Location for Afternoon Tea changed on Ovation

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Dallas, TX
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I just read that Afternoon Tea will be served in the Club Lounge/bar instead of in the Observation Lounge as it was on the Encore. I will be curious to see if the Club Lounge/Bar is configured differently on the Ovation as it was my least favorite venue on the Encore. I'm keeping an open mind! My husband tells me that I was too quick to judge the Club based on just popping in one time on the first night of our voyage. I was put off by two things: that the Club opened to the casino (I abhor gambling) and I thought the band's music was dreadful. Now, before you right me off as a CC complainer, check my other posts--most all of them very positive.

I do like my afternoon tea. I'll report back in a couple of weeks about how it is to take tea in the Club. I don't plan to take my computer on our trip, so I may have to rejoin the group under a moniker for my husband in order to report.
Melbourne, Australia
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I agree with what you say about the Club on the Encore, while it was our favourite pre dinner drinks place on the "O" ships, we lasted fully 10 minutes in there on Encore, before we vacated for the TK bar, much nicer
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We have been on the Ovation since Venice, and I believe that afternoon tea has been served in the Observation Lounge every day. I have just checked The Herald, today in Gibraltar, and it states, Afternoon Tea in the Observation Lounge at 4pm, Trivea in The Club at 4.15pm.
Scandinavian living in UK
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I haven't been one either of the big ships. Is there a view from the Club on those ships? If not, and it's similar in location and views to the O class ships I think this is an unfortunate decision if it's permanent.
One of the things I love most about Seabourn is tea in the Observation on a sea day. Even in some ports there's a lovely view. Why would anyone want to take afternoon tea in a dark space with limited views?
Dallas, TX
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Interesting, secoma4. Evidently, the review I read (on this site!) was wrong about tea being served in the Club Bar. I am relieved!! By the way, I do know the difference in right and write. I need to proofread! Secoma4, please tell us more about the Ovation and your experience on this new ship.