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Star Flyer Tahiti Transpacific to Caribbean 02/14/2010

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Hi All:


I am so ready for the full body & crevice massage at the Cartagena Volcano Mud Bath...Full Monty in the lake rinse only please (albeit will take cues from Ineke)! Will also consider going topless at the Embera Indian Village to fit in with the natives (again taking cues from Ineke &/or Gail). :D


I spoke to Star Clippers yesterday. They do not have the shore excursions "shored" up yet so could not offer any add'l info. Here is the latest itinerary that they would share:


Star Flyer TransPacific:Caribbean:Med Itinerary.pdf


The ETA (estimated time of arrival) for Balboa, Panama is 8:00 AM on 3/20/2010 so not sure if we can make it through customs by 9:00 AM for the Embera tour. Not going to worry. Everything will work out and if not, pour me another cocktail, please. :cool:


Thinking "Warm"...Walt

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<P>Greetings to all the 34 dayers.</P>

<P>Just back online after some computer and Yahoo problems so time to catch up.  When I finish this I will email Arnaud and get on the list for the Saturday PM tour.  As for refreshments, I will bring at least 2 bottles of Scotch, probably bought and carried from Illinois as I find I can get a good drinkable one for less than DFS.  Then if I find cheaper in LAX DFS I can always pick up another bottle.  We got back mid October from a month long trip to Finland, Estonia, river boat from St. Petersburg to Moscow and then Kiev in the Ukraine.  Took the ferry from Helsinki to Tallin and they had a DFS so I was able to stock up on Scotch and wine there.  The wine was in a 3 liter plastic bag with nothing around it.  Almost as if they had forgotten the box!  Glad to hear they have a Carrefour store in Tahiti.  Should be good for last minute things.  Nothing yet on hotel in Panama,  Will get looking on TripAdvisor in the next day or two.  I am ready to go as they are predicting our first measurable snow on Wednesday.  Thanks for the heads up on shots.</P>

<P>65 days but who's counting?</P>



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Good afternoon everybody,


I finally received some information from my travel agent about the excursions Star Clipper will be offering on the Tahiti/Panama leg.


Papeete – Moorea – Bora Bora – Huahiné – Rangiroa – Hiva Oa – Nuku Hiva –

Isla del Coco – Archipelago de Las Perlas – Panama


Polynesian legend declares that Moorea was formed as the second dorsal fin of the fish that became Tahiti. This off-shoot was called by the poetic name « Aimeo i te rara varu », for the eight mountain ridges that separate the island. Also known as Eimeo or Aimeho, the island’s name was later changed to Moorea –yellow lizard- following a dream by one of the high priests. Moorea’s mountains and valleys present a dazzling palette of tropical color with every shade of green imaginable delicately blended together. Moorea is Tahiti’s little sister island, just 17 Km. (11 miles) across the Sea of Moons. Moorea’s magnificent beauty covers an area of 136 sq.km (53 sq.miles), with a paved coastal road extending 60 km. (37 miles) around the island. There are pretty pastel-painted houses, often built of bamboo and thatched roofs, surrounded by multi colored flower gardens. Most of the island’s 11,682 inhabitants live in the small villages between the lagoon and the mountains, and you’ll see some luxurious modern homes on the mountain slopes overlooking the sea. The interior island safari tours show you Moorea’s most breathtaking scenery, with views from Le Belevedere Lookout of Mt. Rotui, Cook’s Bay, Opunohu Bay and the fertile Opunohu Valley, with its agricultural farms and miles of spiky green pineapple plants.

Aïto Off Road Safari

By 4 wheels drive vehicle

Min 6, max 32, duration 3h30, Euros 55

Climb onboard a four wheel drive vehicle for a ride through Moorea’s deep valleys and mountains. Start your adventure with a drive to Paopao valley, passing pineapple plantations, and crossing the Paopao Opunohu trail to the territorial domain of Opunohu. A stop at one of the numerous “marae” (ancient sacred site) will give you the opportunity to learn more about Polynesian culture. The tour continues to the Belvédère lookout point for an incredible panoramic view of Cook and Opunohu bays. We return via the interior trails of the Agricultural school of Moorea and learn a bit more about the local flora. Moorea, the “green garden” of Polynesia is known for its school which welcomes children from all the outer islands. Stop here to sample some homemade jam. We then follow a small path lined with grapefruit, lemon and orange trees which open out on to a panoramic view stretching across Opunohu bay, the lagoon and the sea. Before the tour ends we will have a final stop at the fruit juice factory and distillery of Moorea to sample their produce.

Ø The vehicles are purpose built, but comfort depends on the roads used. This excursion involves very bumpy roads, steep ascents and descents and is not recommended for guests who suffer from motion sickness, vertigo, acute back problems or pregnant women.

Ø The vehicles are high off the ground and may be difficult to board for some guests.

Ø Itinerary and order of stops may vary depending on weather conditions.

Ø We recommend sunscreen, hat and sport shoes for this tour.

Dolphin watching expedition

By covered boat

Min 10, max 36, duration 3h30, Euros 75

Join Marine Biologist Dr. Michael Poole, or his assistant, in this eco tourism and research project on wild, free-ranging dolphins. Dr. Poole has been studying dolphins in French Polynesia since 1987. Spinner dolphins, the slightly larger rough-tooth dolphins, and pilot whales can be seen around Moorea, with spinner dolphins regularly coming inside the reef. With a bit of luck you will see schools of acrobatic spinner dolphins, while an excellent commentary provides information on the life and habits of these wonderful mammals. Learn about the geology and evolution of French Polynesia while viewing the dramatic beauty of Moorea from the sea. Dolphins are found on 95% of the tours, but the detailed explanations given and the sheer magnificence of Moorea’s coastline will ensure a rewarding time for all, even on those few occasions when no dolphins are found. For those who are visiting between July and the beginning of November, there is also a chance to see the humpback whales that come to the area to mate and calf. Upon your return to the ship, you will be served fresh local fruit.

Ø This is an observation tour and not a “swim with dolphins” tour.

Ø No swimming is allowed with the dolphins.

Ø All these creatures are in their natural environment, we cannot guarantee the presence of dolphins.

Ø The company offering this tour follows international ecotourism guide lines and actively contributes to the preservation of the dolphins and whales in Polynesia.

Sail aboard the 'Margouillat'

By catamaran

Min 8, max 14, duration 3h30, Euros 94

Welcome aboard Margouillat (named after a friendly species of Polynesian gecko), a luxury sailing catamaran of 43 feet. You will appreciate the spaciousness of this craft which ensures your comfort whether you are on deck, in the solarium or cockpit area, or in the panoramic saloon. You will start your day by visiting the two most beautiful bays of French Polynesia: Cook’s and Opunohu bay. As we sail both inside and outside the lagoon, you could be lucky enough to meet some wild dolphins! The captain will anchor in the clear waters of a coral garden, and the crew will guide you for snorkelling activities.

Ø Itinerary may change or be reduced depending on weather conditions.

Ø You should know how to swim.

Ø Sunscreen lotion and hat are highly recommended.

ATV Aventure

By quad

Min 3 quad – max 5 quad

Duration 3h30, one participant per quad, Euros 159,

two participants per quad, Euros 88 per person

Transfer to the ATV‘s basis where you will receive a safety briefing from your guide. Following Opunoho bay, the ride crossing a valley and pineapples fields takes you up to the Belvédère from where you have a magnificent view of Cook’s bay. You will continue down to the Opunohu Agricultural High School – the only one in Polynesia. Along the way you will stop to sample some of their local production: plants, flowers and tropical fruits.

After a short stop at the river where you can swim, the ride will continue along the pineapple road up to an open view (Bounty) to appreciate the panoramic view on the mountains. There, you are at the very center of the volcano. The last part of the tour, more intensive, goes across several valleys leading to the top of the "Magic Mountain" (360° view) Pineapple plantations road up to a platform (Bounty) offering a panoramic view on the mountains of Moorea.

Ø This is a guided excursion. You have to follow your guide during the tour.

Ø Drivers must be 18 years old at least and have a driving license with them.

Ø Security helmet is compulsory; we recommend that you wear comfortable and not delicate clothes.

Ø Don’t forget to wear you swimming suit and to take sunscreen protection.

Ø This excursion is not recommended to pregnant women or people suffering from back or neck problems.

Ø There is a storage compartment in the front of your ATV; we recommend that you take a plastic bag or a waterproof bag with you, which will be tied to your ATV.

Aquablue dive in Moorea

Transfer by van then by boat (helmet dive)

Min2, max 8, duration 3 hours, Euros 65

The AQUABLUE team will take you by minibus to the Hotel Intercontinental Moorea where you will meet your guide, before boarding the Aquablue boat. After a ten minute trip on the magnificent lagoon at Moorea, the boat will anchor either between Motu Tiahura and Motu Fareeone or at another site opposite the village of Papetoai. The choice of mooring depends on the weather. Your guide will explain about the equipment and safety regulations and will help you to climb down the ladder, and then finally you will experience the amazing sensation of walking underwater in the midst of multicoloured tropical fish. You will be able to breathe just as comfortably as if you were on land and will soon be able to move very freely. The fish are quite inquisitive, so you will get the opportunity to admire a wide variety of different species: butterfly fish, triggerfish, surgeon fish, parrot fish and groupers. You may also have a close encounter with one of the Hawaii sting rays which are often seen in the area. You will have half an hour to explore this underwater world and experience new sensations at a maximum depth of 4 meters (13 feet). You do not need to know how to dive or even swim; the dive helmet is suitable for everyone.

Ø There is a 15 minutes transfer by road each way.

Ø You will spend approx 2 hours at sea, 30 minutes underwater, then snorkelling.

Ø Photo and video service available on each dive.

Ø This trip is not suitable for people in bad health, those with heart conditions or for pregnant women.

Ø The trip is almost never cancelled, even when there is heavy rain.

Ø All equipment supplied: mask, snorkel, dive shoes and dive helmet.

Water world’s lagoon discovery

Onboard the Aquadisco

Min 6, max 12, duration 3hrs, Euros 66

Aquadisco is an air-conditioned glass-bottomed monohull designed in Tahiti to offer the comfort of a spacious underwater lounge for 360 degree viewing as well as an upper deck with a solarium. Admire the lagoon of Moorea and discover this giant aquarium with sharks, stingrays, dolphins, coral garden and colorful reef fish while comfortably seated or get into the water to enjoy some snorkelling.

Ø Mask and snorkel equipment is provided.

Bora Bora

A volcanic Island situated in one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world. Bora Bora, "the Pearl of Polynesia" remains the place of your dreams. Its mountainous heart is made up of three peaks, the high­est of which, "Otemanu" , 727 meters, is twinned by the legendary Pahia. Be prepared –the first glimpse of Bora Bora is love a first sight. Sailors, poets, adventurers, honeymooners and other romantics have claimed this little island as their own. And so will you. Bora Bora lies 259 Km (155 miles) northwest of Tahiti in the Leeward Society Islands. Your first sight of the island will probably be from the window of an Air Tahiti ATR-72 turbojet, at the end of a 45-minute flight from Tahiti, or from the deck of a sailboat or an inter-island ferry boat.The island still takes pride in its warrior expeditions, stealthy invasion by canoe in days of old, and its former control of Raiatea, its age old rival. Bountiful nature has graced this island with a lagoon of translucent waters and immeasurable beauty, ringed by a rosary of heavenly islets. One of these motu is the site of the airport, while others have luxury hotels on them. The charm of Bora Bora is legendary and has attracted artists, paint­ers, writers, and philosophers throughout the ages as well as pleasure seekers following in the footsteps of Alain Gerbault, Herman Melville and Paul-Emile Victor.

The wharf at Vaitape, the administrative center of Bora Bora, is accessed by the island’s single reef entrance, Teavanui, beside the charming islet of Motu Tapu. This was the location of the film "Taboo" by Friedrich Murnau, as well as having associations with the great explorer Paul Emile Victor. The main village square has been named, the Alain Gerbault Square after the world famous navigator who adopted this island as his own at the turn of the century. It is in the form of a marae with three stone tiers.

The road to the north of the island leads to Farepiti Point at the head of the deep Faanui Bay. Leaving the bay you pass through the former US naval base built in 1942 which still has some of its landing strips and barracks. Across from the Point, in the ring of islets, lies Bora Bora’s airport which was built by the American troops. At the southernmost point of Matira, the sheltered and most tourist part of the coast, the beach is beautiful and the lagoon magnificent. Up on the hill, a half-hour hike away, old American Army artillery pointing out over the lagoon may still be seen. After Raititi Point, the road leads to majestic Povai Bay with spectacular views of Otemanu Peak, and out on Toopua Motu, the low pro­file of the legendary "Hiro’s bells" can be seen. This part of the west coast around Vaitape is the busiest and most inhabited area where most of the hotels, sporting and leisure activities are concentrated.

Bora Bora Off Road Adventure

By 4 wheels drive vehicle

Min 6, max 32, duration 3h30, Euros 67

This is a real off-road four wheel drive excursion. You will be riding in Land Rovers to places only accessible by this type of vehicle. The divers will act as guides and will tell you about their culture and way of life, as well as the natural environment. Start this wonderful trip from Vaitape, heading towards Pofai Bay. From there, you will make your first ascent to Pahonu Hill. Discover the beauty of Bora Bora from the heights, the lagoon and its incredible palette of colours. The second ascent will lead you to the seven-inch canons left by the American soldiers during World War II. On the way, you may also spot some World War Two bunkers as well. Last but not least will be Faanui Bay, chosen by the American troops as a base during WWII for its strategic location. Enjoy some great sightseeing with your trained guide.

Ø This excursion involves rough off road driving and steep ascents and descents.

It is therefore not recommended for guest with bad backs, pregnant women or

people who suffer from motion sickness or vertigo.

Ø Vehicles are designed for this type of excursion, but comfort depends on the state of the roads. It can be a little tough for people suffering from back ache.

Ø We recommend sunscreen, hat and sports shoes for this tour.

Ø Jeeps can be covered in case of rain.

Stingrays encounter & snorkelling

By motorized boat

Min 12, max 45, duration 3hours, Euros 62

This is one of the most exciting snorkelling tours in the South Pacific. Board a motorized boat and start your adventure on the beautiful lagoon of Bora Bora. Equipped with your mask, snorkel and foot protection, enter waters whose depth varies from 5 to 10 feet. Your guide will attract some black tipped lagoon sharks with fish. These 4 to 5 foot sharks are quite harmless. Along with the sharks you will see a great variety of tropical reef fish and some beautiful corals. A hand rope may be secured between rocks to avoid drifting, as there can be occasional strong currents in this area. After the shark experience, enjoy some great snorkelling in the coral garden. Next you will visit the home of the stingrays. You will have a chance to touch and even feed the rays with the assistance of your guide. Rays are one of nature’s most elegant swimmers, watch as they glide in an effortless ballet around the swimmers.

Ø You may stay onboard the boat should you not feel confident enough to be in the water with these creatures.

Ø You should be comfortable wearing snorkeling equipment, and being in deep water as well as coping with occasional currents.

Ø You will have to go down a ladder to enter the water.

Ø Sunscreen lotion and a hat are highly recommended.

Aqua Safari (underwater walk)

Min 6, max 12, duration 2hrs including transfers, 30 minutes under water, Euros 69

Discover the fabulous underwater world without even getting your head wet!.

Put on a yellow diving helmet for a spectacular experience walking in Bora Bora's spectacular lagoon, which some say is the most beautiful in the world.

No diving experience is required, and you don’t need to even know how to swim to discover this exciting new world. Your head remains dry inside the helmet; you can even wear your glasses and you remain in complete safety just a few feet below the surface. A certified diving instructor will help you put on the helmet and go down the ladder into the crystalline waters for your unforgettable 30 minutes underwater experience. Walk on the sand among interesting coral formations, surrounded by a myriad of multicoloured, tropical fish. If you wish, you can have the fish eat right out of your hands. After the safari you will climb the ladder back on to the boat. You will return directly to the dock via water taxi at the end of the tour.

Ø A cameraman can make a video and pictures of your underwater sea walk, and underwater cameras and T-shirts are on sale onboard.

Ø The helmet is placed on your head just as you enter the water and taken off as you come out so you do not have to bear any weight.

Ø You remain connected to the boat's air supply via an air-hose.

Ø While this tour is suitable for almost everybody, please be advised that people suffering from heart problems or asthma and pregnant women may not participate.

Ø Take sun cream and a bath towel with you.

Ø There will be a short briefing before starting your activity – half of the group is snorkelling and the other half is under water.

Submarine dive

Transfer by minibus to the submarine base

Min and max: 6 participants per dive

Diving time 30 minutes, duration 1 hour, Euros 150

The six-seater panoramic submarine is air-conditioned for your comfort. You will go down to a depth of 30 to 35m and discover the exterior of Bora Bora Lagoon and a fantastic variety of fish. Black tipped shark, Napoleon fish and Crevalle Jack fish come and feed at the front of the submarine.

Ø This tour is suitable for everyone.

Ø Transfer from the port to the submarine is by boat (+/- 10 minutes) (the boat is equipped with a sunshade).

Ø There is a ladder to get down into the submarine.

Ø No toilets onboard.

Robinson Crusoe Dream tour

Excursion by motor boat

Min 4, max 8, duration: 2h30, Euros 75

Discover the beauties of the lagoon, walk across the atoll and come back snorkelling, gently drifting with the current. Enjoy a swim in exquisite turquoise waters.

This excursion takes you to one of the most enchanting lagoons, renowned for its beauty and rich natural resources. Explore the passage and the coral reef and then bathe in tropical waters 50cm to 1m deep and savour the tranquil loveliness of this magical spot. Short walk across the motu through an incredible tunnel of luxuriant vegetation until you get to the coral reef. Marvel at its intricate structure and then jump into the warm blue water and let yourself drift with the current as it guides you back to the lagoon while you admire this unique coral garden with its schools of tropical fish.

Romantic Cruise

Excursion by motor boat

Departure at sunset (16h30 to17h00)

Min 4, max 8, duration 1h30, Euros 95.

Experience the magical moment when the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean, just behind a little island at the outermost edge of the lagoon, the force with which the waves break on the lagoon contrasts with the smooth emerald green waters which cradle your comfortable craft open to the stars. Its time to crack open a bottle of champagne and toast the end of another wonderful day in French Polynesia. Maybe you will feel like taking a dip in the shallow waters in the middle of the lagoon and celebrating the mystical union of sun and sea. Dreams can come true and in Bora Bora you just stretch out your hand to make it happen.

“A day in paradise”

Lunch plus a Sacred Tamanu beauty treatment lasting 2 hours, Euros 270 per person

Lunch plus a Te Ua Maohi beauty treatment lasting 2 hours, Euros 270 per person

Lunch plus a Maru Royal Spa experience lasting 3h30, Euros 745 for two

Covered with lush flora, tall palm trees and white sandy beaches the motu (“island” in Polynesian) is the home of the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Spa.

This unique spa with its hardwood floors, and bamboo and stone décor is the only spa in Polynesia with treatment rooms actually built into the tree tops. Hidden amongst the foliage of two giant Banyan trees are wooden cabins which set the scene for the most unforgettable and self indulgent beauty treatment you will ever experience. Just listen to the soft murmur of the Pacific breeze rustling through the leaves and relax. At ground level there is a quartzite tub where you can enjoy a luxurious soak in a mixture of coconut milk and fresh local flowers – a moment of pure hedonistic pleasure. Maru Spa’s Polynesian heritage is apparent in all their signature spa products. Local people are well versed in natural lore, handed down by their ancestors, and still use plants, flowers and specific fruits, such as the Noni, for both medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Tahitian recipes like Monoï oil are renowned for their benefits to both hair and skin and it is Monoï oil which forms the basis of Maru Spa’s exclusive treatments. Body scrubs are made from fruit, organic sugar, sand, semi-precious stones or Pacific essential oils all developed locally.

Ø Transfer by boat to the Bora Bora Resort Lagoon and Spa is with the regular hotel shuttle leaving from Vaitape Pier.

Ø Upon arrival please make your way to the reception where you will be welcomed and taken to the restaurant or the spa depending on your appointments.

Ø A complimentary glass of Champagne sets the mood for a relaxing lunch in beautiful surroundings.

We have selected a choice of three treatments for your “Day in Paradise”.

Sacred Tamanu beauty treatment

Tamanu, with its distinctive perfume, has been used for centuries in the Polynesian islands. It is well known for its healing properties being anti-viral, anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory as well as promoting the formation of new skin tissue. Widely used as a traditional remedy for burns and dry skin, it is especially soothing after exposure to the sun. The session begins with a body and facial wrap using a special Tamanu balm including monoï butter and citrus fruit essential oils. While this rich mask penetrates your skin, you will be treated to a gentle head or foot massage. A regenerating and energizing massage with sacred Tamanu oil completes this unique sensory experience.

Te ua Maohi / Tahitian Rainstorm

The Polynesian people celebrate water as a symbol of Life and Purity. Pomare, Queen of Tahiti, used to dance in the rain evoking the tears of Heiva, Mother of the Gods. Te Ua Maohi (rainstorm in Tahitian) is an energizing experience. Relax in a tropical rain shower and enjoy a Lagoon scrub with malachite stone and white sand from Bora Bora. Then pamper yourself with a monoi butter wrap combined with the anti-oxidant scented oil of your choice. This treatment not only regenerates the body but moisturizes and nourishes the skin, while boosting your tan. It is recommended for improving the skin’s firmness.

Finally chill out with a relaxing detox massage under the rain shower followed by an application of exclusive formula moisturizing Noni Body Mousse.

Royal / King’s ritual

This comprehensive treatment is nothing less than a journey into the heartlands of Maohi legend. While relaxing under a tropical rain shower, you will be scrubbed with a Lagoon Sand Scrub, made from mineral rich seaweed combined with semi-precious stones. A therapist will then rinse you off under the rain shower and apply a blissfully relaxing body wrap of Sacred Tamanu, or the scented monoï oil of your choice. While this mask penetrates the skin, you scalp and feet are treated to a fabulous massage, which develops into a full fifty minute traditional body massage with your choice of scented Monoï oil. After the massage, delight in the luxurious sensation of a deep cleansing facial using locally grown Hibiscus and Tiare flowers, including exfoliation with coffee and Tahitian vanilla. Finally enjoy a facial and healing Tamanu mask, ideal for after sun care. A freshly prepared emulsion of flowers will leave you with a feeling of ineffable well-being and renewed vitality.

Huahine, Fare

Huahine le Sauvage or Wild Huahine as it is now called is one of the most legendary destinations of French Polynesia. Its people, its history and the haunting beauty of the landscape will cast their spell on you. Cook was the first European to visit Huahine in 1769. He later returned several times and even took a young Polynesian called Omai with him on his sea voyages, enabling him to travel round the world and settle in England for a few years.

In 1809 two Protestant missionaries, Davies and Bennet, spent a year touring the island and wrote a detailed journal of their experiences. From 1847 to 1888, after a long series of skirmishes and negotiations, Huahine came under French protectorate. Final annexation of the territory followed in 1897. Thus it was that French missionaries came to the island to replace the English ones. However, the inhabitants had to wait until 1946 for French citizenship to be granted. From 1830, the village of Fare became a port of call for the whaling ships on their way up North, following the trail of these mighty sea creatures, during the months of May and June. The capital of Huahine is built along the sea front with various shops lining the shady street which constitutes the only road. The bustling market and the ships offer a very lively spectacle. Fare faces the bay of Haamene and two main passages open towards the ocean. Avamoa, in the North is the principal access of inter-island navigation, but is also justly famous for its surfing.

Huahine safari expedition

In 4 wheel drive, open air vehicles

Min 6, max 24, duration 3h30/4h, Euros 56

Discover the majestic beauty of both Huahiné Nui and Huahiné Iti on this jeep exploration of the twin islands. You will drive towards the village of Maeva, one of the most important archaeological sites in Polynesia to discover some well –preserved “marae”. The historic village of Maeva, built beside Lake Fauna Nui, was the traditional headquarters of Huahine. Restored Tahitian marae temples, prehistoric villages and stone sluices designed to capture fish give valuable clues to a civilization that existed at least 1,000 years ago. You will visit the Fare Pote’e, an oval-shaped traditional meeting house at the edge of Lake Fauna Nui. Fare Pote’e is a museum that tells the story of the royal village, where kings and chiefs lived and worshipped side by side. The drive continues along Lake Huana Nui, and you will see the ingenious ancient fish traps which catch fish as the tide goes in and out. Although they are hundreds of years old, they are still in use. Your next stop is Motu Manunu with its impressive marae on the edge of the lagoon. According to legend, eight chiefdoms were created by Princess Hutuhiva, who fled to Huahine from Raiatea hidden in a musical drum. The Manunu marae was built in 1500 BC at the place where she first set foot on Huahine. The village of Faie, which is our next stop, is famous for its blue-eyed eels which live in the stream running through the village. They are considered sacred by the local inhabitants who take care of them and feed them regularly. We then leave the coast and travel inwards across the slopes of Mount Turi towards a Belvédère offering panoramic views across the beautiful Maroe bay. We pass the bridge towards Huahiné Iti and drive around the island for a photo stop in Parea where the best beaches are to be found. Between Parea and Tefarerii, we leave the beaten track to drive through small settlements and plantations before rejoining the main island road. We cross the bridge back to Huahiné Nui and drive along the west coast before returning to Fare.

Ø The vehicles are purpose built for this type of excursion; however, comfort depends on the state of the roads. It can be tough going for people with back problems.

ØVehicles are open air with a covered top. They are high off the ground and so some people may have difficulty stepping into them.

Ø Itinerary and order of stops may vary depending on weather conditions.

Ø We recommend sunscreen, hat and sports shoes for this tour.


Sacred sites and legendary places, Eco cultural tour by Le Truck

Local transportation (no air conditioning – open air local vehicle)

min16, max 28, duration 3h30, Euros 50

Discover the charms of the small island of Huahine, one of the most picturesque and geographically diverse locations in the Society Islands. The tour leaves Fare and the first stop is at Maeva village for an archaeological, historical and botanical walk about. Maeva Village has the densest concentration of archaeological sites in all Polynesia. Learn about Polynesian pre-history, traditional society, religion, temples (marae), warfare, the arrival of the Europeans, missionaries, botany, traditional medicine, oral traditions, Polynesian Origins, etc… Visit the marae along the lake shore, and the Fare Potee museum, walk up to the base of Matairea Hill, where you will see Vanilla being cultivated.....and carry on to the Te Ana archaeological Complex. The tour continues by Le Truck to see the fish traps in Maeva; and then it’s off to the next village of Faie to feed the giant blue eyed eels. Afterwards we travel up the mountain road to the Belvedere for a great view of the islands and Maroe Bay. We circle back around the northern part of Huahine Nui to the ship waiting for us in Fare.

Ø Your guide has a degree from the University of Hawaii in Polynesian Anthropology and Pacific Islands Archaeology and has done research on the sites that you will visit.

Ø Easy excursion (anyone in average physical condition), requires some walking, please wear proper footwear.

Ø Entry to the Fare Pote'e Museum included, as well as water, fruit juice.

Ø Mosquito repellent and sunscreen are recommended.

Ø This excursion is in English only.

Biking tour

Min 6, max 16, duration 2h30 including transfers (2h bike), Euros 40

Departure from Fare, where you will get your equipment (bikes and helmet). After a security briefing, you go up to the village of Maeva. First stop will be at a Vanilla plantation. You will learn about the process of small vanilla cultivation, which relies on patience, careful tending, impeccable timing, and experience. Vanilla is one of the most labour intensive of all agricultural products, which explains why it is so costly. In the world of spices, only saffron is more expensive. The tour continues to the archeological sites of Maeva. Visit the museum and the Marae (ancient places of worship). Your guide will tell you how they were used and will explain Polynesian traditions. Next stop is at the Fish traps for another break, followed by a visit to the largest marae of Huahine on the Maeva peninsula. Enjoy a stop and a drink facing the ocean, with the opportunity to taste some local fruits. We return via the coast road, on a wide trail following the ocean and passing through fruit and vegetable plantations. It will be warm, take some sun protection and a bottle of water.

Ø The ride itself is flat; it is not a difficult biking tour.

Ø You will start the tour on a tarmac road and finish on a dirt track.

Sailing in the lagoon of Huahine

Onboard a sailing ship

Min 8, max 10, duration 4hrs, Euros 70

Board the Eden Martin, a spacious and comfortable 50 ft sailing boat equipped for ocean navigation, and discover the pleasures of yachting on Huahine's waterways. Leaving the picturesque little town of FARE behind us, we hoist the mainsail and steer the boat southwards through the turquoise waters of the lagoon. Soon, the sails swell with wind as we pass the mouth of FITI bay. Distant breakers lap the coral fortress that encircles our tropical paradise, keeping us safe from the high seas. We sail along the reef down to the motu VAIOREA, which guards the entrance to the bay of BOURAYNE, our final destination.

Claude, the captain, will drop anchor close to the coral garden of the motu. Before you embark on a guided snorkelling tour, there will be a short introduction to the flora and fauna to be found in the area. You will be amazed at the variety of brightly coloured lagoon fish.

Next, we change mooring and will drop anchor in front of HANA ITI a secluded white sandy beach and typically Polynesian environment. In Tahitian, Hana Iti means Little Bay. This is a real beach break, an ideal spot for those who enjoy the pleasures of sand and sea. It is surrounded by a tropical garden. In the distance, the islands of RAIATEA and TAHAA appear as a dramatic backdrop. It will then be time to go back to the boat. Martine will hand around cool drinks and we will sail back to Fare. The sailing to Motu Vaiorea takes approx .1 hour.

Ø You will spend 1 hour snorkelling and then 1 hour on Hana Iti beach.

Ø Participants must be able to swim.

Ø We do have an inflatable boat to transport those clients who do not wish to swim from the sailing ship.

Ø The sailing ship has a ladder at the back and a shower in the cockpit for your convenience.

Ø Some equipment is available onboard, but it is preferable to bring your own (mask and flippers etc).

Ø Don’t forget to bring a towel and sunscreen for the beach.

Snorkel safari

By covered boat

Min 12, max 30, duration 3hrs, Euros 55

Discover hu encounter with these graceful creatures. No need to be a skilled diver to swim freely in the warm waters and enjoy this experience. After this unforgettable experience continue and stop close to another uninhabited islet, where refreshments will be served. You will have enough time for snorkelling and swimming or beachcombing before returning to the pier.

Ø Guests should know how to swim, be comfortable in wearing snorkelling equipment, and able to cope with occasional currents.

Ø When snorkelling do not touch or step on coral reef.

Rangiroa, Tuamotu

Rangiroa, also called Ra’iroa gets its name “huge sky” from its great length. It is the largest atoll of Tahiti and her islands and one of the four largest in the world, with more than 240 motu separated by more than 100 hoa, small channels that make up its ring of coral and in the center of the inside lagoon is the Paio motu. The incomparable brilliance and colors of the lagoon from jade-green to purple, completely overwhelm the visitor who discovers this long ribbon of islets way out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. On the northwest of the atoll is Avatoru, the main village opposite the Fara motu whose lagoon is said according to the legend to have been breached by the 2 twins Moana-tea (peaceful ocean) and Moana-uri (wild ocean). The main government buildings are to be found here, including the Mayor’s office, the Post Office, the Pearl Industry research Center together with a mother of pearl and pearl culture Crafts Center and 2 churches.

The other village of Tiputa, located at the eastern end of the motu, near to the second main

Reef entry point, has houses ringed with bleached coral and fenced with flowering hedges. A road surfaced with crushed coral or tar seal links the 2 villages and their neighbourhoods.

Glass bottom boat

Min 8, max 20, duration 1hr, Euros 44

Here is a wonderful and easy way to get acquainted with the coral gardens and tropical fish of Rangiroa. Enjoy this visual excursion with an up-close look at French Polynesia’s bustling underwater scene. Board a glass bottom boat and float slowly over the huge coral heads that cluster in shallow areas inside the Tiputa channel.

Drift sensation in Tiputa channel

Min 8, Max 11, Duration 2Hrs, Euros 49

Discover a drift snorkeling in one of the most renowned straits of the world, Rangiroa Tiputa Channel. Onboard a motorized covered boat, you will head towards the pass located a few minutes away from the tender pier. After a short briefing and equipment set up, get in the water and let you go with the current through the passage. The pass where the Pacific Ocean meets with the inside lagoon of Rangiroa is deep and the pristine water will let you see all the way to the bottom. You may be lucky to discover some incredible marine life like rays, tropical fish, dolphins or sharks… While Rangiroa is one of the top destinations for diving, considering the array of aquatic life present in the area, a drift experience is a must to do to feel the power of its incoming current.

Ø This tour should be available on one of the two days in Rangiroa. Exact departure time can only be advised on board as it is subject to currents during ship's time in Rangiroa.

Ø This activity is highly recommended for those looking for an active tour, due to the speed of the current that can be important.

Ø As this is an experience in deep water, participants should be skilled snorkelers, comfortable wearing snorkeling equipment and able to cope with currents. Guests will be required to wear a snorkeling vest, and follow instructions given by the guide.

Ø This tour will only operate in favorable weather & sea conditions and might be canceled at the last minute.

Ø It is to be noticed that marine life is widely present in the area, though as with all creatures in their natural environment, we cannot guarantee the presence of animals, and tickets are non-refundable should a sighting not occur.

Ø For your own safety and to help us preserve our environment, when snorkeling, do not touch or step on coral reef.

Hiva Oa, Marquesas

Taaoa Expedition (scenic tour)

By Wheel drive vehicle

Min 20 / max TBA, duration 2hours, Euros 68

Discover the Valley of Taaoa during this off-road journey to the archeological ruins.

Depart the pier for the drive to Taaoa, located approximatively 7 miles South-West of Atuona on the coastal road. During your drive, a visit will be made to the Upeke Ceremonial Center. It is comprised of house platforms, a tohua, public and sacred meae, and storage pits of breadfruit paste for feasts. The Tohua was restored for the 3rd Festival of the Marquesas in 1991. The ancestors of most of the Hivaoan tribes, and several other tribes once lived in the Taaoa valley.

Following your visit, you will re-board your off-road vehicle for the return drive to the pier. On your way back you will stop at the cemetery where Paul Gauguin is buried. A short stop downtown will give you the opportunity to visit the cultural center where a replica of the artist

work is exposed.

Ø Tourist infrastructure is very limited on these islands!

Ø Excursions are run with local vehicles and the number is subject to availability.

Ø This excursion involves driving over rough roads.

Ø Access to the site involves a path over slippery stones and high steps to the tiki.

Ø Drivers speak limited English, sometimes no English at all.

Ø Guides are not certified, their English may be limited.

Ø This excursion involves a lot of off-road driving. It is not recommended for guests suffering back or neck problems, motion sickness or vertigo.

Nuku Hiva, Marquesas

Taipivai, the Hidden Valley (panoramic drive)

By Wheel drive vehicle

Min 20 / max TBA, duration 3hours, Euros 68

To reach Taipivai Valley you will use a steep trail through the interior of the island, among lush vegetation. During the drive through mountainous terrain you will make several stops at breathtaking viewpoints of the coastline, bays and valleys. At one particular stop enjoy a panoramic view of the Bay of Tailhoae.

Discover the flora and vegetation of this area. The Taipaivai Valley is a location made famous by the american writer and former sailor, Herman Merville who deserted his ship and hid in this valley. Captured by the indigenous natives, he lived three weeks inTaipivai Valley, a period during which he observed their way of life. This experience enabled him to write the novel « Typee ». Drive through the small villages of Taipivai, where the main activity is agriculture.

You will then proceed to a long beach at the end of the village from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the valley and surrounding mountain. Taipivai Valley is also one of the richest archeological sites of the Marquesas Islands but the remote sites are difficult to reach.

Ø Please take note that travelling to the Marquesas is discovering secluded islands with very limited facilities.

Ø Excursions are run with local vehicles and the number is subject to availability.

Ø Drivers speak limited English, sometimes no English at all.

Ø Guides are not certified, their English may be limited.

Ø This excursion involves a lot of off-road driving. It is not recommended for guests suffering back or neck problems, motion sickness or vertigo.

Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Cocos Island has approximately 46.6 square kilometers, 24 kilometers of coastline, located two hundred and seventy miles Southeast of Costa Rica; it represents a world known nature’s jewel. Cousteau deemed it “the most beautiful island in the world”.

Its beautiful turquoise water features a wide diversity of marine life: schooling hammerheads, white-tip sharks, mantas, tunas and whale sharks. The landscape of the island is mountainous and irregular and includes four bays, a number of short rivers, an infinite number of submarine caves and over 200 waterfalls, some of which fall into the sea! Michael Crichton wrote “Jurassic Park” with this place in mind. Cocos Island was inscribed as WORLD HERITAGE SITE in 1997 by UNESCO. It is said that the island owes its name to the abundance of coconut palms and fruit. A captain by the name of Colnett mentioned having loaded 2000 coconuts onto his ship on a visit to the island in 1793. A rugged shaped coastline full of steep cliffs, turns the island in an almost impregnable fortress which rises over 500 feet above sea level, apart from a few rangers, the island is uninhabited.

Archipelago de las Perlas, Panama

The Las Perlas Archipelago, or the Pearl Islands, is located off Panama's Pacific Coast, just south of Panama City. Visitors will enjoy the turquoise waters filled with abundant tropical fish, the charisma and quiet elegance of island life, and the attractions of outdoor adventure. Indeed, being so accessible yet completely isolated, the Pearl Islands chosen three times as the site of television series 'Survivor'. The archipelago sit in shallow Pacific waters, where the continental shelf extends for miles, protected from strong storms and currents by the Panama Bay. Its brilliant waters are reminiscent of the tropical Caribbean, turquoise and crystal-clear, teeming with coral beds and a rich diversity of marine life. Snorkeling, diving and other water sports are popular among the islands. The Pearl Islands were named for the wealth of oysters found by Vasco Nuñez de Balboa, the famous Spanish explorer, at the start of the 16th century. The pearls collected there were much prized by European royalty and aristocracy, and formed part of the early wealth brought to Spain from the early explorers. Here was found the world-famous, 31-carat pearl 'La Peregrina' in the early 1500; worn by the queens of Spain, it is now owned by Elizabeth Taylor.


Amador, sited at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal is a peninsula jutting out into the Pacific from Balboa. It is separated from Panama City by Ancón Hill. Amador Causeway is a made up of a road from the mainland that strings together four small islands in the Panama Bay: Naos, Culebra, Perico and Flamingo. Perfectly situated at the mouth of the Panama Canal and bordering beautiful Panama City Bay, the Causeway offers spectacular 360 degree views and pleasant sea breezes.

Miraflores locks visit

By air- conditioned motor coach

Min 15 / no max, duration 3hours, Euros 37

This excursion ends at the airport.

Take the opportunity to visit one of the greatest wonders created by man: the Panama Canal and its operations from the Miraflores Lock.

You will see vessels making their way through the lock, enjoy a visitor center which includes historical objects of canal operations, interactive modules, video presentations, models of the Panama Canal and a movie theater where you will get a brief explanation of the history of the canal. It will be time for your transfer to Panama International Airport.

Ø Depending on canal scheduling, you may or may not actually see vessels in the lock chambers.


On Bora Bora they are offering a spa treatment. If you want to spend that kind of money, please look up the hotel site. The most expensive treatment was about Euro 620,=, with Star Clippers, this one will cost you over Euro 720,=:(!!!!! I think I will stick with the on board massages. Could have plenty for that amount of money:D.

I have made my reservation for the 4x4, but still have not booked my hotel. I notived that prices have gone down recently, even after the pay two and stay three nights offer. Try to be patient here, which is difficult for me.

Yesterday I received my new Sony e-book, so I am looking for titles to download. If you have some recommendations, please let me know.

I am also trying to figure out my camera, happily I still have some days left.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.


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Thank you, Ineke, for the list of excursion options! Lots of 4X4 safari and water adventure trips. Will pass on expensive spa treatments. I will be getting in lots of snorkeling and scuba diving, hopefully.


I am taking my MP3 player with music & audiobooks downloaded. Thought about getting an e-reader by Sony, Kindle or Nook. But then I had second thoughts about trying to read on a moving boat. Hence, audiobooks. Had to have Herman Melville's "Typee", Daniel DeFoe's "Robinson Crusoe", Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island" and of course Charles Darwin's "Origin of Species". :D Am currently reading James Michener's "Tales of the South Pacific".


Any more folks sign up for the Tahiti 4X4 tour? I believe we now have 7 interested (Walt, Ineke, Gail, Ed & Sue, Terrypilot & wife).


Only 52 days before I get on a plane to paradise and meet y'all! It's coming fast.


Warm Holiday Greetings to All,



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I received a confirmation from Arnaud? at the Natura tour company for Sat PM 4x4 tour, he will pick me up at Hilton. He requested cash, preferably the local Pacific francs, but will take USD if that is all I have, so that all sounds easy enough!


Ineke, great find on all the tour info, thanks so much! I will spend some holiday reading time,,, I think I did a few of them Nov 08 in Moorea and Bora Bora, maybe other islands too, so might do non-tour exploring, snorkling, etc but am looking forward to reviewing all options.


Everyone had a warm and happy Christmas and I KNOW we will all have a great New Year! Gail

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We are meeting up with the ship in Panama City for the 14 day cruise. Game for a jungle indian village excursion outside of Panama City if we can work it in.

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Just got back from a 9 day Mexican riveria cruise. Warm weather got me ready for the BIG ONE in February. Anything new?? :cool:

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Hi Walt and others,



At the moment I am checking out all e-book readers available in Europe.




I'm bringing a mini PC (10 inch screen or 25.4 cm) with a reader on it from eReader.com. I've debated getting a special reader, but with the pc I can read books, carry foreign language dictionaries, an encyclopedia, games, spreadsheets, send e-mails, etc. Also, I found the Kindle does not emit its own light. I like my pc because I can read while Ed is sleeping without turning on a light.


Just a thought.



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Hi Adventurers:


While cross country skiing this past weekend, I could not stop thinking about Tahiti and our sailing adventure that is quickly approaching. What a shock it will be to step off that plane into 80 and 90 degree weather for my thick northern Michigan blood! I am soooo ready for it and to strip the clothes! Albeit, you might be blinded by my white legs. :D I am sure we all share a similar excitement.


Welcome to the group, Boneleone! Panama to St. Maartin will be a blast! Let us know if you have additional info on the Panama Indian village tour.


Sue & Ed, great that you are joining the 4X4 tour of Tahiti on 2/13! Arnaud has not responded to my recent email about picking me up at Fare Suisse. Please let me know if you get a positive response from him. I did get a recent positive reservation confirmation from Beni at Fare Suisse and he will pick me up at the airport. Hopefully, he has room for 3 of us in his vehicle.


For you much more experienced trans-oceanic explorers...do you think we need to bring warmer clothes for the trans-Pacific voyage? Not sure if the temps will get chilly at night on deck in mid-Pacific. Mind you, 70 degrees will seem balmy to me after the recent 7 degrees here. Some of my gadgets are more important to take along with limited luggage for 52 days.


Like several of you, I am bringing a laptop as my workhorse for internet cafe email, picture processing, journal, movie watching, astronomy referencing, etc. I have pretty much everything ready for packing. Albeit, not sure if it will all fit. Sound familiar??


KP (Keep Packing)! See you soon to tip a Hinano beer, Walt

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Hi all,, the stack of stuff is growing,, pre-packing in the front bedroom,,,, got the heavy DEET spray yesterday, as Dengue is big in Fr Polynesia as well as Panama it sounds like. Fitting all into suitcases within weight limit will be rough, but I can do it, acknowledged ubberpacker that I am!


Terry Pilot and wife, I finally selected Radisson Decapolis in Panama, after lots of review and finding fine print on what was under construction, old and moldy, freeway being built next door (but earplugs provided at night!!), etc. on a variety of other hotels I was considering. They have an offer with 20.00 worth of free drinks and free breakfast daily, plus a spa discount, so that fits the bill.


Sue - I just ordered a 10" lenova this past weekend, not here yet. Question for you, can you load MS Word onto the little 10" PCs? If not, how do you write (assuming diary, etc.). I know they have no built in drive but have heard you can either download off internet or from external hard drive, but did wonder if it came with anything that allowed journaling, etc. and if the memory had plenty of space for loading pics, etc. Sounds like you have found many ways to use it,, tell me about the ereader download if you don't mind (I see it online, looks like free download then you download free books or $$ books??. Appreciate it.


Walt, I usually take a light sweater or jacket (and a poncho as it looks like torrential rains still in the picture), and long pants if rough sailing demands deck sleeping (but lots of lights on during night on Star Clippers in general, so usually do not sleep on deck - though it is my cure for seasick feeling, stay up on deck!). Have used the sweater or jacket before on deck in the evening, in Tahiti last year (during wet, windy weather). Indian Ocean crossing from Athens to Phuket (similar weather perhaps?) did not use any jackets that I recall, On the TransAtlantic, definitely during the initial days kept on wearing "fall" clothes I took for Paris, until after we left the Canaries I think, but I did NOT use the big rain jacket or rain pants I took, they were overkill! On this one, I think we are going to be tropical the entire way... and lovin it!


Oh,, don't forget the costumes for Pirate Night!!


Am down to 4 work weeks and only 20 work days!! Austin is out of the deep freeze but not warm enough for sunning yet, but spring could come any day, the narcissis are already out (and frozen, and thawed).


Talk to you all later, Gail

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Hi Gail,

You asked about getting Word onto the mini. I downloaded office from Microsoft, though I think Amazon has a download available too. I finally bought a portable CD drive, mainly to load Encarta, which is from 2004 and doesn't have a download. I originally tried loading software on my desktop and copying it to a 16gb storage card, but that didn't always work. Thus the CD drive. I've used it once and don't plan to travel with it.


As for ereader, the reader is free. I also bought the eReader Studio, which allows you to make e-books, which I do out of internet notes, mainly for travel. That was handy when I used a PDA as Word docs were not well formatted, but with a full-fledged pc, I use One Note or Word and it works fine.


Like Walt I also use Audible books, but mainly when I'm not likely to be disturbed, like when I'm on the treadmill. If someone starts a conversation with an Audible, it's hard to get back to your place. The first time I used an audible was in Athens. We had a long flight and a long layover in Dublin (the only saving grace, but too long) and I was wired and tired and couldn't sleep. I decided since I wasn't going to sleep anyway, I'd listen to Wind in the Willows. Before I knew it I had drifted off to tales of the mole and water rat and their friends.


I'm going to have a light jacket, probably a windbreaker. A poncho is a good idea (if you have room) as in a pouring rain it might be too warm for a jacket. But most of our time will be on the ship and we can huddle in the bar area :>)



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What is this with pirate night?:confused:? I'm going to bring a hamock if we can sleep on deck. It is small enought and have tested it out. Not to much longer now until we leave:D.



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Well, usually we have a Pirate, or a Pirates, Pimps and Prostitutes night, and with luck, something from your wardrobe will suffice, maybe augmented by a few really bad things they have in the treasure chest! Also have had a White Night party, (self explanatory) - depends on the cruise director, and sometimes you need to help it along!! On the Royal, Pirate night was really big, the crew made us swords or whatever we needed, and on Royal and Clippers the restaurant and bar staff all dressed up too, so a fun night in the middle of the ocean!


Thanks for the PC info,,, still awaiting arrival! Gail

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We got our docs today. Now I can start practicing my packing and selecting the Hawiian shirts and single malts:D. I'm taking a light weight jacket for the evening drinks on the aft deck while star gazing. Right now it is raining in Palm Springs and will not get out of the 60's until Friday or Saturday. Did I mention we got our DOCS?:p Sue is reading all the tour info and will sign us up for the fun stuff. Any one bringing their own snokel gear? We generaly bring our own mask and tube. Fins are always a bit bulky to pack:rolleyes:. The ones on ship are a bit wonky!:confused:



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Was jubilant to received cruise documents, also! :D Only 17 days before boarding the plane to paradise and joining the rest of you on deck with a tropical cocktail in hand. Already packed (except shirts & slacks). Found room for a compact camera tripod & waterproof windbreaker. Even found a pirate's bandana, eye patch & ear ring for Pirates Night! After two emails, still have not received confirmation from Arnaud for that 4X4 tour of Tahiti. Has anyone else not heard from him? I hesitate to call him as my last 5 minute call cost $27. See you soon, Walt

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Hi everybody,

Only 17 days to go! It is getting closer and closer. The months since booking (April 2009) have flown by, but the last three weeks seem to go on forever. I have finally made a hotel reservation for the Sofitel, mainly due to the presence of the supermarket close by. Have to send Arnaud an email with hotel name. Must not forget.

I am collecting more and more stuff, have nothing packed yet, but I hope to stay under 20 kilos. For my return trip I am flying with TAP air, a direct flight from Lisbon to Amsterdam, but they do charge € 20,= per kilo extra weight! So after picking up several things, which I always do, I have to leave for Tahiti with less than 20 kilos!This is one of the reasons I am not taking my laptop with me and I was wondering if any of you know what kind of programmes are on the ship's computer. I want to keep a blog and am bringing an 8 Gb memory stick for this purpose.

Does anybody know if I can use the ship's computer to prepare my blog, include my photo's, and then whenever possible go ashore and find an internet cafe to send it to update my blog. I know from experiencie that the internet connection is very, very slow and more important, very, very expensive. I really hope one of you can give me an answer.

I will bring my ereader, have just bought 15 books on the internet. Have to look further since 20 books will not get me through 66 days. Any recommendatins for books to read will be appreciated. I am also counting on the books people leave behind or the ones you can find in the library or the ones you can borrow from fellow passengers.

Have not received my docs yet. Will give the travel agency a call tomorrow.

Am not looking forward to the flight, but as far as I can see, the middle seat is still free for the flight from London to Los Angelos, keep my fingers crossed it stays that way! I am not skinny, quite the opposite, so I will be pleased with some extra room.

that is what you get when you are made for comfort, and not for speed!!

In the meantime I am looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday afternoon and evening when the party starts. Let's see if we can keep on partying for the whole 34 days to Panama.

Take care.


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Hi all,

Walt, I emailed Arnaud for the initial info and then for follow up and he responded each time, after a few days, so suggest more emails! Am practicing that with Marama Tours, for airport transfer, but it is not working yet!!


Ineke, I think there are many books in the library, or there were Nov 08, for the reading. And on the PCs, I don't recall you could do anything but access internet on them, and only when you were in the "zone" - where ever that may be in our journey. Am thinking I tried to do writing up front on them, then save to flashdrive, etc and failed, but my memory may be wrong. I am bringing new little 10" Lenovo I just got (and spent the last x hours loading stuff on it, including full Office 2007 Professional with no problems!). Figure at least I can write on it, download pics, do spreadsheets of my bar bill <think NOT>, :cool:etc.


Sue, thanks for all the hints on kindle for pcs and the free downloads, I am going to set that up on the baby pc now,, hope to find some guidebooks to download.


I have no docs,,, guess they will come soon! I am thinking of nothing but the trip, so hope I make it through 2+ weeks of work! Gail

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still have not received confirmation from Arnaud for that 4X4 tour of Tahiti. Has anyone else not heard from him? I hesitate to call him as my last 5 minute call cost $27. See you soon, Walt



Arnaud confirmed my reservation right away, and a pickup at the Fare Suisse at 1:20. It's not likely, but is it possible you are sending to the wrong address? Here's the one I used:





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Re questions about the capabilities of the on board computer -- it was off most of the time. From Athens to Goa we never had internet, not in port, not anywhere. We made do with what we could find on shore. But when the captain and selected crew went to the Navy destroyer to give them a case of wine (US Navy is dry; I wonder what happens when we are running coalition ships ;)), they used the computer to make CD's for everyone.


A Swiss woman led Tai Chi classes every morning at 9am. I haven't done Tai Chi more than 2 times since, but I did order a DVD, and plan to bring it in case we can set it up to play in the bar. Worse comes to worse, I could play it on my mini, and we could all use opera glasses to see it:).


People with laptops -- we may be able to share e-books. If you download the ereader software and the freebie Kindle for PC, we might be able to share, though I don't have much Kindle.


Cheers, Looking forward to seeing all of you,



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Hi all:


I did reply again to Arnaud (had the correct email address, thanx Sue & Gail) and asked to get a ride with Sue & Ed. Will let you know what I hear.


I cannot imagine you going 66 days without a laptop, Ineke. I am taking mine in my backpack as carry-on, so it does not count toward the 50 pounds (22.6 Kilos) max for my checked baggage. Can one fit in your purse?? I already started my travel blog so that I only have to add to it as I travel. I am hoping for faster internet transfer speeds at internet cafes along the way but realize that may not happen. Am hoping to use skype.com for free picture phone service to loved ones back home utilizing the webcam on my laptop...again, hoping for faster than snail-paced internet speeds. Was pleasantly surprised that Star Clippers allows unlimited incoming emails (which the cabin steward will print out and deliver to our cabins). Albeit, not sure that they will have satellite connections the whole voyage.


You should have received your travel documents by now, Gail & Ineke. I received mine on 1/19/10. In the docs, they include the available shore excursions for the 1st 34 days. I was surprised that they dropped the Moorea ATV (all terrain vehicle) tour that was included in Ineke's earlier excursion version. I checked on line and found it at http://www.atvmooreatours.pf/atvus/index.html

Anyone else interested in this (either 2.5 or 3.5 hours)? I may end up going scuba diving if that is available from the ship, but the ATV tour was the most interesting for me. Not sure if I will go on any other 4X4 tours after the Tahiti one as I want to spend as much time in the water as possible. Again, I realize everything could change while in paradise depending on weather, etc.


Not sure when we are going to have time to do all of this reading/computer "work" aboard ship when all of this partying is going on, too. :D Anyway, we only have 18 days before embarkation...the same number of days at sea between the Marquesas & Cocos Island! I might as well sign up in advance for the Betty Ford Clinic as I know I will not be able to read for 18 days straight. :rolleyes:


Bon Voyage! -Walt

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I am still not sure about the notebook. I think I can do without one for 66 days. I must have asked the wrong question concerning the computers on board. I know from experience that their internet connection is non existing most of the times, and when it is, it is very expensive. I am just curious if I could use the computers to work on my blog, then transfer the info to my memory stick and find an internet cafe? Does anybody know?

I already have a reply from Arnaud. He will pick me up at 13.00 hours from the Sofitelhotel. Hope you have heard from him as well. Perhaps he only replies to ladies?

You can party and read at the same time, you have two hands don't you. One for the drink (the most important one), the other for your book. Problem solved.


when I did the Indian ocean crossing a couple of years ago the first officer Sergei Tunisei (?) gave Tai Chi lessons every morning, for 37 days in a row. Unlucky for us he is now Captain on the Clipper, I sure wished he would be on the Flyer. I have two cd's myself and will take them with me. The more, the better, don't you think.

I don't think I am interested in another 4x4 on Moorea, I would rather go snorkeling. I think Gail said something about a small beach area, perhaps we can go there.

I still don't have my papers. In two weeks time I will be flying! Getting impatient.

Well that is all from a freezing Holland, we still have 10 centimeters snow and minus 10 temperatures, feeling -17 with the chill factor. Very unusual.


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Arnaud came through...he's picking me up at 13:15.


Okay, Ineke is right. I will TRY to do reading (aka audible booking) & drinking at the same time (2 fisted drinker with both hands free to hold cocktails!). Know nothing about onboard computer. Moorea water day would be fun with motu, snorkeling, etc. Water activities are still at the top of my list. I did find another quad-runner ATV tour on Huahine...but not on ship excursion list. Bet you that Star Flyer will do a motu picnic or beach BBQ like in the Caribbean with the Royal Clipper. Surprised that there are no planned excursions for Cocos or Pearl Islands. Hope to dive there. It would be fun to swim in the middle of the Pacific, too!


For Ineke, Boneleone, and those who are continuing with me through the Panama Canal, the following is a cool site showing live camera views of the locks that update about every 30 seconds: http://www.pancanal.com/eng/photo/camera-java.html?cam=GatunHi


Blowing & drifting snow here. Thinking paradise. See you soon! -Walt

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Hi All! Sorry to butt in again, but I've been following since the thread started & am with you in spirit. It is going to be an awesome trip.


Ineke....noticed your comment on Capt. Sergey. He was our Capt. on the Royal Clipper on our voyage in November. He was great and I looked forward to his daily chats. He was able to mix knowledge with some humor that made them very entertaining. He should be leaving the Clipper soon & heading home to Estonia for 4 months. Hopefully he will be reassigned to the Flyer again, so we can sail with him when we board the Flyer next January in Costa Rica. Oh, it's Utitsyn:)


Sounds like all your plans are coming together for your time in French Polynesia. I really envy ya'll....our time aboard the Flyer there was a most memorable experience.


Happy Sailing!



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Hello Budamen,

Thank you for your good wishes. I really hope we can do a LOT of sailing!

The Sergey you are talking about is not the Sergey I am talking about. On the Flyer Sergey 1 was the captain, he is now captain on the Royal, his first officer was also Sergey. As fas as I recall his last name us Tunisei. He is not that tall, very slim and wearing (at the time) a mustache. He has twin sons and is now captain of the Star Clipper in Thailand. For the time being anyhow.

Walt, I am glad you heard from Arnaud. I prefer to do the beach BBQ instead of the quad/ATV tour, but that's just me.

Are you still planning on going to the Indian village in Panama? I hope this excursion will work out, since there are so many positive comments on it.

Well take care everybody. Off to bed now. Sleep well.


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