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  1. We'll be in a Haven Spa Suite on the Getaway in November. Help a rookie here: what's the allure of the salt room?
  2. Amen to that, just what the doctor ordered for the next morning's oatmeal.
  3. OK, it had to be shared. Nobody found this towel animal until a middle-of-the-night semi-drunken bathroom trip. After seeing this, really no point seeing another towel animal, it'll never be topped. As DW said "Good thing I was already sitting down, otherwise I'd have had an accident!!"
  4. As rookies going on our first NCL in November on Getaway in the Haven, everyone's responses have helped us too, so thank you. One question we have, we're normally loyal to Royal and would get a suite with Concierge Lounge access. Length and timing of the trip have a tremendous effect on the people mix. Older vs. younger, friendly and outgoing vs. keep-to-ourselves. Does the makeup of the folks in the Haven tend to be pretty mixed, or skew depending on factors like trip length, departure port, etc.? We did the Mardi Gras trip on Celebrity a few years back, it was an 11-nighter so I figured it could skew older. We had Michael's Lounge access and even my 75-year-old Dad would've said "Wow what a bunch of boring old farts in here!!!" Thanks.
  5. In my experience it's been next-door passengers and their unauthorized smoking or loud music that have been far, far worse than staying one level below the pool deck.
  6. We've been on RC since 2010 but have caught ourselves looking. Without airing all our Dirty Laundry, make sure you get the cruise insurance that actually pays for the procedure if you're injured during the cruise but can't get the needed complete shoulder replacement until a few days later. It came down to MSC vs. NCI. I liked MSC's price a little better but liked the Dallas to New Orleans trip better than Dallas to Miami.
  7. No kidding! I'd rather miss out on time at the port and leave a LOT of cushion to prevent from ever being in their flip-flops.
  8. Thanks for the follow up. With a drink package, I think The Boss will still find numerous other ways to wet her whistle.
  9. Yeah, I'm big on "always fly in the day before" but from Dallas to New Orleans on a weekday I'm cautiously optimistic. God knows this one had better be nonstop. On this note, any possibility you can upgrade with miles? (hey, I gotta ask)
  10. The Company Owner is headed to Cuba (NOT on a cruise) and I sort of got drafted to get information. His plan is with AT&T and we heard faint laughter on the phone when asking them about Cuba. Their reply wasn't exactly "not just no but hell no" but along those lines. Were there any nasty surprises on the bill once you got back home? As far as the cards from ETECSA (and forgive my stupidity on this one) are we talking SIM cards or calling cards? We really don't want The Owner trying to crack open his iPhone X and swap SIMs in Cuba, but if it's something he can use to dial a number for prepaid calling that's more do-able. Anyone selling burner or prepaid phones there? Not like he intends to talk up a storm but needs to be able to reach the Home Base. Thanks anyone who can assist.
  11. bump. Anyone have any phone information?
  12. And we get plenty of that in this forum too. Any thread about RC MDR food will get its share of folks putting it at levels galley slaves would pass up. Really, there's a lot of "Get what you pay for" not just at RC and McD's but most everywhere. At McD's, you can get the basic "Hamburger"and some McNuggets or an artisan Grilled Chicken or Smokehouse Double and one's going to seem a lot further downmarket than the other. As someone with a few cruises to my name, my first advice to anyone new to the sport is when you hear the radio ad for "cruises as low as $399", ignore it. Don't base your cruise vacation on how cheaply you can get it, your expectations will never be met. Find a travel agent, I can give you the number for mine, and get a real price for a quality experience. Spend, just spend wisely. So while some will huff that I'm just a big "Suite Snob," we go in front-loaded. We get the bigger cabin, we book Specialty Dining, Internet and Drink Packages all in advance. We wipe as much of that charge out before we leave for the port. We take advantage of the SL, DL and associated perks. And at the end our SeaPass statement is basically the gratuities and DW's pedicure. So if RCL is the "McDonalds" we're not buying the "pick 2" value meal. I do think some folks' expectations were set long ago when the MDR wasn't feeding as many folks and the drinks were included or less pricey. My parents started their Cruise Career in the late 1970s and for a while grumbled about this erosion/encroachment, but later on concluded that the cabins they were staying in, the ships they were on, the boarding experience, etc at the tail end of that career were so improved from back then, and that the inflation-adjusted overall cruise price wasn't that much higher, it was a worthwhile trade off. Would I prefer being on, say, Celebrity where there's more sophistication and less shilling and belly-flop contests? It's something to think about while we're on the road to Galveston for the price of a tank of gas and no charge for whatever luggage we've got loaded instead of on a plane for a considerably higher sum of money.
  13. There were maybe 8 or 9 items listed. When they brought over the menus I was wondering if there was going to be a charge. Not like $15 is going to break us but, ya know... Nope, our waiter told us "If you have the Gold sea pass card, it's complimentary."
  14. On Liberty earlier this month, the Suite breakfast and sea-day lunch were in Giovanni's, and we were able to eat complimentary off the Giovanni's lunch menu - that was new to me. They were serving a Specialty-restaurant lunch in Chops on sea days, I don't recall if it was $10 or $15.
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