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  1. Once a few years ago we needed a hotel in Amsterdam for a river cruise. We booked the Amsterdam Hilton on no better recommendation than a 40 year old song by John Lennon! It was just OK, and no more. The next time we needed a hotel in Amsterdam for a river cruise we asked out TA who booked into a delightful hotel, with open “serve yourself” bar and a location close to the museums. And at no greater cost than the one we booked ourselves. Our feeling is that if one books a cruise though a TA, that TA should be one who can give good advice on hotels associated with the cruise, and book them. And
  2. flossie, Actually I like Regent very much, based on my pre-pandemic cruises. I also like Celebrity suites and the PG. But all these lines could stand improvement on some areas, especially post-pandemic. rallydave, Thanks for the info on international flights and problems with the return home for guests who test positive. ‘’All, A reading of all the threads here on related subjects will show that I am far from alone in finding current protocols unacceptable.
  3. Although we receive a Regent ad in the mail about twice a week, we aren’t paying any money to book anything until we are given different protocols and restrictions and guest’s rights from those Dave posted. Does anybody know how to opt out of those mail ads? Our recycle bin is getting full of them.
  4. snorkle lover, I agree. but our concern, after being fully vaccinated for three months, is about who pays the expense for denied boarding due to a positive test (which can happen with vaccinated people), including air home! I can't see anythng about this in the Regent ticket contract, except that Regent has no responsibility for it. Wearing a mask in public areas really isn't the main problem for us. We do that here in Durango CO due to City Ordinance (which I lobbied for a few months ago) because tourists here weren't masking up. So we are used to wearing a mask (to protect those unvaccinated
  5. Dave, thanks for posting the contract language used by Regent. As we fully vaccinated people can have the virus, and test positive, and not even know it, it seems that Regent is over-reaching given the fact that all onboard will have been vaccinated. Given this, I’m sure we would all like to know if insurance is available to pay expenses caused by Regent’s refusal to board a vaccinated guest due to a positive test result.
  6. Thanks, all. I have read the protocols in post #3 above, and have what are for us serious questions remaining. What if, on embarkation, one or both of us test positive -- false or real? I suppose we won't be allowed onboard, but who takes care of getting us home? We have been fully vaccinated for three months, but I understand that we could still catch the virus and have it in our systems, though we would not get seriously ill, if ill at all. But yet, we would still test positive. The cost to us of air back home (if we could even get it) puts us off. I read the part that says Re
  7. —- for cruises on Regent that never enter US waters, and therefore aren’t subject to CDC. My concern (like FDR’s) are that the CDC requirements are too restrictive if all aboard are fully vaccinated, and would result in a cruise I wouldn’t enjoy. So we are interested in knowing what rules and restrictions will be in effect when cruising that doesn’t involve US ports and waters resumes. Does anybody have any information?
  8. Then, why doesn’t the CDC require distancing and full vaccinations in airports and on airlines?
  9. I agree with FDR that cruise lines are being treated much more strictly than other travel related facilities We flew to Dallas and back last weekend to visit family. Nothing has changed in air travel due to the pandemic other than mask requirements in airports and on planes, and reduction of in flight services. The plane was packed. DFW airport was very crowded. We expected that and wouldn’t have gone, except that we had out second vaccination three months ago. I see no reason to restrict cruise lines I a much more restrictive manner than airlines and airports. It is discriminatory.
  10. We have booked post and/or pre cruise hotels through our TA only when we book a cruise through the TA and when the needed hotels are out of the US. Under these circumstances, the TA has. always advised us well and has ensured that we get the best possible deal.
  11. I think the answer is for some of us, that we need a complete and final list of rules and restrictions for taking a cruise before we spend one dime booking one. Every time I look at this board, there is something new to consider. There are always risks in travel, but most if us know what travel insurance covers or not.. But I do not know if it covers denial to board (or reboard) due to a positive Covid test. That may not even be accurate — and considering that ALL on board SHOULD be required to be fully vaccinated. In the meantime, airlines and airports are allowed to cram people in like sardi
  12. Yes, thanks for the link. The tests will answer important questions about virus transmission. And let me illustrate my concern. As a fully vaccinated person, I might pick up a virus on the plane, in an airport, or in a port. I then might carry it on to the ship. But if I and all others on board are.vaccinated, it is my understanding that chances of transmission of serious illness on board are nil, even if I test positive as a carrier. And the CDC is recommending allowing indoor gatherings of vaccinated people on land, even without masks. I see nothing different about indoor gatherings indoors
  13. The problem here us two fold. It is possible for a fully vaccinated person to pick up the virus (without harm to that person) and transmit it to an unvaccinated person with possible harm. But if ALL onboard a ship are fully vaccinated, there is near zero possibility of any problem like this. Second, it is possible for a fully vaccinated person to pick up the virus in airports and airlines on the way to a cruise, and test positive on embarkation, and not pose a danger to any other cruise guest or crew member that is fully vaccinated. What this CDC proposal does is to reduce the full
  14. Will this additional CDC testing rule (if it stands) apply only to cruises that involve US ports, or will it apply also to cruises that involve only non-US ports. It would seem to be a jurisdictional stretch for CDC to so apply it. But the question mainly is whether Regent will chose to apply it to cruises that are totally non-US?
  15. Well, if we are fully vaccinated and ALL onboard are too (and have proof of this) such tests should not be required. The risk of false results that could strand us thousands of miles from home is to great to take.
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