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  1. So in other words, there won't be any cruises leaving from US ports until the CDC makes some reasonable rules. These are not reasonable. It's the same rules that they gave before vaccines were readily available to anyone in the US who wants to cruise. Personally, we only cruised once from a US port, in Fort Lauderdale. We took a HAL cruise on the Prinsendam before it was sold off. We thought it was a beautiful ship, and since we could drive there and leave our car at the park and cruise, it was convenient. It was much cheaper than Regent so we booked a Neptune Suite, and spent 2 weeks on
  2. I am claustrophobic as well. But I was able to do the Atlantis submarine in Grand Cayman, which is similar to the Atlantis submarine in Aruba. There was a walkway down the center, and we sat looking out through the side, which gave a nice view outside. We all had access to rebreathers, and were told how to use them. By being able to look out, and having a way to escape if it was needed, I did OK. Once I started seeing the sea life, I forgot about the enclosed space. On the other hand, I would never be able to do one of the small submarines with 1 or 2 guests, and a "driver" in a coffin t
  3. When would you only be sitting on an airplane for an hour or a few hours? That must be a small charter. We just flew for the first time since Covid 19 with a 2 hour 18 minute flight from Florida to Philadelphia for a family matter. We wore a mask for 2 hours before the flight. We spent over 90 minutes sitting close to each other in gate seating (where no social distancing occurred) while the previous flight was delayed. Our plane came in after boarding was supposed to start. The plane was full. I can assure you that no cleaning took place between flights, which only lasted 5 minutes. As I clea
  4. We were booked in 860 on Splendor for September 2021, and having limited choices when rebooking, we think we have 615 booked for September 2022. We were near the elevator on 860 on Voyager for over a month previously and couldn't hear it, so I'm good with 615, and 608/609 should be OK. In our condo, we live further much further from the elevator, and I can hear it during the night. I'm also prone to sea sickness, and and deck 12 could be a problem for me.
  5. Our back to back cruises on Splendor went totally waitlisted shortly after we cancelled and rebooked for 2022. There were plenty of cabins less than Concierge available when we cancelled our Concierge cabin. We took that as a good sign that we made the right decision. Who thought it was a good idea to book in April for a Regent cruise in September, when more cruises were being cancelled every month?
  6. We decided to postpone our September Regent cruise because our final payment for our back to back cruises starting on Sept 11 was due on April 2nd. It was for a very large amount of money. Toward the end of March, we asked if we could defer our final payment since newer bookings than ours were not requiring final payment, and their cancellations were proceeding from one month to the next. They said no. Since we didn't want to take a chance on having a cruise that doesn't stop in ports or has no excursions, or is cancelled at the last minute (as our 2020 Paul Gauguin cruise was last April with
  7. I heard on the news this morning, from an Orlando TV channel, that the upgrades to Level 4 were not based on current conditions in those countries, but were based on aligning with the CDC's current recommendations. Since the CDC currently still recommends that we do not travel for leisure even if vaccinated, we obviously can't be told that some countries are safe to travel to. That's following the science? But it does keep everyone in the US traveling in the US. We live in Florida, and we travel throughout the state in our RV very often to keep us from going crazy in our condo,
  8. It seems that the Greece embassy in the US doesn't agree with the government of Greece. I have to wonder why the US government shouldn't close the embassy in the US, and send them home since they apparently disagree with the government of Greece.
  9. This is SWFLAOK (the other half). We had a Regent Cruise set for September. We spoke with our TA who contacted them and they all thought the cruise was going to happen. We balked and punted it to '22. Given how things are going all around the world it seemed as though the shore excursions would be limited or closed even if the cruise happens. The Regent rep reflected on our action as "conservative but wise". Looking at COVID Live Update: 140,643,165 Cases and 3,015,001 Deaths from the Coronavirus - Worldometer (worldometers.info) one has to wonder why there is any optimism regarding crui
  10. We needed the yellow fever vaccine for our Silversea cruise to Brazil in November of 2018. To get our Visa, in April of that year, we had to pay 350 dollars each to receive the vaccine since the US version of the vaccine was unavailable due to a supply shortage, and only the European version was available through a few expensive doctor's office who specialized in international travel vaccinations. They checked temps back then since no one who was currently sick was allowed into the office. We had to travel 90 minutes each way to get it. But we had our yellow fever cards, and they were nee
  11. I'm thinking that the French company, Ponant, did not like the announcement by French Polynesia stating that there would be no flights from France allowed on May 1st because of their Covid situation. Ponant retaliated by shutting down the Paul Gauguin since they have plenty of other ships that can carry French citizens. When the Ponant rep joined our PG cruise in 2019 in the Cook Islands, and joined us on our tender, I had a feeling we should have cancelled our April 2020 cruise because he was so arrogant, and had nothing in common with us in what we like when cruising. And from the crew
  12. If you saw Dr. Fauci's answers to Congress today, the answer is ... when it feels safe. Apparently, there's no scientific criteria for it. On the other hand, I received a Happy Birthday card from Jason Montague, wishing me joy, health and prosperity. But it would bring me more joy if he could tell me when Regent will start cruising again.
  13. Yes, as I said, that's a yellow card. It's not a passport. It's not associated with the government in any way. I'm in favor of making Covid vaccine similar to the yellow card for countries that require it. For all of those other recommendations, there are no cards or passports to document them. Recommendations from CDC and WHO with no way to provide documentation of them, as everything else you've listed, are totally worthless as requirements for traveling. It's up to the traveler without any documentation needed. I can say that if I need all of those vaccines to safely visit South Africa
  14. Our favorite cruise was our last one. Voyager Singapore to Singapore, followed by Singapore to Sydney, with a 3 night stay in Sydney as an included (free) post. Emirates business class included from FLL and back. We booked the penthouse suite B on deck 8. It was a great cabin for a long cruise. We left in December 2019, and arrived home on January 11. We were looking forward to our Paul Gauguin cruise from Fiji to Bali in April, and our first river cruise on Viking from Amsterdam to Budapest with a 3 night stay in Prague starting in mid-May. Both paid in full, but haven't happened. At lea
  15. Politics aside, Madiliner, can you point me to the definition of a yellow passport? I wasn't able to find anything like this as a government issued passport in the US. We have a yellow fever card that documents our yellow fever vaccine. It's a once only vaccine, so the card is good for life. The other vaccines you mention aren't all once and done, so it seems very strange that you could get a "passport" of any type based on those. And why a tetanus vaccine would be required for admittance to any country, I don't know. More information would be appreciated.
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