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  1. Glad to hear that I made the right decision by choosing AMA ,now cant wait to get my trip going, have a whole year to plan and wait 😊.
  2. There isn't a simple way like when doing on ocean cruise because the river cruise companies aren't presented the same where you can easily locate your roll call, so I locate the roll call that says rivers cruises and just posted with putting in the cruise line,ship and date,will I get much activity, I doubt it but its there, don't understand why cruise critic doesn't have the river cruises set up like the ocean cruises. Gladys
  3. Thanks everyone for your inputs, didn't realize I would start a good conversation going but am thoroughly enjoying reading all the comments. Well we decided to go with AMA and we are now booked on Amakristina, 12 day December 12-23 2019 and I've started a roll call for it, so thank you all so much and maybe you can join us. Gladys
  4. Thanks Bob, I'm definitely looking at alot of information on different cruiselines and particularly at AMA because of the good reviews I've been reading about them. Thanks again for your input, greatly appreciated. Gladys
  5. Thanks Coral. I just realized that I put the wrong date, its December 2019, but anyway, thanks for the input, we're also looking at cruiselines that include pre and post to make the most of it. Gladys
  6. Trying to decide which cruise line doing the European Christmas river cruises is the better all inclusive, there's several and all seem to be pretty good but would like some input from individuals that have experienced doing this type of cruise. Looking at doing it December 2018 and this is our first time doing one of these type of cruises.
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