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  1. @Cruising-alongWelcome home. Glad you had a great cruise.
  2. @Mr. Boston A broken tooth. Ouch. Good luck with the dentist.
  3. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily Report. Welcome ms Rotterdam. 🙂 Interesting days. I'd like some brandied fruit, guess I'll make some. I appreciate when chefs share their knowledge. I think the greatest chef I ever knew was my grandmother, she could always be counted on to put a wonderful meal on the table. She taught me a lot, wish she was still here to teach me more. The quote is too true. I've never heard of a beet reuben, looking forward to seeing the recipe. The wine sounds good, hope the drink of the day is tasty too. Another port I have not been to. Thanks in advance for all the pictures that will be posted. Prayers for everyone. Happy Hump Day! Stay safe.
  4. @JazzyVSad story about that family. Prayers for the mother.
  5. @dfishA wine shortage! Oh no! I'm going shopping.🙂
  6. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily Report. Evaluate your life day - hmmm - basically, I'm happy with my life. 🙂 I wish everyone could say that. I'd like to make some new friends, and keep my old ones too. The Rainforest needs to be preserved. Interesting quote. The meal suggestion sounds good, looking forward to seeing the recipe. Hope the drink of the day and wine are tasty too. We've been to Norway, but not this port. Hoping to see lots of pictures. Prayers for everyone. A nice day is in our forecast, a high of 18C this afternoon, not bad for this time of the year. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Stay safe.
  7. Bon Voyage! Have a great cruise. Looking forward to reading all about it.
  8. @kazuThank you for your pictures. Someday, I want to visit Tarragona now that you've showed me how fascinating it is.
  9. @mamaofamiWhat a dilemma you are facing. An aide who is important for your family, but lies. And it's difficult to get a replacement. I pray you find a successful resolution, I don't know what I would do in your place.
  10. Terrible news. Prayers for his family and friends.
  11. I just heard that on the radio too. RIP Colin Powell.
  12. @dfishThank you for posting those links to the recipes. I think we will have garlic shrimp tonight!
  13. Thanks for the picture. I was almost too late.
  14. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily Report. Meatloaf day, what a great idea for dinner tonight. My dear hubby will NOT be shaving his beard today. I agree with @bdrcolewe should celebrate Multicultural Diversity Day every day. Amusing quote. The dinner suggestion sounds good too. But meatloaf or shrimp? That, is the question. Hope the drink is tasty, the wine sounds good. Another port I have not visited, looking forward to seeing pictures. Prayers for everyone. Have a wonderful Monday, hope it's a start of a good week. Stay safe.
  15. @St. Louis SalCongratulations. Thanks for your great work.
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