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  1. I agree with @hallasm Cruising the Geiranger fjord is spectacular.
  2. Good to hear that you are home and you have a diagnosis. Hope the meds work. Get better soon.
  3. @kazu regarding Pending Coffee. We do something similar around here at the local Tim Hortons. You pay for the person behind you in the drive thru line. At another local coffee shop (non chain) a customer recently came in and gave the cashier $20 and told her the next 10 coffees were on him. A nice surprise for the early morning crowd. The Pending Coffee idea is great. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Arrr. Thanks for the Daily Report matey. (that's my attempt at "talking like a pirate" 😁) I hope cruise critic co-operates and lets me post. I've logged out and logged back in.🤞 Butterscotch pudding sounds delicious. And I'll dance with my sweetie around the kitchen later. I agree, the whole quote is better than just the last line. The meal sounds interesting, I usually do a stir fry with chicken, but a change might be good. Never heard of the drink of the day, looking forward to seeing the recipe. I bet the wine is good. Another port that I have never visited. Thanks in advance to all those who will post pictures. Prayers for everyone. Have a wonderful Sunday. Stay safe.
  5. @rafinmdSounds like you had a good reunion, thanks for sharing. Safe home.
  6. @bennybear I'll pass on the iguana stew, I'm not that adventurous. Hope your DH enjoyed it.
  7. @grapau27Great pictures. You and Pauline look wonderful. You're so lucky to be cruising again.
  8. Cruise Critic is finally allowing me to post. Thanks for all the pictures.
  9. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily Report. Interesting collection of days. Love cheeseburgers. Red pandas are cute. I've never been to Oktoberfest in Munich. Love the quote. Some of George Carlin's stuff was very funny. The meal sounds good - looking forward to seeing the recipe. The drink of the day and wine sound good too. We were in Curacao many years ago, maybe someday we'll go back. Prayers for everyone. Stay safe.
  10. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily Report. Love apple dumplings. Great quote. The meal sounds good, I was planning on fish for dinner tonight. Looking forward to seeing the recipe. Hope the wine is good too. Prayers for everyone. Have a wonderful Friday. Stay safe.
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