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Just back from your cruise????

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Multi-plug: to charge camera, phone, I-pod.

Duct tape: hem up clothing, luggage malfunction broken flip flop.

Over the counter meds: Very pricey on board

Disposable rain poncho: yes, I always have one in my bag. I have only used it once for myself but have used it to keep purchases dry during unexpected rain showers.

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Liquid hand soap pump. Hate those little bars of soap, aloe, over the counter meds for sea sickness, pain, nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, etc, bandaids. Breakfast bars for those mornings with early excursions.

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We live in florida and are lucky enough to be able to drive to each port, so I'm able to bring a lot of items I wouldn't if I were flying. Also the suitcases all nest within one another for easy storage.. So I fill the small "carry on" rolling suitcase with the extras, and leave it packed, nested inside the other suitcases unless or until I need something from it.


1. Meds/first aid kit. Bandaids, liquid bandaids (used this just on the last cruise for a cut between my toes from wet flip flops lol). Benadryl, Imodium, charcoal pills (for upset tummy.. Works awesome!!) Prescriptions (zofran for nausea and My pediatrician gives us a prescription for an antibiotic for my little one in case of ear infection. Ask pharmacy to leave it as a powder and reconstitute it yourself with bottled water. Get clear directions from pharmacy on how to do this).


2. I ditto the outlet strip and post it's and duct tape. I also bring 2 tide detergent gel packs in case I end up doing laundry on board. I put them in separate ziploc baggies in my makeup case. Wrinkle releaser (target has a small one in the travel items.. About the size of a large sharpie). Off bug spray (again travel section has them about the same size). Ziploc bags in the gallon size (books / cell / etc in beach bag when you're toting around wet towels at the end of a port day). Lanyard for your sign and sail card.


3. Stuff I didn't have on my last cruise, that I wish I did... Sewing kit (yes, I bought a new bathing suit in port (and in curacao all I could find was a bikini top.. During a shopping stop on irie tours lol) when my tankini top strap exploded. Touch up nail polish.


4. Toys. I also bring some of those small 40-45 piece Lego bags, for dinner time for ds to keep him occupied. Magnetic letters (the cabin walls are magnetized btw). Etc.


5. For babies. Even though we aren't traveling with a baby anymore.. In case someone is.. Take and toss cups and silverware, along with the disposable bibs. I put each into its own ziploc bag precruise, so I only had to grab a bag at each meal. The potty is scary, I brought a kids toilet seat topper and just trashed it at the end of the trip. Bring the stroller.. The full size.. It fits under the bed (or you can buy an over the door hanger) but you'll want it on port days.. I once brought an umbrella stroller thinking I was being slick, yeah no.. The sidewalks, or what they call sidewalks in some ports and umbrella stroller don't mix well).

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I love the over the door shoe organizers! We put post it notes, sunscreen, hairbrush, and everything in between in there! This trip will be our first with baby so disposable place mats, bibs, etc and a wrap to carry him :)

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A light jacket, or sweater, at least according to my wife. She often gets cold at night in some of the venues, and finds a sweater or jacket to be indispensable.


Super glue for quick fixes.


A sports bottle with strap to carry your own water ashore.


Copies of passports and credit cards, in case either is lost.

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We always bring a surge protector power strip and a fan for the room because sometimes is can get a little warm in there!



Just an FYI-Carnival doesn't allow cords with surge protectors anymore. Only ones without the surge protector.

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Grab an international power adapter. The ships all have either a European or UK plug in addition to the single US plug so the adapter lets you plug in more. Just remember that it's 220V so only use it for phone/laptop/tablet/camera chargers which are all dual voltage and not things like hair dryers which aren't.


My other suggestion is to not stress about what you're bringing and to not overpack. If you need something, they sell necessities in the ship's store (expensive though) and you can get anything else you need in port. You're not visiting deserted islands and other than the private islands, they all have people who live there and you won't have a problem finding a grocery store or pharmacy/drug store.

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Definitely an over the door shoe hanger - bought on Amazon, hung on inside of closet door.


Also clothes pins, multi USB plug, and don't just bring spray-on sunscreen. It isn't very effective if you are in and out of the water. Bring regular lotion type sunscreen.

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