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  1. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily report, love it. The meal and wine suggestions sound good to me. I will send some e-mails to some lonely friends and family, I wish we could visit them in person. We had rain yesterday, and it's cooled off a bit around here. Not as humid this morning, and today's high is forecast to be 23C, a lot better than the 30+ we had for the last week or so. 🙂 Have a wonderful day. Stay healthy.
  2. Another drawback to cruising to Norway in October or November is the length of daylight. By the end of October, depending on where you are in Norway, the sun rises after 8am and sets before 5pm. That's only 9 hours of daylight, not necessarily the best time to go for someone who "likes sunshine".
  3. Thanks for sharing the laughs everyone. This is a great thread!
  4. Thanks for sharing your photos. They bring a smile.🙂
  5. Good morning. Thank you for the Daily Report. Dinner sounds really good. And I love Valpolicella. It's still hot and humid around here, but we did get rain yesterday.🙂 Hoping that everyone is home and healthy. Have a wonderful Friday.
  6. We wish him well, looking forward to see what changes he makes (or doesn't make).
  7. Thanks for the info. Good luck Gus. Hope you do well in your new job.
  8. Good afternoon everyone. Thank you for the Daily Report, a highlight of my day. It's wonderful to see the map where the ships are even if no passengers are enjoying a cruise. And I really appreciate the meal and wine suggestions, even if they are not going to be consumed by our household. Love that quote. Sugar cookies sound fabulous, but it's too hot to bake. The horizon called to us this morning, and we went for a bit of a drive. Thanks to to all who post pictures. Wonderful flowers, wonderful memories. Any zucchini yet Ann? The flowers can be eaten too. Sending prayers to Allen, hope he is well enough to go home. And prayers for Sharon's son, hope is recovers quickly. The sun is shining, and it's very hot here. But, we have rain in the forecast 🤞. Have a great day everyone.
  9. Good morning and thanks for the Daily Report. I love checking in on this thread. 🙂 Thanks for the map. I love blueberries, I'll have a blueberry muffin as my lunch. But no body painting, I haven't had THAT much wine.😉 It's hot and muggy here, so dinner will be grilled on the BBQ, don't want to turn the oven on and warm up the house. Hope Allen is feeling well enough to go home.🤞 Have a wonderful day. Stay healthy.
  10. Thanks for the update Seasick Sailor. Wishing Allen a speedy recovery.
  11. Good morning and thanks for the Daily Report. Love the map. Chocolate and strawberry sundaes sound great. I'll pass on the meal suggestion, but I'll check out the wine. Hoping Allen's surgery goes well, sending prayers. Have a wonderful day. Be kind, be calm, be safe.
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