Business Cards?

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First time cruisers here and I'm wondering do you hand out "business cards" to those you want to keep in touch with after the cruise?

Or are they strictly for business purposes?

What information do you put on these cards?
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I have in the past and have kept in contact with some great people. Most people realize that even though you give them you business card for contact purposes, it isn't business, but for personal reasons.
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I have gotten business cards on a cruise and it is to keep intouch, i really don't think anyone would get offended in handing a card rather than writing their info on a bar napkin
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As a travel agent, that is one thing we were not to do on a cruise. I sometimes wouldn't even tell other travelers that that was my job. I am no longer a travel agent, so I don't need to hide that anymore.
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personal contact cards..kind of artsy looking, for those who ask for one..same sz as a biz card
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I have given out my email address to several people I have met on cruises and still keep in touch with after the cruise. Only given my phone number to a few. I usually don't even bring business cards with me.

I met this lovely young lady on my Fantasy cruise last week. She was close to my son's age (30) and like him had never been married and had no children. We got to talking and she said that one of her problems was almost everyone her age she meets has been married and has children. She was honest and said she just was not into the instant family at this stage in her life. My son had said the exact thing to me. We exchanged emails and phone numbers and I joked with her that finally I had found the mother of my future grandchildren.

We have emailed each other and she sent me some pictures we had taken. I gave her email address (with her permission) to my son. She has one of those facebook/myspace thingies (which I don't get) and have passed that along to my son also.

Maybe I will be able to add matchmaker to my list of talents. LOL

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Originally posted by TransplantedOkies
I should have worded my post differently. My apologies.
I should have asked whether people put their home addresses/phone numbers on the cards or simply an e-mail address.
I typed up a business like card on my computer. No business mention but our names, home and cell phone number and email address. I only gave it to people we connected with and wanted to keep in touch. From our last cruise I think I have stayed in touch with almost everyone from our rollcall (who showed up and continued to meet with on a regular basis.) I think a regular business card may be a little out there and some (not all) may feel that you are trying to solicit business. You can buy blank cards and put whatever you want on them. I have even made them for my kids to attach to resumes, people tend to keep them for quick reference.
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Originally posted by TransplantedOkies
First time cruisers here and I'm wondering do you hand out "business cards" to those you want to keep in touch with after the cruise?

Or are they strictly for business purposes?

What information do you put on these cards?
What's wrong with giving a business card to someone you meet on a cruise, or anywhere, that you want to keep in touch with? I mean, unless you're ashamed of your business? I don't get it..
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I always leave one in the holder by the door where the steward has his card. I do this in hotel rooms ,but I put them in a out of the way place, like behind the TV, or on top shelf of the closet.
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If it's someone you've connected with over the cruise and want to keep in touch with - great.

As long as you don't become the people we met on our first cruise at lunch in the dining room one day - they spent the first 15 minutes telling us how wealthy they were and about all the luxury stuff they owned, then the rest of lunch trying to convince everyone we should pay them to join their home based travel agent business. Some sort of pyramid scheme as best I could tell. They passed out business cards before dessert was served and I thought it was pretty obnoxious.
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I make up a few new cards on my computer for each cruise. I have our name, the ship's name and sailing date, cabin number and e-mail address. The ship information can also help remind the people you give the card to where they met you.
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Cheryl at has provided "cards" to print on your own printer.

Check them out about halfway down the page...two choices!
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Originally posted by kicia
I make up a few new cards on my computer for each cruise. I have our name, the ship's name and sailing date, cabin number and e-mail address. The ship information can also help remind the people you give the card to where they met you.
We buy the business card sheets at an office supply and print what we wnat on each one on our computer printer...Usually just our e-mail address and maybe our phone number.....Dennis
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