something... But there was an up-charge for the package -- I don't remember the amount, but it might have been $100 as Zimmy stated. We always got the e-docs until this last trip when we got one on our last trip also, so I asked our current agent about it. She told me that she asked that it be sent -- but didn't mention the upcharge. Perhaps she just absorbed it, but I don't think that she would have absorbed it if it was $100.
Chicago area
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Our TA has confirmed there is no longer an incentive to e-ticketing. So she arranged with SD that we will be sent the package, with whatever tangible goodies are included, for all future cruises. Thanks, Popper, for this info. Maybe someday we will have enough luggage tags and straps for all the suitcases Zimmy packs.
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We received the box before our cruise earlier this year. No option of a credit was given. We kept the luggage straps and those metal loops, but have tossed the rest of it. We prefer E-tickets rather than excess packaging.