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I really want to do this excursion when we are in La Romana, on the Breeze, at the end of November. But we are only in port from 9-5. So I can't possibly see how the timing will work for this...when factoring in the 25 min trip each way by taxi. So bummed!! :(:(


We are on the Breeze Nov. 24th as well and we are book for this excursion. I was assured we have plenty of time by Indgrid w/Seavis. You should book!

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My sister and I originally booked the speedboat to Saona tour through


Carnival. After reading all of the posts here we thought, "why not


lets give this company a try"... I am so incredibly glad that we did


because it is safe to say that this was the highlight of our whole


cruise. This excursion had my sister and I stop, look at each other


and say; "now this is what you call a holiday"



I'll give you an idea of how fun and exciting our day was.



We got off the ship and there was someone with a Seavis sign that


caught our attention and asked us to wait with everyone else. Once


everyone was together they took us to the taxis. Bear in mind when


booking this tour it can get confusing getting to the cabs but just


follow the guide and you can't go wrong.



Once in the taxi we took off down the new highway and about 20 minutes


later we pulled up to the Seavis's base. We got out and went into the office and


paid for the excursion. It was all very quick, easy and safe. Once


everyone paid we got a chance to take a bathroom break and get into


our boat groups.



We were put in Carol's group. Let me just say, Carol is an awesome


lady! She knows so much about the area, is so much fun and a great


guide! We are so lucky to have had her.



We took off to our first stop where we snorkeled, drank rum and chilled


in the sun. On the way there they stopped every so often to let us


take pictures and tell us a bit about the area.



Our second stop found us on a beautiful beach where we sat and got to


know the rest of the people we were on the boat with. While we waited


for our food we had lots to drink and talked a lot about our cruise so


far. It was great getting to know everyone! A lot of us were together


for the rest of the cruise.



The food was really good! There was something for everyone and the


lovely Carol sat us close so we had first dibs on the buffet! While we


ate we talked and watched the local men and women dancing to music.



Unfortunately we had to leave but by the time we left everyone was


having a great time and feeling the effects of the local rum! We


hopped back on our boat and took off for the sand bar.



Once at the sand bar we stopped in the middle of the ocean and found


starfish to play with!!! We were the only people around and we were


given the chance to stand in the middle of the ocean with these


beautiful creatures, drink and eat pineapples and cake! Nothing could


have topped the time we spent in that paradise.



Sadly after lots of fun, pictures and a few stories we had to slowly


make our way back onto the boat to head back to land.



The trip back was so different from the trip there. Everyone became


fast friends and were all turned around on the boat laughing, joking


and taking pictures. We got back to the Seavis office, took some more


pictures then got into our allocated taxis. 20 short minutes later we


were back in La Romana and headed back onto the ship.



This excursion is worth every penny we paid for it. The staff are


amazing and they truly make an effort to allow everyone to have a


great time on their boats. Whatever age you are and whatever you


situation is; if you are second guessing booking this tour don't! Just


book it; you won't regret it!!



Carol, Thank you so much for the great day! My sister and I are so


happy that we sat at the front of your boat :) it was great getting to


know you and your crew. We really do thank you for a great day! All we


ask is that you're there when we make it back to the DR!

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We did the Carnival Special on Nov 28th, and had a great time. Right at the top of the hill a lady was calling out Seavis and rounding up all in the group, so it was very easy to find. After our group was all together, we were led to two air conditioned taxis. This was where we did have one issue, somebody in the group was on a scooter for disablities, and these taxi vans don't have much room to take apart a scooter and haul it. They got some of the scooter into both taxis but couldn't figure out what to do with the seat portion, there was no room, the vans were full.. Everyone was starting to get a bit irritated wondering why all of us were being held up because of 1 persons scooter. I flung open the door nad said to just give me the seat, and had to hold it all of the way to Seavis. Everyone wanted to know why the person who's scooter it was couldn't be the one who had to hold the seat, but I said that I'd just take one for the team so that we could start our excursion. On the return trip someone else volunteered to take one and hold the seat on the way back to the ship.


We had Carlos, who was a very enthusiastic, fun, and knowelgeable guide. The boat crew was very pleasant as well. We enjoyed the food and snorkeling immensly. For $3 we were able to a young fresh coconut, which was very very tasty.


Seavis was very time conscience for us wanting to know all about what time we wanted to leave back for the ship. I would definitely recommend this excursion, it was fun fun fun.


We had such a good time, that now my wife wants to go take a vacation in the Dominican Republic and enjoy the other Seavis tours.

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We just got back from a cruise on the Carnival Valor and took the Seavis Tour. We would highly, highly recommend the tour to anyone and everyone. It is just as others had described and our tour guide - Kirsten - the owner's daughter - was AMAZING!! Very knowledgeable, friendly and fun. Out of the 8 cruises we have been on I have to say this was our most favorite tour to date.

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